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Jasmin Manzoor Quits SAMAA TV – Blames Builders Mafia

Jasmin Manzoor quits SAMAA TV – blaming the Builders Mafia for preventing her from doing a show on the Hindu community by challenging with a stay order but she also goes on to allege that Ameen Lakhani sent thugs to her office and threatening her office staff.

Express Tribune reports on the Hindu Temple debate and the SHC Stay order that Jasmin is referring to

Builder Ameen Lakhani, his partner, Muhammad Shoaib, and a man who claimed to be the owner of the plot, Ismail Gora, went to the Sindh High Court (SHC) on Wednesday. Ismail claimed that he possesses documents that confirm his ownership of the disputed property on plot no. 39 in Dolly Khatta neighbourhood.

According to Ismail, Ram Chander, Jay Prakash and Panchoo Shankar, who claimed to be poojari and shewadris of the temple, have encroached upon his land on the pretext of the temple and are blackmailing the petitioners and the administration, including the police. He said that these men misled the Hindu community and the rest of the residents in the name of religion and took over 100 square yards of his property

With a definite land dispute why does a builder need to threaten a journalist – for which I fully condemn this act and stand with Jasmin – I hope we get to the bottom of this mess quickly

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  • Attack |

    Aamir Liaquat Husain @AamirLiaquat
    You did not loose anything Jasmeen, infact you have proved that how to fight for right..I am with you.. http://www.aamirliaquat.com
    Famous Current Affair Program "Tonight with Jasmeen"'s Anchor and host Jasmeen Manzoor resigned from Samaa Tv. She stated in her tweets that …..

    Dear Friends
    Just to let you know personally I have resigned from Samaa ! God bless you all. No other channel ! I raised my voice for the hindu community but my show has been stopped from airing by Pemra and builders mafia !
    Builders Mafia wins I loose !. Power of mr ameen Lakhani wow ! Now I know who controls pemra media and fauj
    Amin lahkani sent his men to my office threatened my staff put pressure of me but when I refused he threatened the channel !
    Could not fight the builder mafia am sorry friends no one wants to see the truth thank you for kind wishes ! Am not surprised that neither of the political parties have condemned the Mafia s act ! So much for democracy where is mqm ppp and anp now ?. The show was stopped from airing today on samaa because the builders issued a stay order from court the channel had no choice !. Show will has been stopped by the Court !. Samaa supported me all the way but the builders issued a stay order from high court restraining the show from airing !
    I will fight the system Inshallah you will all see the show soon !I don't know the group some guy called Ameen Lahkani. Saama Channel supported me all the way ! Till we received the HC order at 6 pm.
    Thank you all for your support https://www.facebook.com/aamirliaquathusssainaikp

  • SADAT |

    Jasmeen! i watch ur program dated 22/1/2013. your style, way of talking is very rude. u critisizing to dr. tahir ul qadri. i strongly believe you r tout and you get money from political parties to clownly criticizing on a pHD islamic scolor. APNEY SIR PE TU DOPATTAN NAI AUR DOSRON PE TANQEED KR RAHI HAI. SHARAM KR. APNA LEVEL DEKH. LANAT HO TM PER JASMEEN

    • zafar |

      Sadat you seems real idiot.If you blame the lady of truth.

  • Rehan |

    Just shut up SADAT every one here in Pakistan looks for others first look your self around she was doing the great job, god bless you jasmine, I don't know what I going to be happened to Pakistan in coming years as all the nation is hate each others on the basis of the Sec and language, long live Pakistan.