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A dead man walking…

I sit back and watch the news of blasts in ‘Data darbar’ in Lahore. I watch it for few minutes, hear the sirens, watch the blood, hear the screams, see the stranded people, and switch off my TV. Yes, I am dead. I dont feel the pain now. I am numb. Its a repeat telecast. Maybe a recording of the previous ‘show of barbarism’ that I have seen many times before. But they say, its live reporting. They say its a new place. They say the images are new. Then why am I switching off the TV, why am I thinking of other chores I have to do, why am I thinking what I have to do tomorrow. Am I really dead?Aldous Huxley(writer) was right when he said, ‘Maybe this world is another planets hell’. Maybe I am living in a hell and its a life after death so my emotions exist no more.

But, then what do I do?I am helpless. I have seen this pain so many times that it has seeped into my body and soul. Maybe that was the only option I had. I wanted to live. I am guilty of living. There is so much life around me. Summer is here, life in its full blossom in this part of the world. Why should I mourn the death of people dying in ‘my’ country, miles away. I have to move on. I have said the saddened words, I will follow the news that will tell the number of people dead and special reports on the families of people whose only bread earner has died, I will follow the investigation report, I will do some hot discussions on this sad incident with people around and I will utter some sympathisizing words for the families and some angry words on the ‘religious’, ‘political’ and ‘social’ state of the country. I am done. I have followed all the rituals that should be followed when a blast occurs. ‘Rituals’? Rituals for a bomb blast? Well, yes when something becomes a norm in the society, rituals are developed and they have to be followed. We can do this much atleast as human. Yes, I forgot we can also make some phone calls if the blast is in the city you live in or have lived. Followed by few tears(maybe) if it has hit close to your home or maybe chant ‘Allah saved us, we live so close by’. Saved us? Are we saved? Are we living? Are we surviving? But I thought we are dead!…

Yes, yes, we are dead!.I pronounce again…We are dead!..I assure you…we are dead! If we would have been living, we would be doing something. ‘Something’?Well, we are doing something…we are focusing on our jobs, we are doing our work ‘honestly’, we are feeding our families in this high inflation time, and yes we do have plans for a better future. Isn’t that enough? Enough?? Enough to prove we are living?? I have doubts on that though. Aren’t we supposed to do a little more to prove ourselves human? a ‘little’ more. Don’t I need to feel the pain of others? Wasnt that the first lesson I was taught in my ‘Islamiat’ books in school. It never taught me to be numb to society. It never taught me to mind my own business. Where and when I got busy in life? I can’t recall that. But, yes I am a dead man walking! We are all dead men walking…we are living in a dead world waiting for another blast news and follow the rituals once again.


  • Nazia |

    hurt surkhay

    Aap nay tu dil par lay liaya hay my TUN terminology.

    By the way who told you to encourage your innocent son to read your praises from my comments.

    Did you ever find any sweet showers in my comments

    Ok dont worry say your son that this aunty is crack so thats way you respect level can be restored in his mind.

    Now you reveal that you belong to Karachi otherwise I thought I am talking to some MOS COW MAN as surkhya usually come form this side.

    Any how for your kind information we lahori often use this tun term for lazy and casual attitude people.It is very common word in lahori circle but it would become so painstaking after reaching Karachi is beyond my approach.

    Oh yes in army circles this is typically used for drunk man and women.

    At least you found some difference of nature between me and mughal after your tun eing your with doodh pati drink and it is our tolerance level.

    Yes I am very reactive person specially for those who try to taunt or harass me for not any specific reason.

    Do you think that I cant judge your taunting level so if you have an ability to taunt then it shouldn't be limited to one side.

    I feel no hesitation of reply back as per my natural ability.

    You dont want to come on those gallian where I am passing my few moments, this is your choice of escaping not my dictation. so hum tu aisy hee hain aur rahany gay whether you like it or not.

