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FIA ‘might’ have instructions to get Anti-Zardari campaigners

Ahmed Quraishi a pro-Musharraf campaigner has recently published a report where he claims that the FIA might have been instructed to get hold of people making fun of our President Mr. Asif Ali Zardari

Ahmed Qureshi.com President Asif Ali Zardari has given instructions to FIA to hunt down Pakistanis writing jokes about him. The FIA has already begun its witch-hunt searching the Internet for the ‘criminals’. Prime Minister Gilani wants no newspaper to write anything about him without checking first with his press secretary. A ‘dictator’ like Musharraf never did any of this. This is the fake democratic leadership of our country where the President is busy with the jokes on him when the country is facing hostile action from Zardari’s own allies in Washington

Reproducing the report Pakistan First pokes yet again

Pakistan First: I would like to request, rather beg you to please leave us a little of your creative mind (that is a joke) in the comments. The best comment will be giving a Reward!! Ahmed wrote the first one!

The banner that appeared outside Nandos Clifton is probably another attempt to rehash the Zardari-Palin encounter might I suspect, in light of the recent report, could the heat come down upon the Nando’s marketing team but thats probably not the end since I could dare venture to suspect that the heat will also come knocking on some bloggers as well for the God/Gaad controversy and the Geisha report, let the numerous posts that extensively analyzed the Sarah Palin rendezvous a few days back. Seemingly Musharraf had a sense of humor to tolerate the rants

Though the FIA is technically the force entrusted with ensuring implementation of the ‘lapsed’ cyber-crime ordinance but there is no doubt in my mind that the technical resources are fully deployed since long. This report which has first appeared by Ahmed Qureshi, I still await to hear confirmations from other sources if this is actually true with specific instructions to the FIA.


  • guYasir |

    Maestro, you should be fearful of dis investigation of FIA order by Zaradari. you at least wrote 4 to 5 blogs about Palin and Zardari HUG in which i gave comment to leave palin and zardari case. it was enuff read below;
    Pakistan is a failed-state because of Kleptocracy which exercise under the guise of democracy.
    Zardari is a biggest kleptocrat of Pakistan history as everyone know about his corruption cases yet Mr 10% turns Mr 100% under the guise of democracy.
    Benazir Bhutto was a kleptocrat in a hermes scarf
    By Jemima Khan

  • ReallyVirtual |

    Oh you are SO in trouble! Better put a “I SUPPORT Zardari” pic here too. If we don’t see new posts from you, we’ll know where to find you.

  • Irtiza |

    The more important think we have to note down is that the indian media & the indian agent Asma Jehangir are always like this…demoralizing the Pakistani Nation….

  • Hilal |

    Shame on him. Benazir’s body is till warm in the grave, and he is going around flirting. Doesn’t FIA have more important things to do than chase after people creating jokes, just trying to have some fun? What has become of Pakistan?

  • Amir |


    How do you know BB’s body is still warm in the grave? What if he had been flirting while BB was still alive?

    BB married this thug out of her obedience to her mother.

  • YetAnother |

    People like Zardari fear Media more than they fear Allah. Just like Musharraf, instead of seeking support from Allah he sought support from the enemies of Allah and what happened to him? his own support dumped him. LOOSER!!.

  • Silence |


    Ahmad Qureshi is the source of campaign against Zardari alongwith Zahid Hamid, both getting a bite from billions of $ stolen by Musharraff and working on behalf of Bilal Musharraff from New York.

    Zardari also knows that and I dont think he is stupid enough to touch any legtimate Bloggers…….if he do so, I will take responsibility for “Gaad” issue on your and mine blogs….lol….calm down boy.

  • Teeth Maestro |

    @Silence – LOL no worries – had I been worried about such issues then I might have actually quit blogging quite sometime back – May 12 / Martial Law etc etc – I think this is just scare tactics.

    But what should worry us is that these thugs are unreliable, that said Musharraf did not do well either when he imprisoned Judges and Lawyers – so if the FIA does take such measures – the wrath will actually come falling down upon the Govt far more quicker then before.

    LOL – BTW I must admit the English Cracy post still happens to be my favorite and to top it off my Eid Greetings Message to all my friends was

    “A Happy Eid Mubarak & an honest prayer

    “May GAAD give us STRENT to save Pakistan FROM Asif Ali Zardari”

    The 1st time he spoke the truth – God Help Us”

    So once they start the witch hunt – its gonna be fun as that message was seen making its ways across town 😉

    As they say PARTY ON HAI

  • FizDosani |

    i am after Shock after sighting of a dedicated banner in favor of Barrack Obama at your blog.

