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Op-Ed: Flogging my Sentiments

My first Op-Ed for Express Tribune Flogging my Sentiments has been published in the Saturdays The Express Tribune, talking about the ever controversial flogging video which has already been extensively debated on my blog running into a very heated debate. In the Op-ed I again take a swing accusing the Pakistan Army and our covert agencies to have leveraged this video to swing the nations sentiment allowing them a more free hand in waging the war in our northern areas of Pakistan > Flogging my Sentiments on Express Tribune

Women to Reclaim Public Spaces – A Seminar by WAF

A Programme of Defiance & Resistance

by the Womens Action Forum

Karachi Press Club
8th May, 2009, 5:30 – 7:30pm

Womens Action Forums invites you to a programme highlighting the implications of Talibanisation for women, artists, and minorities in particular, and to our country in general. The Talibans have created terror through slaughtering of people, bomb blasts, kidnappings, and destruction of properties which has led to severe restrictions on women, and displacements of thousands of people from their homes. It seems their militancy has encouraged some men and women in some urban centers of Pakistan to admonish and threaten women on their mode of dress and their presence in public places. This is a deliberate strategy to purge public spaces of women’s presence.
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ABC: Torture Tape implicates UAE Sheikh

I seriously don’t know how to react, on one hand we here in Pakistan are fighting a battle against the illiterate Talibans who continue on their rampage of brutality releasing video after video of flogging, beheadings and even suicide bombings, but it shocks me to watch the ‘educated’ stoop exactly to the same level, now the question is who do you stop? Educate the uneducated or uneducate the educated

Sheikh Issa bin Zayed al Nahyan, brother of the UAE’s crown prince, Sheikh Mohammed al Nahyan, has been caught on camera by ABC News where a UAE policeman assists the Sheikh in tying the victim’s arms and legs, later holding him down as the Sheikh pours salt on the man’s wounds, subsequently the Sheikh shoots at the victim and then later drives over him with his Mercedes SUV.
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You Asked for it Col. Harish Puri!

This is in reference to the article of Colonel Harish Puri – “An Open Letter to Gen Kayani

india-pakistan1A majority of Indian authors including this Col (R) Harish Puri, are always keen to convey their loaded messages from across the border with laden sarcasm. Indian writers have a convincing way to convey the message in a very subtle manner which appeals to the sensibilities of the liberal class and pro-Indian segment in Pakistan and hence cook stories quite well to defame Pakistan internationally.

Even here how tactfully he incited the sentiments of people of Bangladesh by blaming that Bengalis were never considered as Pakistanis and he makes a fake story of how Pak army had inflicted immense atrocities on the Bengalis without any remorse or inhibitions. Pardon me… but what happened in 71 is a published and established fact now. What was done by the Indian army is revealed to the world… Even the best army under best General would not have done any better at that time. The catastrophe was a foregone conclusion since it was an international conspiracy to detach East Pakistan from the rest of Pakistan.
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HUMOR: Job Vacancies in Swat

Guest Blog by Islamabad Observer

Emirate of Ameerul Momeneen
Sufi Muhammad, Khalifah-i-Awal, Sawat



pakistan-swat-talibanEmirate was founded and funded in September 2004 by various international intelligence agencies in Sawat and is recently recognized by National Assembly of Pakistan. Our group takes pride in our tradition of successfully delivering numerous projects of Suicide Bombing, School Demolitions, Public Flogging, Closure of Barber and Video Shops, Truck Bomb Attacks, Military Encounters and Gorilla Warfare.

We have a deep understanding of Terrorism industry dynamics, coupled with solid experience in applying emerging technologies like FM Radio, Wireless Communication and IED’s . Anchored on the premise of delivering practical, yet economical Terrorism solutions, our dedicated team of experienced Terrorists ensures that foreign interest are protected at all costs.

Our dynamic team consists of experienced professionals with extensive experience across multiple terrorism techniques. We are committed to helping our foreign clients solve strategic challenges and create opportunities to drive desired goals through Terrorism technology. We are proud to be strategic partners of USA, India, Saudi Arabia and several international intelligence agencies, and will continue to seek value added partnerships in our endeavor to sharpen our Terrorism focus.
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View from the other side – An open letter to Gen Kayani

Pakistan Chief of Army Staff - General Ashfaq KiyaniThis article appeared in The News yesterday 14th April 2009, a letter from an Indian Colonel to Pakistans COAS General Kiyani, it raises some very valid questions but more importantly the mere fact that the Signal Corps of the Pakistan Army cannot locate the broadcast center of Mullah Umar’s weekly radio transmission, broadcasted on a fixed FM frequency at a well established time. The mere fact that the Pakistan Army allows this broadcast to occur may make us believe that the Pakistan Army has deliberately allowed this insurgency to prosper.

by Col (r) Harish Puri
Published in The News: Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Dear Gen Kayani,

Sir, let me begin by recounting that old army quip that did the rounds in the immediate aftermath of World war II: To guarantee victory, an army should ideally have German generals, British officers, Indian soldiers, American equipment and Italian enemies.
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