  • Nazia |

    Yes Islam did originate from One Prophet i.e. Prophet Abraham [PBUH] and every Prophet [PBUH] after him was on Islam and Islam was perfected and completed on Prophet Mohammad [PBUH]:

    That’s why Prophet Abraham [PBUH] was given a name “Muslim”


    This is in human nature that it cant stick to one faith or trend and each coming era the human race faces new kind of challenges and new styles of life as part of evolution which is natural process of change in human civilization.

    That is the reason human as followers of one faith keep dividing themselves as per their demand and need of time as per situation.

    Adopting religious patterns in normal way of mature living is not an easy way ti impose on kids as it might turn them fanatics.It is simple reason you see all developed nations keep religions aside and work on the basis of human development.

    Muslims on the otherhand are moving back to basic faith which Prophet had brought 1400 years back.That time was initiating of new religion under divine laws and no way can be pasted on already existing Muslim state.

    Instead of bringing liberal innovations as Prophet was known to bring change in backward culture of Arabs, we are more concerning of securing that previous acts of History wiht show of power, which can be considered as guide lines but cant be adopted as such on the basis it was happened 1400 years back e.g

    Now I cant allow my father brother or husband to go and marry young child.

    Capital punishments like stoning to death or cutting hands can be executed in poorly managed state.

    Jews and Christians are now responsible of supplying bread and butter of millions of Muslims so we cant announce jihad against them.

    You have already provided the link which is declaring Paksitan as pornistan and it was all said after collecting data .

    and many many more orders and events can be repeated in different circumstances and cultures where demand of society is different than Arab culture.

    These are few reasons Muslims living in versatile Islamic societies cant follow one command and one life pattern of Prophet and state has to provide some injunctions to match the two different life styles.

    • Aamir Mughal |

      Nazia says:July 17, 2010 at 2:20 amYou have already provided the link which is declaring Paksitan as pornistan and it was all said after collecting data .


      I didn't provide any such link rather I provided a link which is denying the Foxnews.

    • awaara |

      MS Nazia or Ms Know-It-all,

      "This is in human nature that it cant stick to one faith or trend and each coming era the human race…"

      You forgot to mention the existence of your brother 'Iblees'.

      Iblees nevers comes infront of you and never tells you to stop worshipping Allah, it brings front reasons to deviate human kind from the true path. Jesus or Moses didn't bring this christianity or judaism that exists in current form. It was the *human need* that crooks found ways to play with 'Sabt'.

      "It is simple reason you see all developed nations keep religions aside and work on the basis of human development."

      Human development? or human degradation? When did teaching a 5 year old about the sexual organs, their use became human development?

      or do you think a kid who has man-daddy and man-mommy is a developed child?

      look at this,

      and you will see what developed world has to offer to sick-fundamentalist-porn-watcher Pakistanis.

      You live in fairy land, may be you should spend more time educating yourself than wasting Wapda power on these graffities.

  • Aamir Mughal |

    Nazia says: – July 17, 2010 at 1:44 am MAM : Abusive terms, loose language, attacking people with vulgar terms


    Decency lies in using Logic, Authentic References and valid arguments and that is more appropriate if anyone wants to be heard. "Gali Galoch [Verbal Abuse] is a meaning less voice of anger and it is fruitless.

    • Nazia |

      Decency lies in using Logic, Authentic References and valid arguments and that is more appropriate if anyone wants to be heard.


      time is the best judge which ultimately proves that logic is to rule the people mind.

      Lies spoken in coarse tone or hidden under sugar coating might impress others for time being but human minds although take time, have strong instinct to reach to real cause of human decline or disasters.

