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12 Cartons of Zardari’s Swiss Case Evidence goes missing

12 cartons zardariThings are definitely heating up for Asif Ali Zardari, with the NRO effectively being contested by a full bench of the Supreme Court of Pakistan, it seems panic has started to prevail in the Presidency and disaster managemnt has begun. A few days back Geo Tv was tipped off on a developing story in Switzerland where the Pakistan UK High Commisioner Wajid Shamsul Hasan specially flew to Geneva to meet the lawyer prosecuting Asif Ali Zardari‘s Swiss cases in an attempt to confiscate all the evidence present there.  It must be recalled that it were the infamous Swiss cases where Mr. Zardari as being tried for charges of money laundering to the tune of $60 Mln,  the charges were dropped after the Pakistani govt aka Pervaiz Musharraf choose not to pursue the case in a deal validated under the NRO with Benazir Bhutto in October 2007.  The evidence present in the lawyers office was hence effectively lethal for Asif Zardari if the Supreme Court nulls and voids the NRO Ordinance.

Geo News reporter apparently siad that the lawyer resisted and refused to hand over the evidence unless someone from the local Pakistani High Commission does not categorically recieves the evidence. In two hours a staff member arrives and all the evidene is carefully loaded in a black  SUV.
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Pakistan Army kicks out Rehman Malik from GHQ

rehman-malikIts a little old news but I still feel the needed to register my appreciation for the Pakistan Army when on Wednesday they refused entry / expelled / kicked out Mr. No-good Rehman Malik as he went to attend ‘a ceremony’ at the GHQ to pay homage to the army personnel who died during the siege on earlier in the week.

It was also reported in the news that initially the Minister was planning to do a grandiose press conference at the memorial, most probably to gain political mileage out of this tragedy, they proceeded to invite the press for ‘unveiling a plaque bearing the names of the slain military personnel’. But when his team got no response from the Army and the GHQ they were forced to call off the press conference and the plaque unveiling. Leaving Mr. Malik alone, twirling his thumbs ‘without protocol’ while he laid a wreath on the memorial and within three minutes he was whisked away back to the capital
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FIA ‘might’ have instructions to get Anti-Zardari campaigners

Ahmed Quraishi a pro-Musharraf campaigner has recently published a report where he claims that the FIA might have been instructed to get hold of people making fun of our President Mr. Asif Ali Zardari

Ahmed Qureshi.com President Asif Ali Zardari has given instructions to FIA to hunt down Pakistanis writing jokes about him. The FIA has already begun its witch-hunt searching the Internet for the ‘criminals’. Prime Minister Gilani wants no newspaper to write anything about him without checking first with his press secretary. A ‘dictator’ like Musharraf never did any of this. This is the fake democratic leadership of our country where the President is busy with the jokes on him when the country is facing hostile action from Zardari’s own allies in Washington

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Zardari’s disappearance from New York Iftar: Found at Geisha Restaurant

OscarTango, a blog managed by Irshad Saleem from New Jersey has reported some juicy news about Asif Ali Zardari’s sudden disappearance from the Pakistan Embassies Iftar party last Friday in New York city. The President arrived at the event which was hosted by our US Ambassador Hussain Haqqani and on his arrival the President went around a couple of tables shaking hands and chit chatting with the guests, but then suddenly to the surprise of all guests he simply disappeared from the event. Some attributed this unannounced disappearance due to a turf war between Hussain Haqqani, the host and Hussain Haroon the ‘uninvited’ Pakistans’ UN ambassador. Some even speculated that Asif Ali Zardari had an urgent meeting whilst the official statement given to the guests was

Guests were officially told that the president had left because he had been overwhelmed by the emotional welcome he had received by the audience and was almost choking

The expensive dinner left a bad taste and many of the invited guest simply left in utter confusion as to not having had the opportunity to meet the Honorable President.

OscarTango has yet another twist, true or not, but definitely worth looking into.
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