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Jasmin Manzoor Quits SAMAA TV – Blames Builders Mafia

Jasmin Manzoor quits SAMAA TV – blaming the Builders Mafia for preventing her from doing a show on the Hindu community by challenging with a stay order but she also goes on to allege that Ameen Lakhani sent thugs to her office and threatening her office staff.

Express Tribune reports on the Hindu Temple debate and the SHC Stay order that Jasmin is referring to

Builder Ameen Lakhani, his partner, Muhammad Shoaib, and a man who claimed to be the owner of the plot, Ismail Gora, went to the Sindh High Court (SHC) on Wednesday. Ismail claimed that he possesses documents that confirm his ownership of the disputed property on plot no. 39 in Dolly Khatta neighbourhood.

According to Ismail, Ram Chander, Jay Prakash and Panchoo Shankar, who claimed to be poojari and shewadris of the temple, have encroached upon his land on the pretext of the temple and are blackmailing the petitioners and the administration, including the police. He said that these men misled the Hindu community and the rest of the residents in the name of religion and took over 100 square yards of his property

With a definite land dispute why does a builder need to threaten a journalist – for which I fully condemn this act and stand with Jasmin – I hope we get to the bottom of this mess quickly

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