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Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy wins an Emmy for Pakistan

In a very positive development, the renowned New York Times documentary film maker Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy recieved an International Emmy Award in the Current Affairs category last night at the Frederick P. Rose Hall of Jazz at Lincoln Center, New York for her documentary “Pakistan – Children of the Taliban”. Where she had revealed how the Pakistani Taliban are recruiting increasingly younger fighters from small madrassas in deprived neighborhoods to carry out deadly attacks both inside and outside Pakistan.

The controversial video brought to the forefront some very touching issues, it at times exposed some sensitive people to an extent, that the initial viewing held a few years back in Karachi was limited to a very select audience, following the publication on PBS FrontLine there are restrictions on the video preventing it to be streamed into Pakistan due to the sheer threat it can pose to the people Sharmeen had interviewed during her documentary

In a very touching moment, the day before, her father died of cancer in the UK where he was undergoing chemotherapy. Her message following the news of the death of her father on facebook, posted practically 10 hours before the Emmy award ceremony, where she was in attendance, read “Only the good die young- you always said aba…love you” and later following the victory she dedicated her emmy to her father by saying “Tonight’s Emmy win is dedicated to you aba…

We can only be supportive to her as a nation, mindful of the mixed emotions which she must be going through at this very emotional moment. Sharmeen, Pakistan is damn heck proud of you, and I am sure it would be a moment of pride for your father as he smiles down at you from the heavens above. May this also inspire us all to go forth despite all the odd with the achievements you achieve one after another. Thank you for bringing one proud moment for Pakistan

Prof Adil Najam to receive Sitara-e-Imtiaz

Adil NajamIt is very refreshing to hear that Professor Adil Najam, an environmentalist and a fellow blogger of Pakistaniat fame is to be the recipient of Sitara-e-Imtiaz, Pakistans’ highest civilian award, which will be awarded to him by the President of Pakistan in Islamabad on 23rd March 2010.

This news came to me on the morning of 14th of August in an email from Adil Bhai, as I was heading to Sorh Baluchistan for a 3-day offroading adventure with OffRoadPakistan. Adil bhai’s email was one of the last few emails that snuck into my blackberry moments after which we lost all connections with the digital [real] world and disappeared into the blackhole of wilderness literally disconnected from the enitre world for a peaceful three days, having read his email it did leave me in a frustrated mess of not having time to congratulate Adil Bhai via email or even with a congratulatory blog post announcing this amazing news. It is now after three days that I feel that the first post I must write should be about this great inspirational blogger whom I have had the honor to have known for the past three years.
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Teeth Maestro selected as Best South Asian Blog – Thank You

Teeth Maestro - Best South Asian Blog

A few days back I was informed via a very unlikely & surprising source that I was being nominated by the Brass Crescent Awards for the Best South Asian Blog. The email was from the office of Queen Rania of Jordan congratulating me for the nomination in the particular category. On 1st December I looked through the great efforts by Queen Rania and made a post immediately on her cause

It was definitely an honor to be simply nominated, at that time I generally believed it would have been tacky to ask my readers for the vote and consequentially for a few days I sidelined the issue until a week later a few close aides convinced me that I must post on this issue, it was not a personal award and neither did it carry any financial motivation whatsoever, but instead it was a mere recognition for the blog which I have been managing for the 4+ year. Hence finally I succumbed to the request and on December 6th made a post on this blog asking my readers to vote for the Brass Crescent Awards and if maybe even me

Many did and THANK YOU to each and every person who spared a little time to cast their precious vote, as Teeth Maestro has been selected as the Best South Asian Blog by the Brass Crescent Society for 2008. Its these small recognitions that truly make this entire effort worthwhile, that said the icing on celebrations today would be to wish for a better, stronger, safer and brighter Pakistan ….. InshaAllah we will all succeed there as wellPakistan Zindabad