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Don Tapscott – Blockchain Revolution

Pleasure to’ve met Don Tapscott who shared some great insights on the Blockchain and I’ve already gotten hold of his book Blockchain Revolution — his must read book #TEDSummit

After the workshop with some great insights from all three TED speakers — some issues still remain — maybe after I get done reading this book and a number of articles I’ve been referred to by the TED speakers — I might have a more comprehensive position to share – for now I’m still 50-50 a great technology but it is still is a longways away from being the ultimate

August 9th 2016
Have enjoyed reading Don Tapscott’s book on the Blockchain Revolution — Its an amazing concept and has tremendous potential.  The idea is in its stage of infancy but sky is the limit – akin to being in 1995 of the computer / Internet revolution and then as they say it’s all historyQuestion remains, how can each industry or person customise the Blockchain concept for his / her own arena. FYI keep in mind Bitcoin is “an implementation” of the Blockchain – the fundamental basis is the Blockchain

Thanks to Faisal Khan for being my sounding board

Bow River at Banff — Canoing

Bow River — Banff — just before setting off on a 3 mile canoe ride up the river – Serene and breathtakingly beautiful with TEDFellows at #TEDSummit
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MQM’s Haider Abbas Rizvi challenges with his MNA seat?

Yesterday on ARY in the show ‘Off the Record’ with Kashif Abbasi he interviewed Imran Khan and MQM MNA Mr. Haider Abbas Rizvi.  In the heated debate around the 26th minute of the telecast Haider Abbas Rizvi entangles with Imran Khan challenging him to prove with documentary evidence that the Canadian Courts may have declared MQM as a terrorist organization taking the challenge to vacate his MNA if he were to bring documentary proof to support the claim

Click over to on Awaz.tv to watch the show – fast forward to 26:40 minute marker, where Haider Abbas Rivzi brings up the Canadian challenge.

With all the confidence brimming from TV interview maybe its now time to help refresh Mr. Rizvi’s memory with full references to a few Canadian Federal court rulings questioning MQM as a terrorist organization


The decision stated

Having reviewed the Board’s reasons in light of the evidence presented, I find that the conclusion of the Board to the effect that there are reasonable grounds to believe that the MQM is an organization that engages, has engaged or will engage in terrorism, is reasonable.

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