      I think in this regard Bangladeshi whom Paksitani discarded as being a lower community now has been reached to final conclusions after this open acknowledgment

      Bangladesh removes Islamic author's books from libraries

    • Aamir Mughal |

      Nazia says: – July 18, 2010 at 1:13 am I think in this regard Bangladeshi whom Paksitani discarded as being a lower community now has been reached to final conclusions after this open acknowledgment Bangladesh removes Islamic author’s books from libraries


      Mawdudi's books are banned in Bangladesh because Jamat-e-Islami did this in the Former East Pakistan:

      عوامی لیگ کی منتخب قیادت کے بھارت جانے کے بعد منعقد ہونے والے ضمنی انتخابات میں جماعت اسلامی فوجی قیادت کے بہت قریب آ گئی۔ یوں بھی جماعت اسلامی کے لیے عوامی لیگ کی غیر مذہبی سیاست بدیہی طور پر ناقابلِ برداشت تھی۔ مکتی باہنی کا مقابلہ کرنے کے لیے فوجی انتظامیہ نے جماعت اسلامی کو اپنا مسلح بازو تشکیل دینے کی ترغیب دی۔ ابتدائی طور پر تو اسے البدر ہی کا نام دیا گیا (30 برس بعد کشمیر جہاد میں بھی جماعت اسلامی نے اپنی پروردہ جہادی تنظیم کے لیے البدر ہی کا نام چنا) تاہم صدیق سالک لکھتے ہیں کہ بعد ازاں اسی تنظیم کو الشمس بھی کہا جانے لگا تا کہ مشرقی پاکستان میں عوامی لیگ کی وسیع مخالفت کا تاثر پیدا کیا جا سکے ۔ جماعت اسلامی کے رضاکار مکتی باہنی جیسی مسلح تنظیم کا کیا مقابلہ کرتے جس کے ارکان بھارت سے باقاعدہ فوجی تربیت پا چکے تھے۔ البتہ البدر اور الشمس کے ارکان کو غیر مسلح مگر روشن خیال دانشوروں پر دل کے ارمان نکالنے کا اچھا موقع ہاتھ آیا۔

      البدر کے رہنماؤں میں مولوی غلام اعظم، مولوی عبدالمنان اور طالبعلم اشرف الزماں کے نام نمایاں ہیں۔ البدر کو فوجی تربیت کے لیے باقاعدہ سرکاری تعلیمی ادارے مہیا کیے گئے۔ سیکولر دانشوروں کو جسمانی طور پر ختم کرنے کے اس سلسلے کا ہولناک ترین واقعہ پاکستانی فوج کے ہتھیار ڈالنے سے صرف دو روز قبل 14 دسمبر کو پیش آیا۔واقعات کے مطابق البدر کے ارکان نے ایک باقاعدہ فہرست کے مطابق آدھی رات کو ڈھاکہ کے دو درجن سے زیادہ چیدہ چیدہ دانشوروں کو اغوا کیا۔ ان میں سے بیشتر اساتذہ یا تو اپنے شعبوں کے سربراہ تھے یا علمی اور ادبی حلقوں میں نہایت نمایاں مقام رکھتے تھے۔ انہیں مختلف مقامات پر رکھ کر شدید تشدد کا نشانہ بنایا اور پھر ریئر بازار اور میرپور نامی دو مقامات پر انہیں بہیمانہ طریقے سے موت کے گھاٹ اتار دیا گیا ۔ 17 دسمبر کو ان کی مسخ شدہ لاشیں کچے بند کے قریب پایاب پانی سے برآمد ہوئیں۔ ان میں سے ہر ایک کے ہاتھ پشت پر بندھے تھے اور سر میں گولی کا نشان تھا۔ ممتاز ماہرِ امراض چشم ڈاکٹر فضل ربی کی آنکھیں نکالی جا چکی تھیں۔

      کیا روشنی سے ڈرتے ہو؟

      وجاہت مسعود

      وقتِ اشاعت: Sunday, 17 December, 2006, 00:48 GMT 05:48 PST

    • Nazia |


      Same story as found in Bangladesh is now repeating in Baluchistan where FC has taken control of Law and order sitaution or last 10 years.

      Such kind of killing and harassing was done in mqm peak time in Karachi.As people this had an option to migrate to other countries so they had no hesitation to escape the country and now we are left with fake degree holders,corrupt and feudal people.Army is still controlling all state matters.

      Kiyani gets his two years extension.It is the same army management which is now ready to give way to Indian cargo through our route which is justifying huge defense budget for more than half century to stop India intrusions in our land.Now they have allowed Indian trade to Afghanistan Via Pakistani routes.

