Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy wins an Emmy for Pakistan

In a very positive development, the renowned New York Times documentary film maker Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy recieved an International Emmy Award in the Current Affairs category last night at the Frederick P. Rose Hall of Jazz at Lincoln Center, New York for her documentary “Pakistan – Children of the Taliban”. Where she had revealed how the Pakistani Taliban are recruiting increasingly younger fighters from small madrassas in deprived neighborhoods to carry out deadly attacks both inside and outside Pakistan.

The controversial video brought to the forefront some very touching issues, it at times exposed some sensitive people to an extent, that the initial viewing held a few years back in Karachi was limited to a very select audience, following the publication on PBS FrontLine there are restrictions on the video preventing it to be streamed into Pakistan due to the sheer threat it can pose to the people Sharmeen had interviewed during her documentary

In a very touching moment, the day before, her father died of cancer in the UK where he was undergoing chemotherapy. Her message following the news of the death of her father on facebook, posted practically 10 hours before the Emmy award ceremony, where she was in attendance, read “Only the good die young- you always said aba…love you” and later following the victory she dedicated her emmy to her father by saying “Tonight’s Emmy win is dedicated to you aba…

We can only be supportive to her as a nation, mindful of the mixed emotions which she must be going through at this very emotional moment. Sharmeen, Pakistan is damn heck proud of you, and I am sure it would be a moment of pride for your father as he smiles down at you from the heavens above. May this also inspire us all to go forth despite all the odd with the achievements you achieve one after another. Thank you for bringing one proud moment for Pakistan



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  1. Nadia Ayoub Avatar
    Nadia Ayoub

    Keep up the courageous efforts Sharmeen! Women like you make us proud. May Allah give you strength to bear the loss of your father – who I’m sure would have been so proud on this special day. Well done!

  2. Hassan Raza Avatar
    Hassan Raza

    Allah bless her father and her family…
    this is very brave of Sharmeen…..even being a lady she has got the courage to show the world the true face of Taliban and to explain that not every Pakistani is a terrorist only few people of certain sect or group are doing such activities not only in Pakistan but outside also…destroying the image of Islam and Pakistan… Islam is a religion of love and its name means ” peace ” no Revenge from innocent people is allowed in Islam….thumps up to her and I hope this will not be the only effort from her in this regard.

  3. Summiya Avatar

    Congrats Sharmeen – u have made us all proud! God Bless you!

  4. Saima Avatar

    Dear Sharmeen,
    My hearfelt condolences on your loss! So very sorry to hear about your father, May Allah bless him, Ameen!
    … Bravo! We need more like you!! I happened to come across this on Emajees posts and had to congratulate you! & I totally agree with Hassan Raza & Emajee above!!
    Its been a while since we all last met in khi last when Emajee was visiting, seems ages!!
    All the very best to you always!…
    Saima Deen

  5. suraiya kasim Avatar

    Sharmeen, Thank you for being so brave!

  6. Abu Saad Khan (Talkh Avatar

    May Allah bless her father.Aameen

    As for as the award is concerned, it is not a matter of pride but shame. The people like sharmeen sell their skills to the crusaders.

  7. Irum Avatar

    Congrats Sharmeen. A very brave and enlightening documentary that certain segments of society cannot take.

    Deep symapthies on the loss of your father. May Allah bless your father. Ameen

  8. Mustafa Teli Avatar
    Mustafa Teli

    Your father was a great man. Our prayers are with you and your family.

  9. Shazya Avatar

    sharmeen, we love you and admire your strength and intelligence!

  10. Adnan Avatar

    I feel sorry for her dad's loss.

    The role of Sharmeen and other like her is not different that "Kushamdis" of British Raj who did every thing to earn score in front of Angrez regardless of their efforts ridiculed their region or religion.

    Sharmeen got the Award and will get other because she is speaking the language of West which is already desparate against Muslim and Islam and ready to label every one as a terrorist. Let Sharmeen make a Movie against Israel's violence in Gaza or even America's violence in Afghanistan then I see how even she get nominated for an award. But Sharmeen is wise, she will not bet on something which would put her life and career at stake.

    People like Sharmeen,NAdeem Paracha and other psuedo liberals should be thankful of Mullahs and Talibans. BEcause of them their "Daal Roti" is going on otherwise nobody is going to ask them anyway. They are fed by their "enemies". Amazing. Isn't it?

