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Ali Zaidi’s Open Letter to COAS Raheel Sharif on MQM


August 27, 2016

General Raheel Sharif
Chief of Army Staff
Islamic Republic of Pakistan
General Sahib

Ali Zaidi Letter to Raheel SharifI write to you directly, as you are duty bound not only to protect the physical frontiers of this country but also the ideological frontiers, which are currently under threat.

It is also not a hidden secret that MQM was created by former President General Muhammad Zia ul-Haq and further aided/facilitated by former President General Pervez Musharraf. Therefore, by default, the responsibility to clean up the mess created by your predecessors sadly falls on your shoulders.

There is no doubt, that recently Sind Rangers under the leadership of Maj. Gen Bilal Akbar has done a tremendous job in restoring relative peace to Karachi and apprehended miscreants and criminals of MQM and all other parties plus banned religious outfits. However, in the wake of Altaf Hussain’s speeches and Dr. Farooq Sattar’s press conferences thereafter, time has come to take serious action against MQM that includes a ban and to hold accountable all those who are still supporting them.

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Ali Zaidi’s response to Kamran Shafi’s Verbal Diarrhea

Ali Zaidi

Reproduced from Ali Zaidi’s Facebook Page

While I was in my teens, my father took the onus and ensured that I grow up to be a man of religious & social values. Beyond that, it was my own choice to lead my life the way I preferred. The most important value was to respect a private conversation between individuals, and not flaunt it around, just because you don’t agree with the their views. Unfortunately for Mr. Shafi, he either lost those values down the road, or has a personal agenda/vested interest to malign everything and anything Imran Khan has to say, or is to do.

Mr. Shafi has made public, what was supposed to be an SMS conversation between him & Imran Khan. Not to forget, a private conversation. If this was supposed to be public, Imran would have made a live call on TV to express his views. What Mr. Shafi has utterly failed to understand here is that, it is he who should be insulted as Imran clearly called him a “Westoxified”brown sahib. On being shamed by Imran, Shafi goes on rambling like a typical Desi Saas (Mother in law) to her fellow com padres.

Moving on to the content of Mr. Shafi’s letter, the absurdity of his claims begin, when he objects to the time taken (My God, a whole week) by the KPK government to visit Aitzaz Hasan’s family. He mentions that it took Khattak and Co an entire week!! Hello Mr. Shafi, wakie wakie, imagine Imran’s temerity to take an entire week for the aid of a martyr’s family. Did you ever question the previous democratically elected official of his stand against WOT, in FIVE bloody years!!?? Have you had the courage to question the current PM of his role towards this WOT!!?? You have not! The most important thing to note here is that never in the history of Pakistan, has any leader dared to comment so candidly about his/her party’s led government in public. Instead of appreciating the feat, Mr. Shafi possibly out of shear hatred and/or otherwise, decided to ignore it and criticize it based on the date(s).
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