      Money makes the merry go round in our state matters and our ruling elite is never in mood of missing any chance of ride this merry go round which is moving on the fuel of human blood .

  • Nazia |

    Mr awara

    You can judge through your choice of ID that iblees lives in our soul.Your parents have never ever thought of presenting you like an awara but your inner temptation force you to live and pick such life.

    Same thing is with me iblees is part of my soul and become active whenever God gives me opportunity of enjoying His blessings.

    Moses and Christ had brought new faith as influenced and resourceful people of previous religious faith were unable to give justice to weaker living beings or existing societies molded the teaching of dominant religions toward influenced group.

    As part of human evolution these religions also lost their shape and again reshaped many times to give benefit the community where people wanted to practice religion as part of their life.

    So human attitude have strong inclination toward sins and colorful negative attractions.

    It is positive attitude of state and strict reservations of religious norms that can put limits to human unlimited desires but for all this first requisite is, human intentions which is strongly required otherwise people are all time ready to deviate from dictated faith which they are listening since their childhood.

    Giving in to temptation

    By Irfan Husain
    You cant all time place the human minds in the system which was originated 1400 years back.

    The idea of awareness of kids early than their age is compulsion of western lifestyles as they accept that children are all time vulnerable to sexual assault , mostly by their attendants and close ones.

    Western reformers before commencing such mode of education were more focused on the related dangers of medical and decline of moral values. Then, physicians brought the facts about the impact of venereal diseases which can be easily trnasmitted by foul child play through adults.

    This figure had proved that these sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) annually caused thousands of cases of pelvic inflammation, sterility, infant blindness, and even insanity.

    They have no family set up who can care for their kids and all have to go out for economical reasons so they preferred to alert their child of coming dangers of sexual abuse.

    So they act on that directions where data is found based on such incidents found in their system.

    On the contrary we deny to accept such crimes around us in more intense form specially in our rural and underdeveloped areas.Eastern shyness is big hurdle of revealing the crimes of noble souls

    What news you reported in your link is unusual act of individuals but they feel no shame to report and then acting on psychological and criminal basis so such acts could be avoided in future .

    But what we do in our Islamic society in one of edcuated city of Islamic republic of Pakistan.

    Christians demand justice for raped nurse
    Have jiyals of PPP and die hards of mqm as ruling party have any manly courage to punish the culprits who did all this under the nose of their jurisdiction where criminals have strong link with ruling party.

    Lets see how Muslim brothers come to help a weak gender who is living as minority in this islamic state.

    • Nazia |


      Moses and Jesus surely continued deen ibrahimi but both led a new modes of religion one is known as jews and other's followers are known asChristians.

      Both persecuted each other for centuries for proving dominance on each other.

      Do you place them under Muslim faith too which also followed deen Ibrhaimi.

      These are my simple perceptions which I mentioned above

      People love to lectures others for nothing.

      you should have some solid reasons to taunt other as part of inbuilt nature.

  • jibran |


    "Moses and Christ had brought new faith…."

    New faith? Moses and Jesus did not bring new faith, it was the same faith Nooh, Ibrahim and other prophets preached.

    Where do you get these preceptions???

    • Aamir Mughal |

      The Faith with Books/Commandents of Shariah from Allah started with Prophet Abraham [PBUH] not Noah [PBUH].

    • Aamir Mughal |

      Recite the Durood-e-Ibrahimi with Translation and you would know the Religion of Prophet Abraham [PBUH] and Prophets [PBUT] e.g. Wa Al'a Alay Ibrahima"

  • jibran |

    This is Doctor!!!!!


    Look at his face he looks like one of the Dakooz in uniform (POLICE)

    Nothing will happen to him if he has connections, and generally people with no connections do not commit these kinds of crimes.

    I wouldn't mind if Taliban came and chop his head off.

    • Aamir Mughal |

      jibran says: – July 18, 2010 at 6:10 am This is Doctor!!!!!I wouldn’t mind if Taliban came and chop his head off.