    1. Asma Khan Avatar
      Asma Khan

      The very fundamental problem our country suffers from is abject denial that we have a bunch of barbarians representing both our religion and our politics. Instead of sitting on our asses and harping about the Israeli occupation/ woes of India etc. its high time to confront that we are killing our own people in the name of Islam.

      May we one day be in a position to free Gaza but we will have to free ourselves first. And most importantly, instead of telling people what to do, do it yourself first. I invite you to go ahead and make a movie on Gaza.

      May there be a Sharmeen in every Pakistani household. You did both your nation and your father.

    2. Shahrukh S. Khan Avatar
      Shahrukh S. Khan

      Funny how people tend to be to generous in providing unsolicited advice, yet will sit on their pompous asses lathering up fat and passing judgment. Try doing something yourself, and then maybe you'll be taken more seriously – till then you're just a lazy retard who's got way more time on his hands than he can handle.

  11. farah Avatar

    Bravo Sharmeen for being so brave! As for you, ADNAN, hope you go to hell!

  12. Aisha Avatar

    Congratulations, Sharmeen! Excellent job. May you continue to have success. You are a wonderful journalist, and we are all proud of you. Please ignore the ignorant ones that leave comments here. They know not what they do…. Your Dad is very proud of you and looking down upon you from above. May God give him and your family peace and comfort.

  13. Hareem Soomro Avatar

    Hats off to you Sharmeen!

    May Allah bless you dad and may you continue to achieve success always and make Pakistan proud (Ameen)

  14. Enjum Hamid Avatar
    Enjum Hamid

    Bravo Sharmeen! Condolences on the loss of your father. As for the "khushamdi" comment above, if it were not for the Brits, we would still be wandering around on foot with torches lit by ghee to enlighten us, and not be able to post these comments for the world since we would not be able to communicate. The commentator is welcome to live in their hole underground, keep their mouth shut and count their beads for the rest of their days.

    1. omer i Avatar
      omer i

      the moghul empire was doing just fine before the british came along on a worldly level. (their deen situation is another stofy) it was us the british learned from much and then screwed us over(read william darylymple for your own enlightenment). as far as the ghee lit torches go, no one knows whether the brits are responsible for giving us electricity. had we not been enslaved by the british Raj for so long, we might have done wonders. wake up, wake up.

  15. Nida Rizki Avatar
    Nida Rizki

    Congratulations Sharmeen and thank you for bringing us so much pride is such difficult times. You are a star.

    Adnan, please help the cause of the nation by digging a large hole and sitting in it for the rest of eternity. It is useless, lazy, pessimistic, intellectually defunct people like yourself that bring Pakistan down.

  16. Rasikh Ismail Avatar
    Rasikh Ismail

    Sharmeen a big Thank You for this achievement …We are all very proud of you ..look forward to bigger projects that you should be working on now as new doors ought to open after an Emmy !!!

  17. Taj Avatar

    Sharmeen, very sad to hear of Obaid bhai. may the Allmighty keep him in the company of the blessed,may God give you your mother and siblings the strength to bear this huge loss.he must have been very proud of your achievments. bless you & congratulations you have excelled by all standards.

  18. Teraisa J. Goldman R Avatar

    I can't think of a better person to win this award. Thanks to Sharmeen, I am less ignorant and more tolerant. Thanks to her video, I feel in love with Pakistan and the people in it. Sharmeen, I can't wait to see more of your work in the US. Thank you!

  19. Aly B - DiscoMaulvi Avatar

    SHarmeen, My condolences on the passing away of your father. He was a stalwart of Pakistan's towel industry and I had the pleasure of interacting with him professionally. A really impressive man. May Allah forgive his sins and grant him Jannat-ul-Firdous. May He give your family Sabr to deal with this monumental loss.

    And congratulations on your award.


  20. Adnan Avatar

    WOW! I bet all these "learned" ladies would have considered my comment as an attack on their entire community by a male. ๐Ÿ™‚

    if it were not for the Brits, we would still be wandering around on foot with torches lit by ghee to enlighten us, and not be able to post these comments for the world since we would not be able to communicate.

    the lady seems one of those whose forefathers would have been rewarded for kissing up Angrez few hundred years ago. Ignoring your ignorance about many things. I'm not here to sing praises of what Muslims did in past in the field of science and maths but the work did by them in past is still the base of many modern science and mathematics advancement in the world, even angrez admit it. It's true that we left our path and then some black sheeps like Angraiz Kushamdis came in middle who still exist among in the form of Nadia,Asma and Enjum Shahid who themselves can't come out of their chilled rooms and lecturing others to do this and that.

