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A dead man walking…

I sit back and watch the news of blasts in ‘Data darbar’ in Lahore. I watch it for few minutes, hear the sirens, watch the blood, hear the screams, see the stranded people, and switch off my TV. Yes, I am dead. I dont feel the pain now. I am numb. Its a repeat telecast. Maybe a recording of the previous ‘show of barbarism’ that I have seen many times before. But they say, its live reporting. They say its a new place. They say the images are new. Then why am I switching off the TV, why am I thinking of other chores I have to do, why am I thinking what I have to do tomorrow. Am I really dead?Aldous Huxley(writer) was right when he said, ‘Maybe this world is another planets hell’. Maybe I am living in a hell and its a life after death so my emotions exist no more.
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