      Yes, the Doctor and accomplices deserve Firing Squad but Talibans too deserve Firing Squad for the Killing the Innocents, why Forget Massacre in Mazar Sharif: Afghanistan: The Massacre in Mazar-I Sharif NOVEMBER 1, 1998 http://www.hrw.org/en/reports/1998/11/01/afghanis

    • Aamir Mughal |

      Nothing will happen to him if he has connections, and generally people with no connections do not commit these kinds of crimes. I wouldn’t mind if Taliban came and chop his head off.


      Taliban and Women: Information gathered by Human Rights Watch indicates that assaults on women also featured in the Taliban’s takeover of Mazar-i Sharif. Although the Taliban in general have, in contrast to most of the opposition parties, refrained from assaulting and raping women during their military campaigns, Human Rights Watch received consistent reports that young women were abducted by the Taliban from a number of neighborhoods in Mazar-i Sharif and that their whereabouts remain unknown. While such abductions do not appear to have been widespread, certain neighborhoods appear to have been targeted. Human Rights Watch was not able to locate witnesses who were willing or able to describe specific incidents in detail, but we believe the allegations are serious enough to warrant special attention in any formal investigation into assaults on civilians during the takeover of Mazar-i Sharif. V. ABDUCTIONS OF AND ASSAULTS ON WOMEN http://www.hrw.org/legacy/reports98/afghan/

    • Nazia |


      It was not happened in any autaq of landlord or in haveli of any sardar.

      All is happened in day light in govt residence.

      So why you are looking for talibans ,there is no govt or state force are available in Karachi .

      That was the only act which Islamic society can do to this doctor to terminate him from his job on the crime of gang rape and attempted murder.

      How cheaply mqm minister is claiming that on Altaf bhai 's instruction that action is taken as other living in Karachi is no more than eunuchs or stone heart who felt no sensation in their soul on this brutal crime as it is happened to lady who is orphan and minority class of Karachi.

      Such actions like termination is no more than a political stunt and all aninan janin from political leadership is as media and nursing staff are raising the issues and creating problems for hospital management which are ususally deputed there on political basis.

      After rape of young bride in Quaid's mausoleum through the hands of rangers, this is 2nd case which is not making altaf bhai to weep because if you remember he couldnt stop his tears for swati girl who was whipped by taliabns.

      There he stopped his requiem against Taliban when military operation was started to help the heroin of swat which was then declared fake.

      By the way it is real incident and innocent victim need a justice from ruling party which claim to have millions vote from Karachi.

  • jibran |


    Doesn’t matter if the women was minority or orphaned. The punishment should be the same for the culprits, punishments are not based on emotions but based on crimes.

    If you visit the Hostels of SMC college and or other colleges in Sindh, they are forts of drug runners, dakaits and rapists.

    MQM like any other party of Pakistan are show-offs. If they were sincere, they would have started to punish their own rent-an-assassin.

    Same goes for PPP, when it comes to Elections they pretend to act like a party who believes in Pakistan, but otherwise each and every activist in Sindh is another member of Jeay Sindh, an ethnic hate group.

    So who would you ask justice from? the president and prime minister who are the kingpins of corruption in our country?

    Our Army? don’t tell me they would bring justice to Pakistan. If Zardari and the gang are the crop of corruption, they are the seeds.

    Sorry, I wouldn’t be commenting further.
    Its useless. I am a middle class worker, I have a life and job to fullfil. Pls enjoy your forum.

    • Nazia |


      JI and mqm both had been designed through ISI cell.

      Just as they gave breeding ground to talibans, they designed such nurseries where ideology of islam was misused under JI and complex of ethnic differences was projected in one of strong community of Karachi.

      So leaders are picked from middle class backgrounds from urban areas of Pakistan and frustrated youth were gathered under the fake heroic personalities under mqm and JI flag.

      Both are still being used as latent force to create any kind of threat or disturbance to any political ruling class.

