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How a betrayer Lover and an unsuccessful Spy become PPP’s “Close Associate”

Guest Blog by Talkhaba

I’m unable to understand as why the news editor didn’t make heading of it. Was it important to tell that Brigadier® Imtiaz had once saved Nuclear Assets by arresting the failed lover cum spy, whose plans became known to Mr Bila only after when his annoyed beloved felt betrayed and not as result of extra ordinary efforts by our intelligence agencies or this fact is more meritorious for heading that the spy being arrested was set freed by PPP’s first government and he later joined the party?

After reading Rauf Klasra story about the failed love story which cost the US loose her spy being hired and trained as informer about Pakistan’s nuclear assets and his subsequent arrest, I even didn’t noticed the death and life imprisonment sentence as those were obvious. I thought the man; Rafique Munshi would have been hanged.

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