    Obama said in a speech last week that as president he would order military action against terrorists in Pakistan’s tribal region bordering Afghanistan.

    Gud going. we are welcoming others to do Bombing at our nation!

  • FizDosani |

    yes he is warming Terrorist in Pakistan.
    Let me clarify definition of terrorist for american rascals!

    – a Women wearing Hijaab!
    – a child offering prayer
    – a muslim man with beard

    Pakistan may be a danger state why India don’t as they also have Hindu Bomb / Atom Bomb if we have islamic in opinion of Idiot Americans.
    for me InshALLAH once again Pakistan cause to destabilize another super Power like Russia in past.

  • yaseen ch |

    well, FIA else FIA has done before that we fear FIA. these are people who just know money they have nothing of their own.

  • godaddy |

    FIA cyber wing directed to investigate fictitious emails and sms against politicians

    ISLAMABAD, Sept 27 (APP): Interior Advisor Mr Rehman Malik has directed the cyber wing of the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) to trace out the originators of fictitious e-mails and SMS, sent to the people. Fictitious e-mails and sms, transmitted to the people are aimed at launching vilification campaign for the character assassination of the politicians and senior leaders.

    It may mentioned here that people are receiving fake emails and sms as a part of sinister move against the politicians which is meant to mislead them and impair the credibility and struggle of the political parties for resurgence of democratic norms in the country.

    The directive given by the Interior Advisor to the investigation agency will help initiate immediate action against the culprits, indulged in the smear campaign against the political leadership of the country.


  • ReallyVirtual |

    The link says:

    You are not authorised to view this resource.
    You need to login.

    and I don’t see any option to register there…

    ‘character assassination’ is such a funny phrase though…

  • ms.shah |

    Mr.Zardari and FIA
    Both of them know they cannot survive without people behind them.
    Good if FIA is reading the blogs.We are enlightening them.
    Civil service is a boring job.
    Zardari should be thank ful to people like us .We are not criticising him for the sake of critisism.
    He should listen to these voices.
    These voices if silent will harbour a bigger revenge Democracy.
    Our vote is our right,let us see if he wins it or loose it.

  • ms.shah |

    Mr.Qureshi blog
    If i have learnt anything from Martial Law that is never abandon a thinking soul.
    He maybe pro-Musharaf but he has not said anything against
    Pakistan.I do not see why he should be harassed .
    Belonging to a party is not a sin it is our right.
    We must support people and writers ,democracy starts from freedom of speach.
    It is upto Zardari to allow people to express themselves and encourage debate so that steam is out or let this steam building up into something bigger than a mole hill.

  • FizDosani |

    Pakistan Post has officially launched a new Rs. 100 stamp for our new president.if FIA please arrest Top Management of Pak Post. beacuse they are providing opportunity to express us our anger.

    People of Pakistan are confused which side on the stamp to spit on!!!!

    i have choosen my way.. now its your turn

  • Khalid M |

    Thanks for remembering me in your post TM! If you recall, this should be the 3rd time that the new President has taken offense to people talking about him. The first time was during the Presidential election when he banned any discussion about his character and previous convictions. The second time was when the media was instructed to stop interviewing and broadcasting the “extremist” message (which I do agree with). And if true, this would be number 3.

    I can only say that Sherry Rehman must be wondering what she was talking about when she said that the media would be independent and free under the Gilani regime. Guess she didn’t include the Kardari one!

  • shobz |

    ah well if u go to the big house then az will look like a big fool who has an overinflated ego. i think we are in for a very long and bumpy ride. now if only we were grateful for what we had. who were we fooling anyway when we all wanted to get rid of musshy? we simply jumped from the frying pan into the fire.

  • Farhan |

    if this technology ill-literate government uses technology to get raid on bloggers, I must say, this would be proved as probably the worst thing a democratic government can ever do. It would be worst then dictatorship. I mean how can you restrict the freedom of speech in a so called democratic government?

    And for discussion sake, if they stop Pakistani bloggers, can they stop international bloggers to write against them?

