MQM’s Haider Abbas Rizvi challenges with his MNA seat?

Yesterday on ARY in the show ‘Off the Record’ with Kashif Abbasi he interviewed Imran Khan and MQM MNA Mr. Haider Abbas Rizvi.  In the heated debate around the 26th minute of the telecast Haider Abbas Rizvi entangles with Imran Khan challenging him to prove with documentary evidence that the Canadian Courts may have declared MQM as a terrorist organization taking the challenge to vacate his MNA if he were to bring documentary proof to support the claim

Click over to on to watch the show – fast forward to 26:40 minute marker, where Haider Abbas Rivzi brings up the Canadian challenge.

With all the confidence brimming from TV interview maybe its now time to help refresh Mr. Rizvi’s memory with full references to a few Canadian Federal court rulings questioning MQM as a terrorist organization


The decision stated

Having reviewed the Board’s reasons in light of the evidence presented, I find that the conclusion of the Board to the effect that there are reasonable grounds to believe that the MQM is an organization that engages, has engaged or will engage in terrorism, is reasonable.

The National Post reported the story

The head of the Quebec branch of a Pakistani political party is facing deportation after the Federal Court of Canada ruled he belonged to an organization that committed terrorism. The judge upheld the deportation of Mohammed Kashif Omer, a resident of Montreal, on the grounds he is a member of the Mothaidda Quami Movement, or MQM.

A quick search of the Federal Courts of Canada website reveal a few more cases with MQM can be seen here

  1. Iftikhar Shoaq Jalil vs The Minister of Citizenship and Immigration
  2. Naeem v. Canada (Minister of Citizenship and Immigration)
  3. Jilani v. Canada (Minister of Citizenship and Immigration)
  4. Ali v. Canada (Minister of Citizenship and Immigration) (F.C.),
  5. Mohammed v. Canada (Minister of Citizenship and Immigration) (F.C.)
  6. Baqri v. Canada (Minister of Citizenship and Immigration) (T.D.)

Though these are all federal court rulings and it may technically be incorrect to say that Canadian Supreme Court has declared MQM as a terrorist organization. However, since the federal court judgment has not been challenged in the Supreme Court of Canada, the judgment of the Federal Court stands throughout the territory of Canada as a precedence and hence the interpretation would easily signify that MQM may actually be a terrorist organization

Is it time to show Mr. Haider Rizvi the door out of the Parliament – or will he unabashedly cling onto his seat?



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71 responses to “MQM’s Haider Abbas Rizvi challenges with his MNA seat?”

  1. dr.jawwad khan Avatar
    dr.jawwad khan

    "WE DO NOT WANT HIM IN KARACHI because we know that there is the most popular individual following of Mr. Altaf Hussain than any other leader alive in Pakistan. Hence, we DO NOT wish to take any risks with his life"

    (Syed Ali Raza Abidi)


    lolzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.and he appericiated your concerns and left the country with heavy heart.hahahahahahahha

    and due to forcing by the well wishers like you he became a british citizen. goooood

    and now as a british citizen he has moral obligations to gaudie the pakistani nation.that is tooooo gooooood

    and as since 17 years he was guaiding from far far land i suppose if he spend 17 more years then he will become NELSON MANDELLA of pakistan…hahahahahahhahahah too good brother

    kahan se aaya hey yeh leader.

    kahan chala gaya he yeh leader.

    aur kia keh raha hey yeh leader………hen ji????

  2. Syed Ali Raza Abidi Avatar
    Syed Ali Raza Abidi

    @Dr.JK: your initials are enough to determine your seriousness towards politics. You will never understand, so its useless to explain to you.

  3. Sheikh Mohammad Neha Avatar
    Sheikh Mohammad Neha

    @ Haji Israel…

    I would request you to travel Back to the place "Israel" as your names refers to where you belong and stop the propaganda against Pakistan & MQM.

  4. emgi Avatar


    I will not bother responding to your statement that you do not want him in pakistan. it quick clearly validates my earlier stance, that he is not the only leader whose life is supposedly threatened. if he can see hundreds of his followers murdered over the past many years, he should have the balls to come to karachi, which he supposedly rules. how come benazir and nawaz had the courage to do that? I hate them more than altaf, but i will give them the card of courage. If you ask me, altaf is a PUSSY.

    I think imran khan is equally stupid, please dont mix up two issues. i will tackle that seperately. the point i am making is that i am a so called "MAHAJIR", but i do not support altaf hussain. Although i do think the mqm is doing some really good work, unfortunately it is overshadowed and tainted by its mafioso organizational style, defined by its leader.

