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IDSP asks for Relief Aid in Baluchistan

IDSP Pakistan sends out an urgent appeal asking for help and assistance for the disaster stricken people of Baluchistan where hundreds are feared dead and thousands left homeless. its almost like a deja vu of the earthquake in 2005.

The email sent across a wide number of networks is attached, if anyone can help then please contact Ghulam Rabani (Mobile 0343-8000181) the appointed point man for the IDSP Baluchistan relief effort
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FAST Relief – urges for Immediate help in Baluchistan

The early morning of 29th October marks yet another tragedy in Pakistan mainly in the vicinity of Zairat, Baluchistan where a masive earthquake of 6.2 intensity shook the earth. The death count after approximately 24 hours stands roughly around 175 dead while there are thousands injured. A large number of relief agencies have rushed to the area to help in the relief.

FAST University in Karachi quickly came into action to setup a FAST Relief program urging volunteers to quickly collect the following items
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Poem: Balochistan

Guest blog by Asim


I am beyond those limitations
Of suffering and indifference
Years of neglect, and its toll
The divine gifts and its effect
All in presence, all to witness

The land is barren and dry
Full of life, are humans , carries
The message and its formation
All there to be seen, to witness
Through years of neglect

In me, marks of civilization
Remain in me, the natural reservoirs
Carry they with me with pride
The people of my land
Carry they with me hate
The rulers of this land,
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Margalla Towers tragedy – Builder being compensated

We all must vividly recall the tragedy that struck Pakistan three years back on October 8th 2005 when a massive earthquake shook the life out of Pakistan. Images flashed across our screens moments later of devastation with hundreds dead and thousands injured, in those panic stricken days many visuals flashed across our screens but the collapsed towers of Margalla apartments probably shook the world more so, as this tragedy was attributed not entirely to the earthquake but instead claimed 72 previous lives as the builder deliberately had used faulty material in its construction

After struggling for over two years the family members of the 72 victims of the Margalla Towers were able to move the motion in the Supreme Court whereby the then Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammed Chaudhry ordered the CDA and the original builder to compensate the victims, this order was given whilst the criminal proceedings still lingered on. Surprisingly on September 11th 2008 a month back the new Chief Justice of Pakistan Abdul Hameed Dogar ordered the CDA, without taking into consultation the victims and their families, to finally release the controversial land back into the hands of the original builder

In all honesty this seems to be a very suspicious move, firstly its being done without taking into consideration the pending criminal case outstanding against the builder for this heinous crime, whilst more importantly this decision allows the builder to run scott free as the property and wealth can be immediately liquidated and hence forth the builder can then conveniently drag the case as long as he wants as then he will not be pressed for any financial concern.

Might I dare say this is just another prime example of injustice we can hope to get from such an ‘influenced’ system. I share with you the email sent by the family members of the victims of Margalla Towers including the order published by the Dogar court, though I also remain open to a better understanding of what this order entails and its ultimate impact in providing justice to the few victims that perished on 8th October 2005
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