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Zong Inspiring Ideas for Pakistan

For many who may have not see this new ad by Zong, its worth watching, I was first alerted of this release by Abid Beli, and later watched it on TV. It without doubt puts a smile on my face, that amazing things can still help transform Pakistan for the better. Watch this Sab Keh Do Day Theme song released on the 2nd Anniversary of Zong sung by Ali Hamza of Noori and video directed by Saqib Malik. Thank you Zong

PS – Watching the video, is it me or does the main actor have two separate wives, one living in desi land who he leaves behind at the start of the video and proceeds to go to the land of opportunity …. LOL im confused ๐Ÿ˜‰ but that’s beside the point


  • jibran |


    What about the blog covering the 'collatral damage' done by na-pak fauj?

    • Al |

      Teeth: It is pretty obvious. Those were his kids. He has a flashback in the video where he as a kid he is promising his deaf sister that he will build a school for her.

      Waise anybody has any ideas who the woman who plays his wife is?

  • Hira Mir |

    This is really interesting. The youth of the country that makes the majority is very energetic and a lot have hope from this youth. We must not forget the duties we owe to our country. We must work hard and soon we will prosper as a nation free of extremism and terrorists who continue try to make this a failed state.

  • Nazia |

    This aid is look based on real story.

    Here near jehlum a man from Paris has established a very modern school for special kids.His one brother and sister is also deaf so what ever he earned in Paris in last 15 years he put on this project.Now for last year he requested help of locals and govt to carry on his mission as full hostel is also available in this modern facility with lodging of remote area .

    In actual life he married thrice to french ladies and he has no kids so I think his this deficiency triggered his conscious to do something for his area.

    So Allah gives us some serious deficiency so that we will not cross limit of thankfulness towards His greatness and this way think for others pains too.

  • Nazia |


    Aid is very clear and the lady in village is her sister.

    I dont know how you conceived it towards tow wives and kids??

  • Nadia Talha |

    The song, its theme & picturization is amazing. It carries a beautiful message and should touch hearts of the viewers. Good job Zong!

  • Tamseel |

    hi awab. thanks for sharing. just came across this post while browsing thru your sharmeed chinoy story. wanted to clear out the story a bit. there is only one wife. the other girl is his sister. in their first meeting she calls him bhayya.

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