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Lahore Dentist Kidnapped and Missing in UAE

It has come as a serious shock to hear that Dr. Ayyaz Khan, the Head of Department at Sheikh Zaid Hospital’s Dental Department and a highly respected leader in Community Dentistry with a number of professional research papers to his name, has gone missing for the past few days. He was working as a consultant of Community Dentistry Riphah Islamic International University. Initially there were five doctors were apparently been kidnapped on April 5th in the UAE, two of whom have returned but refuse to say anything about the issue.

Dr. Ayyaz Khan’s family issued a press statement yesterday in Lahore stating the doctors were not involved in any suspicious activity. “Dr Khan’s disappearance has not even been acknowledged by the Government of Pakistan. We appeal to the two governments to provide us information regarding Dr Ayyaz and other dentists as a matter of urgency and facilitate their quick and immediate release. It defies belief that such an eminent teacher and academic could go missing in the UAE under such suspicious circumstances”

The dental community is in an uproar and plans to hold protests in Karachi [at Karachi Press Club PC @ 3:30PM], Lahore [Press Conference to be addressed by Mrs. Ayyaz Khan at Lahore Press Club @ 3:00PM]

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