    Facts remain same, Sharmeen or anyone could not get an award if it was made about Palestinians or Kashmiris. It's funny that idiot ladies justify mistreatment of Afia Siddiqi because she was not a Pakistani hence could be raped but praising a lady like Sharmeen who sit on the lap of West,fed by them and work for them for their own interest. Somebody pls redefine hypocrisy?

    1. safdar Avatar


      angrez chaley gaey, in dhakkan-on ko chor gaey

  21. Anam Qadim Avatar
    Anam Qadim

    Mr Adnan I don't think youknow Sharmeen or her work well- she has done a film in Iraq about the impact of the occupation which incidentally also won awards- so stop pointing fingers and go back to the hole you belong in- it's because of people like you that Pakistan is suffering- in the meantime, I and millions of others stand proud today because of people like sharmeen-And please check your facts before making sweeping statements!

  22. safdar Avatar

    Angrez chaley gaey, apney bachey chorr gaey.

    Award bhee milegaa gaa, dollar bhee, shohraat bhee aur izzaat bhee…..

    Goron kai sath bethney kee izzat bhee aur unkey khubsurat hathon sai, talion kai sath izzaat afzaeee bhee….

  23. safdar Avatar

    aey tair-e-lahoteee usss rizqqq sai maut acheee

    jiss rizq sai aatee hai parwaaz main kotaheeeee

  24. OB1 Avatar


    your a perfect example of a frustrated web junkee. You give your two cents when its least required. I'd recommend you to take baby steps to bring order..

    1st— quit using the internet… yeh bhee angraiz kee ijaat hain.

    2nd — don't reply back.

    1. imran Avatar


      This is not Adnan, but here is my recommendation for you.

      When would you quit giving goras a head?

    2. Adnan Avatar

      OB1: First I would recommend to take Urdu101 course, the word is "Ijaad" with "Daal" not with "Tay".

      And most of ANgrez' invention is based on maths/Calculus which is a Muslim thing. Go back to your school and take classes back before advising me for a thing.

      And.. I see you are still in rehab, ain't you? ๐Ÿ™‚

  25. Tariq Faruque Avatar
    Tariq Faruque

    Good one OB1…. Adnan… go take a fucking hike… Bravo Sharmeen….

  26. Ignorant Pakistani Avatar
    Ignorant Pakistani

    If islam is false and there is no God then congrats to the lady.

    However if the Quran is the word of God. Then all her education at smith and standford did not teach her to take her islam seriously and even start covering up.

    This is exactly what is wrong with Pakistanis. The so called educated are most ignorant of them all. What makes it worse is that they think they know something where as they are truely clueless. At least the un educated masses know they are uneducated.

    Her emmy and her degrees are not going to do her one bit good on the day of judgement.

    We need to either accept islam and take it seriouly or reject it as falsehood. We are in between, munafiqs with zilat in both this world and the next.

    1. Teeth Maestro Avatar

      Ignorant – Comment on the issue "after" you see her documentary – not assume the contents and the reasoning for the award merely on speculation – Her documentary is NOT critical of ISLAM, but the so-called saviors of Islam that roam our streets today, the mullah's making minced meat of the religion, adding Bidat's left right and center and trying to serve it in the name of Islam. Islam to me is a one the the most simplistic and easiest religions to follow, the abundant additions only helps those who preach it to be able to atone a higher level in society.

    2. Honorliving Avatar

      @Ignorant Pakistani:

      You truly are an ignorant. Among other things you are also ignorant of Haquq-Ul-bad. It is people like you , and to say it on your own words “exactly what is wrong with Pakistanis. The so called educated are most ignorant of them all. What makes it worse is that they think they know something where as they are truly clueless”. You are clueless about your religion and common decency Islam upholds. You can take your self righteousness and shove it where sun doesn’t shine.

  27. Arif Memon Avatar
    Arif Memon

    Yess.. Islam is pure simple and we don't need stupid people to make us follow it their way…

  28. Ignorant Pakistani Avatar
    Ignorant Pakistani


    I was not commenting on her documentary, rather on her not being in hijab, (her bio makes clear she does not do hijab).

    Being at smith she must have spent several years in the US, likely without hijab and most likely without a mahram to accompany her.

    To be without proper hijab mean sinning essentially every moment of your life that you are out of your house. This continuously sinning pretty every momement of your life is basically not considered a bid deal any more. infact those who do hijab are likely ridiculed. Same goes about beards.

    Teeth I know you are a good dentist, however I really dont know how much you have really studied islam so I cannot comment on your knowledge of islam.

