US Immigration Form lists Baluchistan as Country of Citizenship

Over the past many years there has been a strong lobby of Baluchistan Separatists Movement who strive to separate the Province of Baluchistan from Pakistan. The efforts in recent times have gained significant foot hold to become the talk of the town in recent few months, Patriotic Pakistanis are generally averse to this proposition while the corrupt politicians continue to strangulate the province forcing the Baluchis to struggle for an independent Baluchistan.

A few years back in 2006 US Armed Forces Journal published a map outlining the new Blood Borders which discussed the possibility of a seperate Baluchistan, this map was met with severe outcry across Pakistan. The pros and cons of such a division are still heavily debated and only until recently has it started taking a turn for the worse

A reader of this blog, Basit, pointed about a surprising discovery in one of the forms published on the USCIS (United States Citizenship and Immigration Services) website, the form under question is the AR-11 [Change of Address] form which is used by non US Nationals to notify the USCIS of any change in address. Surprisingly the field “Country of Citizenship” lists Baluchistan (Pakistan) as an option. Within the list of countries listed, I was relieved to see Pakistan still listed, but cant seem to understand why they chose to list Baluchistan alone and conveniently forgot to list the more populus of our other three provinces like Sindh, Punjab or even NWFP.


It could very well be an accidental error, it could also be a list of the most often used terms that people use to fill out this USICS form, or it could very well be a direct indication of things to come, a suggestion that Baluchistan may very well become a country separated from Pakistan.

The issue of Baluchistan being such a sensitive topic I believe the inclusion must touch a very sensitive nerve and should be condemned across the board, with the hope that the Pakistani diplomatic envoys [hopefully they have some balls] to challenge the US officials for an offical apology and an immediate removal.

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186 responses to “US Immigration Form lists Baluchistan as Country of Citizenship”

  1. HYMN Avatar

    SK baloch

    one more thing,there is no solid evidence those three baloch nationalists killed in april were killed by the Pakistan government.the witnessess say that assailants came in the dead of the night with rubbed license plates.some say they spoke in persian(a national language of afghanistan)…and if the government had them killed would they be that stupid as to dump their bodies in a public area instead of dumping them somewhere where they couldn't be found,which is especially easy in the large wastelands of Balochistan?!do you think they wanted to spread fire in Balochistan against pakistan instead of getting rid of their bodies somewhere so that their names could only be mentioned in the missing persons list and that would have been the end of it.but clearly this is the action of those who want to dismember pakistan…

    It doesn't take an einstein to connect the dots…but your naivety and anger and brainwashed thinking clouds your ability to do so in an unbiased fashion…

    1. Hafiz Mubeen Ashraf Avatar
      Hafiz Mubeen Ashraf

      assalam o alykum dear brother HYMN

      i have read ur discussions with brother sk baluch. if u have read this blog from its begining then u would come to know that i have already talked with him a lot abt this issue. what i concluded that we can kept cross our fingures for him that may ALLAH show him the right path.

      these brothers are now getting hypered instead of putting their efforts to work for the prosperity of pakistan. many times i asked him that u r fighting for balochistan but v r giving u whole pakistan!!! whole country is for you. y u want a partial part???

      anyways, let him exhaust his angerness and we will always welcome him as a pakistani borhter.

      May Allah protect our country and countrymen

      Allah Haffiz

      Hafiz Mubeen Ashraf

  2. HYMN Avatar

    Just one final bit I feel it's my duty to add;

    SK Baloch said that resources will continue to be divided on a population basis and that the new NFC formula,not solely based on population,would not be implemented.I would like state that that is not true and now the provinces have been provided with the requisite resources under the new formula.

    Allah Haffiz


  3. Khalid Muhammad Zahi Avatar
    Khalid Muhammad Zahi


    Hello & Hi

    Let me tell you the truth regarding "BALOCHISTAN" OR "KALAAT STATE" used to be a country not a province of Pakistan or Iran since 1928 Iran was occupied Westren Balochistan & March 27,1948 Pakistan was occupied Eastern Balochistan as whole of you know that Pakistan was created by British since August 14,1947.those pakistani migrated from India and inhabited into Sindh and Balochistan.

