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McCain’s ‘failed state’ reference, challenged by ex-US Ambassador to Pakistan

The US Presidential debates are still over a month away, but the campaign frenzy is nearing its climax and mud slinging has slowly started to peak. The numerous comments made during last weeks Presidential debates are still being carefully analyzed with a magnifying glass and their subsequent meanings deciphered endlessly. As we may recall Pakistan was a hot topic in the discussion last Friday, due to its strategic importance on the war on terror, today an email report has surfaced where an ex-US Ambassador to Pakistan challenged McCain’s reference to Pakistan being a failed state in 1999 [I’m glad somebody stood up for us!! ]

During the debate if we may recall, McCain referred to Pakistan as a failed state in 1999 when President Musharraf came into power via a military coop, McCain in turn accused Obama to have not understood the problem in Pakistan and blamed him for an unrealistic plan of action. But in an interesting move William Milan the US Ambassador to Pakistan at the time of the coup, has categorically come forth to say that it’s McCain who doesn’t understand.

Matthew Yglesias asked Ambassador Milam about this issue and his response was
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Zardari’s disappearance from New York Iftar: Found at Geisha Restaurant

OscarTango, a blog managed by Irshad Saleem from New Jersey has reported some juicy news about Asif Ali Zardari’s sudden disappearance from the Pakistan Embassies Iftar party last Friday in New York city. The President arrived at the event which was hosted by our US Ambassador Hussain Haqqani and on his arrival the President went around a couple of tables shaking hands and chit chatting with the guests, but then suddenly to the surprise of all guests he simply disappeared from the event. Some attributed this unannounced disappearance due to a turf war between Hussain Haqqani, the host and Hussain Haroon the ‘uninvited’ Pakistans’ UN ambassador. Some even speculated that Asif Ali Zardari had an urgent meeting whilst the official statement given to the guests was

Guests were officially told that the president had left because he had been overwhelmed by the emotional welcome he had received by the audience and was almost choking

The expensive dinner left a bad taste and many of the invited guest simply left in utter confusion as to not having had the opportunity to meet the Honorable President.

OscarTango has yet another twist, true or not, but definitely worth looking into.
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