    But seriously for most parah likkas let alone smith/seven sisters/ivy league alumni its very unlikely they would have studied islam in much depth at all.

    how much of our educated class has spent time on the dunya education and how much on qurah sunnah and fiqh? I know I have spent far too much time studing the dunya than the deen.

    As an example I ask you a few questions.

    1) What is the penalty of missing prayers in islam according the salaf and the major schools of fiqh (based on quran and sunnah)? what is the saying about missing an asar prayer deliberately? if you dont know the answer try google search on one who ignore his prayers.

    Then I ask How many of the highly educated people you know who do not miss there prayers. Take your US university, Penn, how many Pakistani you know from there who never missed their prayers? How many never missed an asar prayer?

    2) What the ruling according to all school of islam regarding deliberately not wanting shariah law?

    I know the taliban are distorting islam in places. But the question is: Is their bidat more or the distortions done by 1) the educated paksitanis 2) the government of Pakistan more?

    My problem is before we call the taliban bad fundamentalist extremist, we need to look at ourselves. Are we in any ways better? Are we closer to islam? is sharmin closer to islam? what does the quran say?

    If the taliban kill people its bad terrorism. If the MQM and ANP do it, then its only target killing.

    If they are biddatis as you say, then I ask what are we?

    1. Teeth Maestro Avatar

      @ignorant – there you go again – Dont over complicate an issue using overt explanations to defend an issue. What does MQM and ANP target killings have to do with Islam or Sharmeen Obaids emmy. lets just give Sharmeen credit for where its due, she achieved something, good or bad, that not many pakistanis have been able to achieve in our 60 year history.

      Twist any issue with any number of arguments and you have a logical defense – lets not – NOT do this

      Islam is and shall always be a simple religion, its an issue between Allah and me, what others do, what if Sharmeen wore or did not wear the hijab is of zero concern at you implementing her religion – and I say this with due respect for both arguments

      You ridicule so-called literates but behave like an illiterate muslim, Islam is a religion where you humbly and politely preach your religion, setting good examples for others to follow, yet you choose the argument to disgrace and in turn use that belittling aspect in your tone to force people to turn a new leaf and start praying 5 x times a day. truly If I were a non-believer – your argument would have reinforced my non-belief in Islam. – thats your own disservice to your religion

      My argument here is to Let give Sharmeen credit for where its due. On an another aspect I am amazed that you throw stones at people, embarrassed enough to hide your name behind a pseudonym shows a lot about your own set of insecurities and your interest in cowering behind a pseudonym, hiding your own identity

  29. Samir Dossal Avatar
    Samir Dossal

    We are delighted to hear about your recognition/acheivement & very saddened to hear of your loss.

    I choose to ignore the comments, !!

    God Bless

  30. Ignorant Pakistani Avatar
    Ignorant Pakistani

    Teeth you say,

    "You ridicule so-called literates but behave like an illiterate muslim, Islam is a religion where you humbly and politely preach your religion, setting good examples for others to follow, yet you choose the argument to disgrace and in turn use that belittling aspect in your tone to force people to turn a new leaf and start praying 5 x times a day. truly If I were a non-believer – your argument would have reinforced my non-belief in Islam. – thats your own disservice to your religion"

    The prophet said,

    Abdullah bin Omar narrated that the messenger of Allah said:

    "I have been ordered to fight against people until they testify that there is no god but Allah and that Muhammed is the messenger of Allah and until they perform the prayers and pay the zakat, and if they do so they will have gained protection from me for their lives and property, unless [they do acts that are punishable] in accordance with Islam, and their reckoning will be with Allah the Almighty."

    related by Bukhari and Muslim.

    Seriously teeth, My intention was not to disgrace or belittle but rather just point out to YOU the potential seriousness of the issue. Thats the reason I asked you to research those 2 question. if you do that research in some depth you may have a change in perspective.

    You say,

    "Islam is and shall always be a simple religion, its an issue between Allah and me, what others do, what if Sharmeen wore or did not wear the hijab is of zero concern at you implementing her religion"

    The prophet said,

    On the authority of Abu Saeed Al-Khurdari, who said: I heard the messenger of Allah say:

    "Whosoever of you sees an evil action, let him change it with his hand; and if he is not able to do so, then with his tongue; and if he is not able to do so, then with his heart; and that is the weakest of faith."

    related by Muslim.

    My saying she does not do hijib may be a bad thing from a western liberal point of view but its not according to islam.