    And Dr. saab nothing to worry about, dont forget you are president of Bloggers movement 😉

  • ms.shah |

    Well Mr.Zardari has the oppertunity to build soemthing for his son Mr.Bilawal.
    Mr.Bilawal apart from inheriting intelligence and fearlessness of Benazir does inherit the leagacy of PPP.His grand father,uncles and mother has laid the blood for the foundations of this party .
    I wish Mr.Bilawal to have roses from this bed of thorns.
    Let us see what he will inherit from Mr.Zardari.
    Would tomorrow Mr.Bilawal will stand proud and tall because of Bhuttos or because of Zardari……
    We have to see what marks Mr.Zardari leaves for his son.
    Remember it is not Mr.Zardari’s rule alone he is building something for his son.It must be something beautiful.
    Would Mr.Zardari win the love of nation for his son or a controvercy ??????Only time will tell?

  • Salman Pindi Wala |

    🙂 Not directly related, but interesting….courtesy Ahmed Quraishi.com

    ……..“Just imagine Sarah Palin divorces her current husband and marries Asif Zardari.

    Then Palin becomes Vice President of USA.

    Then Zardari kills Palin, changes the Will which henceforth says, ‘Zardari will become the President of USA if I die.’

    And eventually Zardari becomes President of USA six months after Palin’s death.

    Bilawal ends up changing his name to Bilawal Palin-Zardari.”

  • Shah |

    No I am not sarcastic.I am serious.PPP is under the leadership of Zardaris not of Bhutto clan any more.I am watching carefully what happens .
    If you look at PPP you will find Bhutto laid foundations for Bhutto Dynasty.Benazir was supposed to be Foreign Minister in that Dynasty & probably later on his son would be Prime Minister .Like Nehru had a vision for Indira.
    If you read Daughter of the East Benazir clearly states,this marriage was a social contract in which it was made clear that Zardari would have nothing to do with Party chairmanship.
    Benazir was securing the place for her brother.
    PPP belongs to Bhuttos or it will die.Workers have accepted Zaradri because he is care taker until Bilawal is ready.
    Yes dear ! he is building for his son.
    For Zulfiqar Junior and Fatimah Bhutto they are keeping a low profile.That is excellent finally Bhuttos have learnt patiance.I wish if they learn manipulation instead of direct confrontation as well.
    Excellent scenario for PPP is that Bilawal and Zulfiqar work together .
    We do not know anything about Zardari as a person leaving aside corruption etc. I am keen to see How Mr.Zardari shapes future of his son and ensures the safety of Zulfiqar Junior and Bilawal.
    If anything I do not want to see any more conspiracy and murders be it Zia,be it Bhutto.
    I do not want my country and my people to be robbed of the leadership.If we have to reject them ,we will do it .No one else should take this right away from us.

  • Shah |

    Hi Salman
    It can be the other way round ,Pallin lives in Pakistan she becomes the President.After all she has Holy sprinkling of blessing from Washington.She can be a sister to Talibaan than it would be easier foreign policy for her .
    She can say ,yes my brother Taliban ,I get up in the morning and see smoke from Afghanistan mountains.I know they are cooking something.
    And yes Honey I will be taking some lessons in firing Missiles in all directions.Thats what we Americans want ,Right.

  • Shah |

    In my comments I often use the salutation,My dear it is nothing more than a Dear Reader.
    Please ignore this as a part of my writing style.

  • KarimG |

    This whole business of Zardari-Palin nonsense that commentators here have been wasting their time on is not worth printing in the lowest of the low tabloid. However, what is interesting for me is some of the comments about PPP/Zardari issue. I can’t get over the fact that in this day and age, supposedly in a democratic party this concept of ‘heir to the crown’ exists. It is indicative of the core problem of the sort of pseudo-democracy that has been imposed by the Pakistani political/industrial/land owning families. The fact that most seem to have accepted that a political party once established by a politician that finds some traction in population can only be run by his children, like a family business is totally contrary to democratic standards and values and it is just another form of wadera system. We must reject this system and demand open and transparent elections within the political parties that we support. This is the first step towards achieving a real democracy.

  • Shah |

    Hi Karim
    Agreed with you 100%.I have written the above because we cannot ignore the fact that people in Pakistan support PPP.
    PPP is a Feudal party based on Democratic slogans.

  • Nadcracker |

    Finally! Someone who actually has brains to see the obvious!

    KarimG, I cannot agree more… you have summed up our nation’s mentality BEA-U-TIFULLY!!!! I salute you for writing down what people (I don’t know why) fail to see.

    My enthusiasm may seem like sarcasm but it’s anything but that… I’m just overjoyed to see someone putting the sad-but-true reality so eloquently.

    I just have one question (I hope you have some viable response)… how can we change this mentality? Because is we can, that in itself would be no less than a revolution.

  • Nish |

    FIA havenot any other work. Or Zardari become president for doing this foolish works.