    My ultimate point is that i want the world out there to know that there are people from my ethnic group who despise altaf hussain and his politics. not all urdu speaking people support altaf hussain, infact we hate him more than others.


  5. Tool Avatar


    my fellow pakistani i applaud you for your clearing out this mis conception that altaf represents all the down trodden let alone muhajirs.

    every politician is corrupt and power hungry but i have not yet heard of a politician like that faggot altaf who still carries arms. I mean i am no ppp supporter but tell me why should mqm's blackmailing be tolerated to such a high extent that whatever they say zardari sends some one rushing to the head faggot aka altaf ? Its even zardari knows that these bastards start shaking karachi to coerce the government for meeting their demands. their good work will go to waste like it is because on these same concrete roads and fly overs that they build , they sniped people on may 12th .

  6. Syed Ali Raza Abidi Avatar
    Syed Ali Raza Abidi

    @Awab: not fair.. you did not post the last comment I had written to emgi/tool.

  7. dr jawwad khan Avatar
    dr jawwad khan

    @syed ali raza abidi!

    don't give up.keep posting….

  8. Syed Ali Raza Abidi Avatar
    Syed Ali Raza Abidi

    @Dr.JK: Chalbay!

  9. junaid Avatar

    If you oppose MQM, suddenly the MQMers would start to call you jamateee, agency wala and now they have found one more title "Imran Khan wala"….

    If people could buy brain, I would have suggested these people to spend the 'bhatta' money on buying some brains.

    Well tell your grand Mafiaso, Altaf Hussain the Brits bear the medical expenses of their stooges, so why don't he get his mental health checked at the expense of Brits tax payer money.

  10. Muhammad Asif Avatar
    Muhammad Asif

    mqm blaming the people for poor survey showing of mqm. "awam akal sey paidal hain".

    Rizvi hai kidder gya mendate khi ka 🙂

  11. hibi-jibi Avatar

    Million Dollar question

    Who would get us (Muhajirs) out the MQM-quagmire?

    -Army? only if they get $$$$ from our Masters

    -Zardari? only if he gets orders from our Masters

    -Votes? only if Muhajirs can really vote without any fear

    -Imran Khan? sorry, this was dumb option.

    -Gilani? he is busy 'boob-pressing' the nation.

    -Talal Bugtee?he is busy murdering Pakistanis in Baluchistan.

  12. dr jawwad khan Avatar
    dr jawwad khan

    @SARA (Syed Ali Raza Abdi)!

    naughty girl

  13. Ali Avatar

    Terrorists of PTI exposed in Karachi

  14. dr jawwad khan Avatar
    dr jawwad khan

    @ali bhai!

    aap bhi kamal shakhsiyat hen. aik aadmi ke tamancha lehraney par aap ney poori PTI ko terorrist declare kar diya.

  15. Sheikh Mohammad Neha Avatar
    Sheikh Mohammad Neha

    @ Dr.Sb..

    Aik aadmi k tamancha lehranay per terrorist nahi kaha balkay uss aik aadmi ko apne aap ko terrorist kehalwana parta hai aap ki puri Tehreek ki waja se !!!

    Stop passing the ball across dear and face the music.

  16. dr jawwad khan Avatar
    dr jawwad khan

    @shaeikh sahib!

    yeh masail e tassuwuf, yeh tera bayan ghalib

    ham tujhey wali samjhtey jo na bada khawar hota

  17. Sheikh Mohammad Neha Avatar
    Sheikh Mohammad Neha

    @ Dr. Shb…

    toone qasam mai_kashee kee khaaee hai 'GHalib'

    teree qasam ka kuchch 'eitbaar naheeN hai !!!

  18. Imran Avatar

    lol Awab, get a life and stop crying every time MQM breathes. That court decision was a small temporary one. Do have any idea how many stupid decisions Pakistani judges have made. Its one case amongst many and the gentleman was later granted asylum when the verdict was challenged.

    Filthy ethnic profiling is all you do.

  19. Sikander Avatar

    Whatever the decision is .. this is fact that MQM is the real bode of terror.. several of their workers are leaving Pakistan and taking political asylum in other countries.. if they are ruling here then who is gonna kill them?.. ridiculous.. and Altaf Bhai!! oh my God .. He must join Bollywood . they really need a villain after Amrish Puri.. Their is not even a single bird in Karachi who can fly without their permission.. and the workers. (Na uzubillah) worship .. Altaf Bhai.. idiots.. if i get permission to hit a single human.. you all know who it will be..

  20. sami Avatar









  21. Syed Ali Raza Abidi Avatar
    Syed Ali Raza Abidi

    Test: Tum bhi isshe tarah paida huay thay?