    In essense you are denying Amr Bil Maruf by words which can be an act of kufr. You need to research this. Its a common denial nowadays.

    Regarding me acting like an illertrate muslim, you are quite correct in that matter. I have spend years studing everything other than the Quran and Sunnah and that why I see how blind I am. Thats exactly my point.

    "What does MQM and ANP target killings have to do with Islam or Sharmeen Obaids emmy."

    How come she is casting stones on pathans far away when she has got rot all over her home in karachi.

    1. Honorliving Avatar

      @Ignorant Pakistani:

      Are you for real? Man, do you live in a cave or something.

      You need to get out more, make some friends who are different from you. Learn from them. What a waste of mind. I really feel sorry for you and will pray for you.

    2. Adnan Avatar

      Not all fingers are equal. You can't assume every Pakistani woman wears Hijab. You(or me) don't even know about her faith.

  31. amra ali Avatar
    amra ali

    hearlteist condolences sharmeen; please convey them to your sister who was my art student at the lyceum, many years ago. you have doen your father, your family and your country proud.

  32. Demand More From Our Avatar
    Demand More From Our

    The fact of her father's passing is genuinely sad, especially so close to an important moment in her life, but this should not prevent us from examining the reasons why she, as opposed to many far more talented documentarians and journalists (say, Sorious Samura for Cry Freetown), received this award. Children of the Taliban was one of the most shallow documentaries I have ever seen and the fact that such mindless work receives "prestigious" awards shows how degraded the Western media has become and how willfully blind they are to the realities of this region. This documentary provides no context for the rise of the Taliban and does not even attempt to explain the reasons behind suicide bombing against Pakistani targets, which we all know started after the US occupation and especially when Pakistan intensified its military operation in South Waziristan. It says nothing about the failures of the U.S. effort to create stability in Afghanistan, which has only broadened the Taliban's base of support. Basically, it only finds fault in the evil Taliban who are using child soldiers, but says nothing about how suicide bombing has become a reasonable, even noble, way to fight great powers for many people. if this documentary was about Palestinian suicide bombers (they also use children!) and the journalist was an Israeli but basically saying the same thing that Sharmeen is saying, would we accept the logic? Ummm…probably not…we would probably think,"wait, didn't she ignore or at least sideline that thing, what's it called, oh yeah, the occupation that people seem to be fighting!" We should demand much more from journalists claiming to represent Pakistan to the Western world.

  33. imran Avatar


    Should I congratulate you on this *award*?

    May be first I should congratulate Obama for the NOBEL peace prize that he won for establishing peace in the world.

    or May be I should congratulate Salman Rushdee Mal-oon for his award of sir before I congratulate you.

    Keep selling what sells. This is the order of the day.

  34. junaid Avatar


    Don't worry, your concerns are taken care of.

    Watch this video:

    Your brother slaves are taking care of Children of ……..

    I hope you are relieved of the pain now.

    1. Farah Ustad Avatar
      Farah Ustad

      Aray Junaid Sahab, aap film to dekhain- Sharmeen is not praising the Pakistani army and saying that they are saving Pakistan- The funny thing is that all of you who are judging the film havent seen the film- So in true Pakistani style you are pointing fingers- Is mulk ka kiya ho ga jab aap jaisay log ho gain?

  35. Saira Khan Avatar
    Saira Khan

    Its so sad to read some of the comments on this blog. The film incidentally talks about how the drone attacks by the US affect ordinary citizens in Pakistan! The film is critical of US policies as well as policies adopted by the Pakistani government.

    Please watch the film and then point fingers. You are all so quick to think that because the film aired in the west the filmmaker is selling out! Please…the film aired in over 7 countries and Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy makes me very proud- If you dont like the fact that she doesnt cover her hair well too bloody bad. Thats between her and her god!

    This is the problem with Pakistanis today, we never appreciate our people and what they do- Look at Aisam ul Haq, if he plays with an indian or an Isreali would you also point fingers at him? Start being tolerent thats one of the pillars of your religion!

    1. Adnan Avatar

      I have watched it Long time back so don't come up with assumption that the film has not been watched. Trust me, even Adam Curtis' "Power of NIghtmare" is more realistic about Afghan,Taliban and US than Sharmeen's movie.

      And comparing AIsam with Sharmeen is so lame, AFAIK, Aisam is not ridiculing his religion to earn medals.

