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Lahore Dentist Kidnapped and Missing in UAE

It has come as a serious shock to hear that Dr. Ayyaz Khan, the Head of Department at Sheikh Zaid Hospital’s Dental Department and a highly respected leader in Community Dentistry with a number of professional research papers to his name, has gone missing for the past few days. He was working as a consultant of Community Dentistry Riphah Islamic International University. Initially there were five doctors were apparently been kidnapped on April 5th in the UAE, two of whom have returned but refuse to say anything about the issue.

Dr. Ayyaz Khan’s family issued a press statement yesterday in Lahore stating the doctors were not involved in any suspicious activity. “Dr Khan’s disappearance has not even been acknowledged by the Government of Pakistan. We appeal to the two governments to provide us information regarding Dr Ayyaz and other dentists as a matter of urgency and facilitate their quick and immediate release. It defies belief that such an eminent teacher and academic could go missing in the UAE under such suspicious circumstances”

The dental community is in an uproar and plans to hold protests in Karachi [at Karachi Press Club PC @ 3:30PM], Lahore [Press Conference to be addressed by Mrs. Ayyaz Khan at Lahore Press Club @ 3:00PM]

Facebook Group: Dr. Ayyaz Khan Gone Missing
Google Group: Find Dr. Ayyaz Ali Khan

HUMOR: Pakistani Ambassador rejected because his name is NSFW in Arabic

UPDATE 13th Feb: Foreign Policy Magazine which was first to break the story on 3rd February has issued a clarification that this story is might be untrue “The story turns out to be false: Mr. Zeb has responded, saying that the press reports are nothing more than a practical joke someone played on the Internet.” He goes on to clarify that his name, originally spelled Zaib but was changed by his family to Zeb, means “someone with good countenance,” Ambassador Zeb denies that he was ever considered for an ambassadorial position in Saudi Arabia”

This news story is just too hilarious too pass up. I have just read this on Cafe Pyala where Ambassador Miangul Akbar Zeb reportedly cannot receive accreditation as Pakistan’s ambassador to Saudi Arabia. The reason, apparently, has nothing to do with his credentials, and everything to do with his name — which, in Arabic, translates to “biggest dick” reportedly Pakistan had previously floated Zeb’s name as ambassador to the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain, only to have him rejected for the same reason

Akbar Zib is no newcomer to politics, this long-ranging high level diplomat has worked with some of the largest members of world governments, he most recently served as High Commissioner Designate of Pakistan to Canada, and prior to that he was the ambassador of Pakistan to South Africa,. He also served in that capacity in Washington from 1983-87, and New Delhi from 1994-2000. Seriously I have no disrespect for the honorable diplomat, but he sure has his prospects limited to serving Pakistan at a non-Arabic mission

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Shahid Masood’s show on Geo.tv banned by UAE Govt

UPDATE: PkPolitics has recorded and has published the LAST EPISODE of Shahid Masood’s MERAY MUTABIQ – in this last episode he shares threats to his life with the possible reasons for having him blocked on Geo, he also sheds light on the level of corruption by the NRO – SHOCKING its a definite must watch

shahid-masood-meray-mutabiq-logoIt seems that in a ban has been imposed on the airing of Geo News’ program ‘Meray Mutabiq’ by Dr. Shahid Masood from Dubai. According to Geo.tv sources, high government officials from Pakistan have exerted pressure on the Dubai government to block the show from being telecast from Dubai

This show along with Geo.tv has previously suffered the same fate of outright censorship in Pakistan during the 2007 martial law by Pervaiz Musharraf it was then that Pervaiz Musharraf actually approached the Dubai government too and had the entire channel taken off-air for a period of over 77 days. In those days strict local government restrictions prevented broadcast signal from Pakistan and all TV channels resorted to rebroadcasting to the satellite feed from Dubai, since the 2007 tussle with Geo and its subsequent negotiations with electronic media outlets, Geo then moved most of its operations back into Pakistan leaving aside two show Meray Mutabiq and Nadia Khan show still to be aired from Dubai alone.
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ABC: Torture Tape implicates UAE Sheikh

I seriously don’t know how to react, on one hand we here in Pakistan are fighting a battle against the illiterate Talibans who continue on their rampage of brutality releasing video after video of flogging, beheadings and even suicide bombings, but it shocks me to watch the ‘educated’ stoop exactly to the same level, now the question is who do you stop? Educate the uneducated or uneducate the educated

Sheikh Issa bin Zayed al Nahyan, brother of the UAE’s crown prince, Sheikh Mohammed al Nahyan, has been caught on camera by ABC News where a UAE policeman assists the Sheikh in tying the victim’s arms and legs, later holding him down as the Sheikh pours salt on the man’s wounds, subsequently the Sheikh shoots at the victim and then later drives over him with his Mercedes SUV.
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Reporters Without Borders question GEO blockage in UAE

RSF issues an immediate press release questioning the blockage of Capital Talk and Meray Mutabiq on GEO tv

Dubai-based satellite TV station GEO News censored again

Reporters Without Borders calls on the governments of Pakistan and United Arab Emirates to explain how GEO News, a Pakistani privately-owned TV station that broadcasts by satellite from Dubai, was forced to drop two very popular talk shows under threat of losing its licence to operate in Dubai.
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