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US Immigration Form lists Baluchistan as Country of Citizenship

Over the past many years there has been a strong lobby of Baluchistan Separatists Movement who strive to separate the Province of Baluchistan from Pakistan. The efforts in recent times have gained significant foot hold to become the talk of the town in recent few months, Patriotic Pakistanis are generally averse to this proposition while the corrupt politicians continue to strangulate the province forcing the Baluchis to struggle for an independent Baluchistan.

A few years back in 2006 US Armed Forces Journal published a map outlining the new Blood Borders which discussed the possibility of a seperate Baluchistan, this map was met with severe outcry across Pakistan. The pros and cons of such a division are still heavily debated and only until recently has it started taking a turn for the worse

A reader of this blog, Basit, pointed about a surprising discovery in one of the forms published on the USCIS (United States Citizenship and Immigration Services) website, the form under question is the AR-11 [Change of Address] form which is used by non US Nationals to notify the USCIS of any change in address. Surprisingly the field “Country of Citizenship” lists Baluchistan (Pakistan) as an option. Within the list of countries listed, I was relieved to see Pakistan still listed, but cant seem to understand why they chose to list Baluchistan alone and conveniently forgot to list the more populus of our other three provinces like Sindh, Punjab or even NWFP.
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