      That is why thosuands of workers of mqm and JI have been unconstitutionally removed from the scene as disposable tools which were excessively used for violence spread In contrase to this not a single leader is hurt when state take action for both teams no matter how much they speak/act against govt.

  • Nazia |

    Doesn’t matter if the women was minority or orphaned

    Yes it matters , jabbaran

    It matters a lot in our system where everybody knows that law in all sides favors strong groups.

    Punishments do exist in the system where political groups come to power on people's demand.

    Here these groups come into surface through foreign hands or military intentions and that grow like political weeds whom we are forced to say as leaders.

    Get the facts and data that majority women who are victims of gang rape or physical abuse are those who are usually orphan, widows, single women or belong to minority and weak class of society.

    Here I have no interest in applying state laws as I know very well that our laws are ineffective for any strong person.

    During zia regime there were strict laws for rape crimnals but F k Bandiayal a strong icon of establishment and ex minister has protected his nephew who was invloved in the gang rape of actress shabanam.

    Same law was used to protect irfan ullah marwat the only son of general murwat and many more.

    Shabnam as an ex bangladeshi had used all kind of links to hang him too but she was failed to even keep him in jail.

    Now he is enjoying his life as proud father of 4 daughters and people remember him as big transporter of Pakistan.

    So our state and its laws actually allow looters rapist and criminals to survive safely and let others either to kill in movement of target killing or leave the Pakistan in first opportunity.

    So whether it is altaf or zardari or sharif who are living like kings in their areas all have same kind of agenda to suppress the minorities and deprived class through such characters as we see this legal medical officer and his gang.

    Demanding of justice is my right as Pakistani and they all have to give us at all .If we dont project such crimes in one of edcuated area of Pakistan, then be ready sooner this girl can be replaced by your daughter or your sister too.

    Blood or honor suckers are only controlled by eliminations through power of law , not by allowing Talibans like illegitimate forces.

    I am also working class of Pakistan and having life in organized way but I feel no hesitation of cursing all visible evils around me.No matters how it costs me in coming days.

    • awaara |

      MS Nazia, or should I say MS-PAKIATANI-WIKIPIDIA-MS_KNOW_IT_ALL 🙂

      I didn't know the case about Shabnam, can you share some reliable links. I have no sympathy for our Na-Pak-Fauj, but this is the first time I'm hearing about case of shabnam.

      I didn't know JI was created by ISI, I thought it was created by Maulana Maududi or was Maulana an undercover General of ISI.

      Same goes for MQM, was Altaf Hussain an undercover ISI agent? then why would Army then conduct an operation against MQM?

      Can you also provide references for this or are you just cooking up theories?

      I can cook theories too. May be we can both cook some theories together? hwo abot that?

    • Aamir Mughal |

      awaara says: July 22, 2010 at 7:06 am Same goes for MQM, was Altaf Hussain an undercover ISI agent? then why would Army then conduct an operation against MQM?


      Former Director General Intelligence Bureau, Colonel Iqbal Khan Niazi said in a tv program that we wrongly accused MQM in Hakim Saed murder case and the character behind is Rana Maqbool and one other member of PML(N). http://www.jang.com.pk/jang/jul2010-daily/22-07-2

    • Nazia |


      I only know those people and stories which are known to common street people but surely those VIPS who are in govt seats and jobs denies such incidents which happen to people on daily basis.

      So you enjoy you cooking skills because I Know that as two daggers cant be put in one case ,same as two cook cant tolerate each other in one kitchen.

  • awaara |

    Aamir Mughal,

    Don't believe the bhaands of Na-Pak Army. Tomorrow when (if) PML(N) would be in the govt. they would claim that MQM was involved in the murder of Hakeem Saeed and Rana Maqbool was wrongly accused and brigadier Imtiaz would come and deliver a long bhashan to support that.

    Our intelligence agencies are busy recording journalists phone calls, but they can not record and trace the murderers involved in the targetted killing. I bet they are recording, and since the murderers are in-bed with them, they are free to do whatever they want. Tomorrow when (if) the tide turns, those tapes will be played or some other things would be bargained for.

