Lahore Dentist Kidnapped and Missing in UAE

It has come as a serious shock to hear that Dr. Ayyaz Khan, the Head of Department at Sheikh Zaid Hospital’s Dental Department and a highly respected leader in Community Dentistry with a number of professional research papers to his name, has gone missing for the past few days. He was working as a consultant of Community Dentistry Riphah Islamic International University. Initially there were five doctors were apparently been kidnapped on April 5th in the UAE, two of whom have returned but refuse to say anything about the issue.

Dr. Ayyaz Khan’s family issued a press statement yesterday in Lahore stating the doctors were not involved in any suspicious activity. “Dr Khan’s disappearance has not even been acknowledged by the Government of Pakistan. We appeal to the two governments to provide us information regarding Dr Ayyaz and other dentists as a matter of urgency and facilitate their quick and immediate release. It defies belief that such an eminent teacher and academic could go missing in the UAE under such suspicious circumstances”

The dental community is in an uproar and plans to hold protests in Karachi [at Karachi Press Club PC @ 3:30PM], Lahore [Press Conference to be addressed by Mrs. Ayyaz Khan at Lahore Press Club @ 3:00PM]

Facebook Group: Dr. Ayyaz Khan Gone Missing
Google Group: Find Dr. Ayyaz Ali Khan



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8 responses to “Lahore Dentist Kidnapped and Missing in UAE”

  1. Nazia Avatar


    you see as per your notes that

    Initially there were five doctors were apparently been kidnapped on April 5th in the UAE, two of whom have returned but refuse to say anything about the issue.

    Have you thought that why tow returned doctors didn open their mouth.Their are no cases of ransom for kidnapping in UAE so surely they were taken by CIA and UAE intelligence agencies.

    You know something about the level of professionalism of doctors in SZH?

    SZH chains were one of modern network given to Pakistani govt by UAE.Our poor management of top officers again failed this project and now placed it in low level of medical facility.I have serious head on debate with few heads of department of SZHs lahore due to their careless attitude toward patients..

    So I have very bad impression about its senior doctors.Just few months back its administrative was killed on road.He had side business of land deals and during such conflicts on agriculture land ,he was killed and it was said by his family that a notorious police officer was invloved.

    Such kind of trend is common in all department that is why these two doctors were silent after return and govt official know all inner stories so who bother about such kidnapping.

  2. Muhammad Usman Avatar
    Muhammad Usman

    wah…. hum apny heros k sath yahi karty hayan…. Dr. AQ Khan ho yar Dr. Afiya or ab Dr. Ayyaz …. pakistan ko national heros ki zarurat nahi bulky …. harami or rupay k bhooky politicians ki zarurat hy….. Geo Zardari

  3. Dr Rubina Mumtaz Avatar
    Dr Rubina Mumtaz

    Please get your facts right before you publish articles.

    First of all, Dr Ayyaz Ali Khan is the PRINCIPAL of Islamic International Dental Colleges of Riphah International University, NOT a consultant of Community Dentistry of the the same university. His PHD is in Community Dentistry. Secondly he is also the Associate Dean of the Ras Al Khaimah College of Dental Sciences in UAE. RAK Dental college is owned by the same people who own Riphah International University, so his employers for both places are the same group of people. DR Ayyaz Ali Khan was instrumental in getting recognition of RAK dental College from the Ministry of Education, UAE, hence he is the one of founders of this college. His frequent travels to UAE were because of his position in RAK Dental College.

  4. Mehwish Avatar

    Muhammad Usman they were kidnapped in the UAE. Why does everything have to be so political with people?

  5. salman Avatar

    Please Read this news; must, whats the deal?

    What is the "unofficial word" ?

    Pakistani detainees moved to Capital

    DUBAI — Consular access has been denied to the five Pakistani men including Dr Ayyaz Ali Khan, a known dentist and a visiting professor at the RAK College of Dental Sciences, who were taken into custody by authorities in Ras Al Khaimah on April 5. Pakistani officials also say the detained men are expected to be released soon.

    Posted on:4/22/2010

    No police records on missing dentist

    RAS AL KHAIMAH — Dr Ayyaz Ali Khan, a leading Pakistani dentist who went missing in Ras Al Khaimah (RAK) early this month, had come to the UAE on March 31 for a short visit, to finalise a special development project and to install equipment in the new building of the College of Dental Science in the emirate, said Riaz Ulhaq, general manager of the college.

    Posted on:4/22/2010

  6. Nazia Avatar


    Dr ayaz belong to influential family of doctors and political characters of Pakistan.

    His family network is extended to even USA where majority of his cousins are working as active and rich doctors in different states of USA but among 100 of doctors in a family he is picked by CIA for interrogation,

    It is confirmed that he is kept under detention on the suspicion of aiding to some jihadi group therefore Pakistani govt is silent on this issue as per deal with CIA.

    It is not one of case but our weak govt has allowed free access to all Pakistanis either via drones or through CIA to hit Pakistanis as per their demand.

    Even lot of Pakistanis are detained on the basis of having suspicious name found in critical jobs.But such cases are freed in few days.As he is still under custody for more than a month so it looks he is being considered as hard core suspect.

    Pakistani govt is only busy on help yourself policy so there is no need to expect any aide from her side.

  7. Citizen Avatar

    Dr. Rubina Mumtaz is the only person who has written correct and apparently knows Dr. Ayyaz.

    Dr. Ayyaz is the founder of a world class Dental College in Ras AlKhaima. Dr. Ayyaz is the only son and breadwinner of his family. Therefore you can imagine what the family is going through when no body is ready to trace him; neither Riphah University not the Government. Our corrupt politicians and hence the governmet is so weak that they are incapable of protecting their own citizens. It is shame to be a Pakistani. Imagine how they went out-of-way to locate a young child kidnapped from his house, just because he was British. How many Pakistani children are kidnapped and how many are traced?

    Please go on… and watch the shattered family before you make a lose comments.

    Dr. Ayyaz did not disappear. His rest house where he was sleeping was raided at 3AM and was whisked away by UAE Fedral Investigation Agency. He is purely academic. He is so much involved in his academic work that he does not have time for his family. UAE should be ashamed of their Human Rights that they boast so much about.

  8. Dr Ahmer Avatar

    O muslims Plz Awake this is not first time all the genious personality of pakistan disappear suddenly the truth is behind of all that type of crimes USA who wants to kill Muslims

    we have lost Dr afia in past now Dr Ayaz , Dr Akmal Waheed Dr Asad

    May Allah realese them from the custody of satans Ameeeen