IDSP asks for Relief Aid in Baluchistan

IDSP Pakistan sends out an urgent appeal asking for help and assistance for the disaster stricken people of Baluchistan where hundreds are feared dead and thousands left homeless. its almost like a deja vu of the earthquake in 2005.

The email sent across a wide number of networks is attached, if anyone can help then please contact Ghulam Rabani (Mobile 0343-8000181) the appointed point man for the IDSP Baluchistan relief effort

A powerful earthquake has hit Northern areas of Balochistan at 5:15 this morning. The reports are still coming from the devastated areas of Ziarat, Pishin and adjoining districts. The very initial estimates of deaths is around 200 and 10,000 people being displaced/ homeless. Due to restricted mobility and communication channels, God forbid the casualties could be higher!

The winter in Baluchistan has set-in. The earthquake prone areas under extream cold weather and people need immediate support. IDSP’s assessment teams have moved to the areas and we are constantly coordinating with other organizations which are active in the area.

The people desperately need tents, blankets, medicine, food, water & other necessities of daily life. Relief Operation, Reconstruction and Rehabilitation will definitely take time & money.

Your contributions can make a lot of difference. Please come forward & help for the welfare of humanity. Our little help can reduce the miseries of these affected people.

Waiting for your support in-kind or cash!

Contact Person: Ghulam Rabani (Mobile 0343-8000181)

Dr. Quratulain Bakhteari

7-A Al Mashriq Street, Arbab Karam Khan Road Quetta, Pakistan
Ph#. 92-81-2471776, 2470243
Fax#. 92-81-2447285,pk



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2 responses to “IDSP asks for Relief Aid in Baluchistan”

  1. guYasir Avatar

    This is the God-gift to AZ on his presidency. He announce 50 thousands each for injured which is meager amount for their forun tours millions of dollar they do spend and public only get meager 50thns to 1 lack only.

  2. Nadeem James Avatar

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    We can send our two staff members to work with your organization voluntarily.