    • Aamir Mughal |

      awaara says: – July 23, 2010 at 8:23 am Aamir Mughal, Don’t believe the bhaands of Na-Pak Army. Tomorrow when (if) PML(N) would be in the govt.


      Dear Awaara,

      Former Director General Intelligence Bureau, Colonel Iqbal Khan Niazi was a personal friend of Nawaz Sharif and he was earlier a Security Incharge of Ittefaq Foundries.

    • Nazia |


      I don't believe what reports were saying about such killings.

      During my stay I had to meet some official of hamdrard and quershi like groups for some kind of technical jobs.

      Hamadred officials including relatives of Hakeem saeed always blamed mqm for this killing.

      The reason behind is influential social work of hamdard foundation which he was not sharing with mqm to promote personality of altaf hussain.

      You know qureshi and hamadard like organizations whom are run by those people who were active with Jinnah for partition movement.Both were ( hakkem qureshi and hakeem saeed) got precious lands in Pakistan through false papers and grabbed worth lands as an opportunists being known as close friend of Quiads.

      So Quershi group was lucky that they had all occupied land in Punjab side but hakkeem saeed couldnt resist strong mafia group of MQM people.

      The officials of edhi group also put blame to mqm for harassing and destroying their social jobs in particular areas.

      So no need of worry. it is tricky game of intelligence agencies ,those who wouldn't be in good books of army, this label of saeed's murder would put on his forehead.

      This time zardari is doing fine for so all charges would be put into his real enemies.

      There would be no surprise if in coming years that attack on Bhutto convoy in KARACHI would be put into account Altaf bhai.

  • Aamir Mughal |

    Nazia says: July 23, 2010 at 10:42 pm Mughal I don’t believe what reports were saying about such killings.


    I will just say this "Hakeem Saeed used to finance MQM"

    • Nazia |

      I will just say this “Hakeem Saeed used to finance MQM”


      I know two people running profitable businesses in Karachi were used to of financing mqm on regular basis but both were killed in their offices.Family people were sure that mqm people hit them for not fulfilling their demand.

      The heirs took no time to close ventures from Karachi even didn't bother to register FIR agianst mqm people.

      I dont say that it was confirmed they were hit by mqm people as nothing was investigated.

      But it gives us an idea that in unlawful living conditions all charges would be tagged on those groups who have repute like mqm people.

      MQM: a spoiler or saviour of democracy?

      so mqm being part of ruling group for last 20 years has missed the chance of improving its repute regarding harassing, bullying and even killing his opponents.

      Now all groups in karachi have adopted same policy of kill or to be killed as only survival rule in living in Karachi.

  • Aamir Mughal |

    Nazia says: – July 23, 2010 at 10:42 pm Mughal – You know qureshi and hamadard like organizations whom are run by those people who were active with Jinnah for partition movement.Both were ( hakkem qureshi and hakeem saeed) got precious lands in Pakistan through false papers and grabbed worth lands as an opportunists being known as close friend of Quiads.


    You are absolutely wrong about Late. Hakeem Saeed. Beleieve me I know what I am saying.

  • Nazia |

    You are absolutely wrong about Late. Hakeem Saeed. Beleieve me I know what I am saying.

    I am saying what I had observed and heard through the circles of these hakeem network.

    You know that is same allegations which I heard when I asked relatives of qureshi industries that how Hakeem qureshi who was just owner of one hakeem shop in 1947 distributed precious lands to his next kins that would then transformed into huge industry.

    Same situation was observed in hakeem Saeed case.

    Real people who really sacrificed for Pakistan never filled false claims and liqyat ali khan was among one of them.

    That acts come in range of "sacrifice".Getting cash and property as you were active friend of jinnah doesn't come in the circle of sacrifice.Same trend was followed by family of hakeem allama iqbal.

  • Allinpakistan |

    A muslim never ever be a terrorist. Some foreign powers want to destory the peace of land. Every one know but every one quite.