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Avaaz.org – STOP the bloodshed in Gaza

The bloodshed in Gaza is escalating while diplomats talk — the death toll now stands at over 600 people and rising, almost half of them civilians and over 100 children dead. As Israeli tanks, airplanes and artillery bombard thickly populated urban areas, hitting UN schools yesterday, thousands more have been injured and 1.5 million terrified civilians have no escape from this prison-like enclave — the borders have been sealed. Hamas continues to fight and fire rockets deep into Israel: 11 Israelis have died, including from friendly fire.
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Poem For Barack, Michelle, Sasha, and Melia Obama

barak and michelle
m and i share your concern
for the privacy
and well being
of sasha and melia
may your children
get good education
and medical care
and grow up
balanced individuals
ready to take their place
in the affairs of our world
unlike the children in gaza

let me add briefly
am disappointed
at your silence
you did speak out
as president elect
on other issues
is apartheid,
ethnic cleansing
and loss of civilian lives
not important for you?

Pakistan-Palestine Solidarity Charity Drive – Lahore

Many youngsters from the Pakistan Youth Alliance have started the campaign under the banner of “Pak Palestine Solidarity Movement” they have been holding a Charity drive in Lahore, Their offices are in Defence near Masjid Chowk, and they will be putting up booths at the following places.

  • Friday: 3:00 PM after Jumma Prayers @ Main Market Opposit Jalal Sons.
  • Saturday: 12:00 Noon – 5:00 PM @ Regal Chawk The Mall Near Masjid-e-Shohada.
  • Saturday: 06:00 PM – 11:00 PM @ Main Market Opposite Jalal Sons.

They are looking for Volunteers to man their booths and more importantly Donations, Their Collection will go through Muslim Hands.

You can contact the following for further Information

Direct donations to
Muslim Hands: http://www.muslimhands.org/en/gb/
IFRC: http://www.ifrc.org/

Maryam Kanwar: 0346-5084265 & 0331-5105916 & Ahsan Tariq: 0346-4117787

Israel & Palestine: Force Is Never the Solution

Guest Blog by temporal from Baithak Blog

Taking advantage of the lame duck Presidency of Bush, the deliberate distancing of President Elect there-is-only-one-president Obama, the holidays in the West and the attending low emphasis of politicians, Israeli Air Force launched a devastating attack on Gaza.

Israel is the non NPT signatory Occupier in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank, Golan and East Jerusalem, aided (up to 5 billion a year) and abetted by the West.

President of the Palestinian Authority Mahmood Abbas is perceived as an Palestinian Uncle Tom and he was soundly beaten in the elections by Hamas.
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An Earthquake On Top of Your Head – The Bombing of Gaza

I would like to share this heart touching narration published in Counter Punch by a practising psychologist living in the Gaza City, he has shared his family’s panic stricken reaction as the Israeli fighter jet took target practice around his neighbourbhood killing over 250 people and leaving a trail of over 700 dead

An Earthquake on top of you Head – The Bombing of Gaza by Dr. Eyad Al Serraj

The bombing went on for about 10 minutes. It was like an earthquake on top of your head. The windows were shaking and squeaking. My 10-year-old was terrified, he was jumping from one place to another trying to hide. I held him tight to my chest and tried to give him some security and reassure him. My 12-year-old was panicking and began laughing hysterically, it’s not normal. I held her hand and calmed her and told her she would be safe. My wife was panicking. She was running around the apartment looking for somewhere to hide.
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Massive Israeli airstrike in Gaza kills 225+

Its shocking to read of the new brutal offensive launched yet again by Israel today where they ransacked the Gaza Strip, killing at least 225 people. The western media is for the upteenth time skewing the attack in favor of Israel, listening to the Israeli Foriegn Minister when he quite blatantly justifies the attack as their right to ‘take out their enemies‘ my simple reaction — Cold blodded murderers

Its surprising how Israel enjoys a blanket protection enabling them to get away with blatant human rights violations, even to the extent of preventing UN reporters from accessing Gaza and West Bank, when on 14th December Richard Falk was denied entry into Israel from Tel Aviv airport simple beacause he was going to visit the West Bank and Gaza to report on Israel’s compliance with human rights standards and international humanitarian law. I wonder what they are trying to hide from the International scene…