      Islam to me is a one the the most simplistic and easiest religions to follow,

      Yeah, it's taken so simple and light that people don;t even give a damn to it ๐Ÿ™‚

  36. farrah shah Avatar
    farrah shah

    Sharmmen deserved this not only on this but on many other she had worked on I have seen some of her work for channel four 4 News,UK.She is not only focusing on Pakistan but her issues are human issues .

    I expect more such awards for her .

    Best of luck

  37. Demand More Avatar
    Demand More

    The people in this comments section certainly watched the film, but it's pretty obvious to me that they didn't watch it very carefully, and probably don't have the capacity to really understand the wars that it depicts. What is sad is how people in Pakistan are more interested in winning awards like "Emmys" than they are in putting an end to this barbaric war, a war that is moving deeper and deeper into our own country. I have watched this documentary, and unlike the rest of you, I have watched it carefully. Let me just tell you people that if you sat down in a room full of Americans who support the war and watched this documentary, it would not in the least bit make it difficult for them to continue supporting their occupation. But then, this might be something the people here support as well.It would not force them at all to think about their own role in creating the mess that is now Afghanistan and the deepening crisis in Pakistan. The people commenting here are basically trying to win the West's approval, more interested in changing Pakistan's image in the West than actually changing Pakistan's realities. This is what people do who either do not have the intellectual capacity to think up real solutions to problems or are not invested in finding solutions.

  38. Adnan Avatar

    Some supports of Sharmeen who are tiredlessly claiming that Sharmeen has touched other topics as well, can those guys tell why on earth she got an award on a controversial movie like Children of Talibans but not on others. Can those "Experts" come up list of all his work which touched issues of Kashmir,Iraq and Israel occupation and awards she received against them?

  39. Fakhir Avatar

    Sharmeen!! Sharmeen!! I really do wonder how you get to sleep peacefully at night. I was there at the presentation you made, it was heart-wrenching to see a Pakistani selling her "SOUL" so avidly and cheaply to appease the audience. For all who were not there, here is what she said……Pakistan today is a failed state, All and I repeat all the children in Pakistan are at risk of being recruited by the taliban, The Army and the ISI continuously hounded her and avoided her making the documentary…..The schooling system all and I repeat all across Pakistan has failed and with 55% of the population under the age of 18 years, the taliban have a large populace to recruit from……when asked by someone in the audience if there was any hope for Pakistan…..her astonishing reply was…….PAKISTAN IS LOST FOREVER……..This is how she portrayed Pakistan to get applause from the audience… get her award……and what was so shameful to hear at the event was that all through it she never never once uttered a word of praise for the Pakistan Army whose choppers flew her to location inside Swat to make it possible for her to film whatever she was filming and what was even more hurtful was her spitting fire on the very same Pkaistan Army which provided her material as well as security support to enabale her to shoot the film so that she might show the world the sacrifices our soldiers were making there. BUT the most astonishing fact of them all was that not once not even once did SHARMEEN CHINOY divulge the fact that the Army had completed a successful operation in SWAT and that now the area was safe or atleast if she has a biased opinion for the military in Pakistan, she could have meekly mentioned that the Army has relatively cleansed the Swat valley of the menace of the Taliban. All through her rather extremely critical approach towards the Pakistan Army and the ISI, she never said anything about the sacrifices of the over 4000 soldiers killed fighting the terrible Taliban. Sitting there hearing here spew her venom, I felt sorry for PAKISTAN, THE POOR COUNTRY DOESNT HAVE ANYONE TO SPEAK THE TRUTH ABOUT IT AND PORTRAY THE REAL IMAGE OF THE SACRIFICES THE PEOPLE AND THE ARMY HAVE LAID DOWN TO FIGHT THIS MENACE OF THE TALIBAN. SHAME SHAME AND MORE SHAME ON SHARMEEN FOR TOTALLY DESTROYING THE IMAGE OF THE PAKISTANIS AS A NATION FIGHTING AND DYING IN THIS WAR AGAINST THE MONSTROUS TALIBAN…….SHE TALKS OF THE POOR CHILDREN BEING RECRUITED AND THEN INDOCTRINATED BY THE TALIBAN…..BUT WHEN SHE SAYS PAKISTAN IS LOST FOREVER…..WHAT HOPE DOES SHE GIVE THE PEOPLE LIVING HERE…….YES SHE DOES GIVE A LOT OF GOOD HOPE TO THE PEOPLE WHO WANTED TO HEAR THIS…………….SHARMEEN YOU'RE A BIGOT TO YOUR CORE……YOU SOLD YOUR SOUL……..I CAN ONLY PITY YOU