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Zong Inspiring Ideas for Pakistan

For many who may have not see this new ad by Zong, its worth watching, I was first alerted of this release by Abid Beli, and later watched it on TV. It without doubt puts a smile on my face, that amazing things can still help transform Pakistan for the better. Watch this Sab Keh Do Day Theme song released on the 2nd Anniversary of Zong sung by Ali Hamza of Noori and video directed by Saqib Malik. Thank you Zong

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Secure Mobile Voice calling for Cell Phone users in Pakistan?

askbajwaThis query is being forwarded to our local security expert based out of Lahore Mr. Fouad Bajwa who maintains AskBajwa.com [I await his response]

Considering the level of espionage that is undertaken by our authorities at times I believe Pakistani businessmen and citizens stand at a major disadvantage since our own government is resolutely committed at working against us under the excuse of ‘the interest of the state‘. We all must be aware that all our calls, SMS’s and Internet usage is being extensively monitored and tracked, to be used as and when needed against us. I personally don’t mind monitoring terrorism related activities but merely assuming that every Pakistani is a criminal and must be subjected to government espionage is an idiotic solution to the problem.

I ask this question more in line when I read this article on BlackberryCool reviewing CellCrypta secure mobile voice application for Blackberry and Symbian devices via VoIP – it comes at a hefty price tag of 2500 Euro – but it might be worth the investment for a viable business who prefers a high level of security.
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