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A dead man walking…

I sit back and watch the news of blasts in ‘Data darbar’ in Lahore. I watch it for few minutes, hear the sirens, watch the blood, hear the screams, see the stranded people, and switch off my TV. Yes, I am dead. I dont feel the pain now. I am numb. Its a repeat telecast. Maybe a recording of the previous ‘show of barbarism’ that I have seen many times before. But they say, its live reporting. They say its a new place. They say the images are new. Then why am I switching off the TV, why am I thinking of other chores I have to do, why am I thinking what I have to do tomorrow. Am I really dead?Aldous Huxley(writer) was right when he said, ‘Maybe this world is another planets hell’. Maybe I am living in a hell and its a life after death so my emotions exist no more.
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Eyewitness to Suicidal Attack in Lahore

Farooq Tariq of Labor Party Pakistan shares an eyewitness account of his children who were on the scene of the suicide bomb blast in Lahore today.

“I was waiting at the school lounge for uncle Allah Ditta to pick me up after the school time was over. We heard the first blast and it was not very powerful but frightening. Our teacher said that it is army that is firing in the area; there is no need to worry about. Then, came the real one. The earth under our feet was moving away from us, it was like an earthquake. I started crying so were many more children. The teachers asked us to move away from the walls and come in the ground in an open place. I saw my teachers in tears as well. The uncle Allah Ditta arrived and I went with him.”

This was what my 10 year old son A. Farooq told me when I called him after the blast today. He is class three student at Lahore Grammar School Landmark project at Arif Jan Road Lahore Cantonment.

The blast today at RA Bazaar was only few hundred meters away from the school building. It seems that over 50 have been killed and many more injured in the deadly suicidal attack today at an army vehicle by some religious fanatics.
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