    What a coincidence today they are asking original pupil where did you come from ? Pakistan has a sixty three years of histroy not more then that & pakistani culture is diffrent from Balochistan or Balochistani ,Balochi Language is quite diffrent from pakistan even those pupil cannot speak balochi .Just because of religion which does not mean that we baloch nation become part of IRAN OR PAKISTAN then why pakistani donnot join SUADI ARAB or other Islaamic countries please donot use name of Islaam try to persuad other Islaamic country to be a part of pakistan .

    BANGLADESH used to be a part of Pakistan then since 1971 what happened ? they are not moslems then why pakistani killed three million Bangladeshi pupil just name of ISLAAM.

    Pakistani's are terrorists even paki armies are terror specially ISI,MI,etc etc all paki agencies are terrorists.

    what about sir syed ahmed khaa not khan he was born in India not in Balochistan and who is ALLAMA IQBAL ? we BALOCH NATION donot know them then How ALLAMA IQBAL HAD WRITTEN INDIAN NATIONAL ANTHEM ? WHICH MEANS THEY ARE BELONGS TO INDIA UNDERSTAND…..! to day punjab is loosing the grip on Balochistan so they feel regret them selves why feel guilty ? still i myself zip on my lips dear pakistani's? if you guys want more information find "AMERICAN NEWS PAPER BY THE NAME OF NEW YORK TIME WHEN BALOCHISTAN HAD GOTTEN INDEPENDENCE every thing was written there ……….! and paki wants more information histroy of balochistan must go to UNITED KINGDOM OKAY .


  4. zahid - Avatar

    some body balochs go their ancestors had from there i want to say fool man he should say me where punjabis had come they are from india and we are a nation in balochistan was a country when paki occupied it balochistan is separate country.

  5. salim Avatar

    I think two type of people are always present in every society one are the prostitute and second one are separatest. They are not completely wipe out from the society.

  6. ansar ali Avatar
    ansar ali

    I think all the Blouch traitor should be kill immediately as they want more wealth without work. The total population of the blouch in blouchnistan are few lakhs and paki force easily beat them in army action as done by srilanka force against tamil tigers.

  7. zeb baloch Avatar
    zeb baloch

    @ ansar ali

    brother do give this suggestion to your paki army to completely beat us if they could….!

    Moreover you said that paki army can beat us then you are living in fool's paradise. These types of comments are only a piece of shit and non serious and so called dialogues..

  8. shoaib baloch Avatar
    shoaib baloch

    Salaam, I want to share my experience below in two stages..

    1st stage – when i was young I used to raise pakistan flags all over my place to celebrate 14 august.. until..

    2nd Stage – when i grownup and got a chance to visit my ancestors place and relatives in balochistan. This visit i had after complete pakistan trip. What i have seen and faced during my stay in Balochistan, people there dont have basic necessities like clean water, electricity, gas!! (balochistan own natural gas), no jobs (most of the gwadar port jobs gone to others), no education system, least developed (better say undeveloped).. people are suffering there. If you want to know the reality go and stay there for a week thn you will come to know. We baloch have more respect and better identity in other gulf countries comparing to pakistan.. many people now know the reality, I have completely changed now after knowing the reallity, I support balochistan seperatist movement (im part of this movement), i like pakistani people but the problem is pakistani politics, politicians, agencies, army, cia, they are good for nothing.. for them purpose of pakistan is to get personal benifits.. sorry to say pakistan came into existence for this thing only (main purpose of Jinnah).. we have no trust in pakistan (not pakistani people).. in the resource rich balochistan, local population are suffering while paki industries and politician and others benifiting.. its too late now.. we all local population need nothing less than independence and inshAllah will get our identity very soon.. balochistan zindagbebaat.. sorry for being bit lengthy…

    1. Touseef Avatar

      Perhaps it is because of the fudal lords and not because of Paksitan. May be its the baloch leaders themselves not wanting the general public to get developed so not to question there own leadership.

