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Zardari’s disappearance from New York Iftar: Found at Geisha Restaurant

OscarTango, a blog managed by Irshad Saleem from New Jersey has reported some juicy news about Asif Ali Zardari’s sudden disappearance from the Pakistan Embassies Iftar party last Friday in New York city. The President arrived at the event which was hosted by our US Ambassador Hussain Haqqani and on his arrival the President went around a couple of tables shaking hands and chit chatting with the guests, but then suddenly to the surprise of all guests he simply disappeared from the event. Some attributed this unannounced disappearance due to a turf war between Hussain Haqqani, the host and Hussain Haroon the ‘uninvited’ Pakistans’ UN ambassador. Some even speculated that Asif Ali Zardari had an urgent meeting whilst the official statement given to the guests was

Guests were officially told that the president had left because he had been overwhelmed by the emotional welcome he had received by the audience and was almost choking

The expensive dinner left a bad taste and many of the invited guest simply left in utter confusion as to not having had the opportunity to meet the Honorable President.

OscarTango has yet another twist, true or not, but definitely worth looking into.

The president left the Iftar party as swiftly as he had come, in order to rush to his favorite bar-cum-restaurant he had frequented while living in Manhattan during exile.

Some Pakistani scribes scrambled the Geisha and were shocked to see the President there. Zardari spent his next four hours partying in a private room there hosted ostensibly by the Turkish Ambassador to the United Nations, according to a reliable source. Only five persons were seen at the party. Mr Zardari’s many female acquaintances were seen gushing over him, according to the source.

Geisha is close to Bhutto’s (now Zardari’s) Mission Avenue two-bedroom million-dollar condominium located in the heart of the New York City where he lived convalescing from heart attack and spinal injury as he waited for lady luck to smile again. In the meanwhile he underwent therapy at Mt Sinai hospital.

So the plot thickens, New York visit seems to continue to become a media nightmare for our new President.


  • LAVA |

    He should be disappear like his better-half who’s being disappeared 4ever from dis world.
    Maestro, you should bring some hot news about whether Zardari hand was involved in his wife murder or not.
    I guess he was fully aware of his wife murder and he let it happen same as 9/11 accident, Bush administration was fully aware of that attacked and they let it happened, Mastermind of dis cabal was Dick Cheney aka Neocons.
    Dick Cheney being said on the eve of new century00 that we need another ‘pearl harbor’ in order to go for wars in the lust for Greater Israel.

  • Faisal.k |

    Jab turkish ambassador party kar sakte hain tu don zardari attend kyun nai kar sakte….single hain hamare don

  • LAVA |

    Happy Eid to all my fellow citizens local and abroad
    On dis graceful day. I just wanna say that Islamic Institutions is being infiltrated by English-Cracy/Crazy aka Plutocracy.
    The Rothschild is the world most powerful plutocrat and He’s actually behind the US government since great depression.

    Leaders like George W. Bush, McCain and Obama are psycho political agents. Their job is to lie and manipulate, i.e. brainwash us. Their masters are a Satan worshipping cabal headed by Jacob Rothschild headquartered in the City of London. They literally own the mass media; what they don’t own they control through advertising.
    You cannot make a deal with the devil. His enticements are only designed to weaken. His intention is to enslave and destroy Mankind.
    We are brainwashed. Will we awake before it is too late? Are we already too craven and venal to act???

  • freedom |

    Rumors are solid news in blogging world, now?

    Anything to sell the blog?

    Teeth is becoming more like Geo news.

  • Radhia |

    ‘overwhelmed by the emotional welcome and was almost choking’ ?
    WAT CRAP! cudnt they come up with something better!!

  • Shah |

    Dear Freedom
    Why it sounds like Geo????
    It is quite normal to be interested in President of Pakistan.
    Perhaps he should try to get rid of bad habbits .
    Why he thought attending Turkish Treat is more important than the Pakistani Party.
    He should have looked for alternatives.Or maybe he is too posh some god from Top of The POPS chart
    Well who voted for him………….BEAR THE CONSEQUENCES

  • Shah |

    The name Geisha is so well suited to Mr.Zardari.
    I think Geisha is a name in Chinese for escort service girls!!!!!!!!
    But I sure do believe it was a mistake ?????????Mr.Zardari and Turkish didnot know the sensitivity of the name of the venue or was it seriously intended?
    Mr.Zardari Team wake up or you would be lost covering the tracks.

  • Amir |

    Dawaat hee thee, koee Quran aur Hadith thoree thaa jo ignore nahee kee jasaktee

    Rehman Malik: Asif Zardari avoided the party to save the leadership

    Zardari: Shaheed Mohtarma kai bachey kee khwahish pooree karee hai main ney..

    PPP(laz): Establishment Zardari kai peechey paree hoee hai.

    Awam: Lagey raho

  • proudpaki |

    F OFF Tazeen, he’s single mean he can pop in your house anytime and …………..!!!! you know what I mean?

  • Azmat |

    YES, he’s single, but he is also the PRESIDENT of PAKISTAN. If he’s capable of maneuvering to get the post, he should understand the restrictions and limitations and responsibilities that go with it. He can’t trance around in bars and discos on official time and YES, all 24 hours of a President, unless on LEAVE, is OFFICIAL time.

  • Ather Zaidi |

    Zardari is a criminal, a waste of space and a disgrace for all Pakistanis worldwide….if our politicians are all fucking thugs zardari is there rightful king…..Madam Bhutto taught Zardari and her children that Democracy is the best revenge…what the fuck is that….you mean too say you wanna avenge, settle scores, vandetta with the people of Pakistan…who are you taking revenge from…..fucking lying theives and thugs….the devil himself would be ashamed of these evil selfish and criminal motherfuckers….stop fucking Pakistan….leave it alone…leave the people alone….

  • ali imran khan |

    Such a cheapster. This is a proud moment for every pakistani because all of us are much more educated than the president of pakistan which is asif ali zardari. I wish he leave the country and this designation extremely soon.

  • abu baba |

    The Pakistani nation could not recognize Zardari in last 20 plus years. So whatever he is doing to the country is what the nation deserves. As far as the murder of BB is concerned, it is beyond doubt the act of Zardari. The only witness to this murder was Bilawal house security chief namely Shahnshah. He was eliminated later on, putting the blame on MQM. Babar Awan was also involved, he did not sit in the same car with BB, making an excuse of bad throat.