  9. shoaib baloch Avatar
    shoaib baloch

    @ Touseef

    all over pakistan we have all type of currupt leaders than y blaming baloch leaders for this? y we baloch dont have our own sui gas and at same time other parts of pakistan protesting for gas shortage??!! its not wat baloch leaders want or not, its wat pakistan govt want. our (baloch) leaders dont have that much power to do or to stop anything decided by the govt of pakistan. now we all general public of balochistan want our own leadership back in balochistan. (google for more details and clarification)

    1. Touseef Avatar

      well, the subject in discussion is about balochistan so talked about it. I know the current leadership is same all over Pakistan. But it is also a fact that your wadeeras have always sold the general public for peanuts to internal/external elements out of the fear that if they got educated then who will work for them like slaves. I agree it is also a negligence on behalf of Pakistani Government and if there had ever been a sincere leadership, things would have been much different. So why blame Pakistan for it and not these rotten waderas and politicians. These are the real culprits and not Pakistan itself. So let's not fight on it and work on things which can bring some revolution in the system where either they will get hanged or thrown out of the country to give way to the sincere and honest leadership.

      Every province has its own resources to complement each other and a nuclear armed united Pakistan is in the favor of not only every Pakistani but every Muslim as well.

  10. shoaib baloch Avatar
    shoaib baloch

    @ Touseef

    for us new start with pakistan is meaningless. pakistani govt is pakistan, isnt it! blaming our (balochistan) leaders are always a pakistan tactic, we all know our leaders, belive me whatever a normal pakistani know are all pakistan (agencies) made propaganda. our leaders are always fighting for rights of their people and bcoz of this almost all being murdered by pakistani agencies.

    balochistan has nothing from others. dont say food items, as this too from local places and even nuclear radiation effecting lives their.

    for us revolution is peaceful End the Illegal Occupation of Balochistan.

    1. farhan Avatar

      shoaib baloch,

      You are right, all the pathan leaders can be crooks, all the panjabi leaders can be crook, all the sindhi leaders can be crook and all the muhajir leaders can be crook BUT NOT BALUCHI LEADERS because they are not born from human race but out of angels.

      Comon Shoaib wake up, they are all the same, they just have different ethnic backgrounds and they may be either living in mountains or GHQ, they all worship POWER & MONEY.

      Baluchistan may become a seperate country only if BIGGER SAMRAAJ ends its honeymoon with LITTLE SAMRAAAJ. Right now there is no such sign.

      And if we suppose that BLA wins. Do you think average Baluchis would get free food on the table and all their sufferings gone???? Did this happen with people of the countries who are the biggest oil producters? or biggest diamond producters or biggest gold producers?

      They all have to work hard to bring food to the table. Things would stay the same for average Baluchi just like they are for average Panjabi, Pathan, Sindhi, Muhajir

      ONLY CROOKS WOULD BENEFIT FROM SUCH A SCENARIO as it is happening in the rest of Pakistan.

  11. shoaib baloch Avatar
    shoaib baloch

    @ Farhan

    1st – Let’s imagine, all leaders are crooks including baloch leaders than all parts should stand at same position of present balochistan after 60 years or let’s say with 30 to 40% difference! “Balochistan is Pakistan's poorest, most backward and most neglected province” this is a quote from one of the international analyst/media (a friend country of pakistan). Common why balochistan.. its 21st century, we have world in our fingers tip, even blocked channels can be accessed easily, hiding is not as easy..

    2nd – Let’s say of free balochistan. If common people won’t get free food or money, worst to worst if only 40% income goes for developments roads, security, clean water, local jobs, education, educational rights of our language.. at least common people get basic necessities..

    It’s not alone BLA or any other organization fighting for our rights, this is all balochs.. every single baloch (all tribes of balochistan) is a balochistan army for liberation..

  12. shoaib baloch Avatar
    shoaib baloch

    @ farhan

    pakistan govt and pakistan leaders all are crooks they will never change nor they allow any change. compare with oil rich gulf, they started with our currency notes and now where they are standing, from desert to a civilised city with their oil money..

    at least one can see baloch leaders loosing their lives for their people, by not war b/w themselves that one can see within pakistani politics, its a war b/w govt forces and leaders of balochistan along with local people

  13. courtney Avatar

    It is rare to encounter an expert in whom you can have some trust. In the world nowadays, nobody really cares about showing others the way out in this subject matter. How fortuitous I am to have found a really wonderful blog as this. It's people like you who make a true difference currently through the thoughts they share.