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MQM MP’s Resigned because they were Cowards & Buzdil

The resignation story is NOT about Karachi or any of the flowery arrested target killers or the Rangers operation in Karachi – the story is about how “Coward & Buzdil” MQM MNA’s MPA’s & Senators did not defend Altaf Hussain Bhai in the Assembly floor on 10th of August as Ch Nisar criticized him for issuing Anti-Pakistan statement during his late night speech from London a few days earlier

So for the record its not about Karachi – its not about Muhajir cause – or anything else – its about MQM parliamentarians should defend what Telephone-wala Bhai says & then retracts on a daily basis

So much for a party being lead by a telephone …. and the people of Karachi hostage to his mood swings … MQM, quite honestly, would be better off without the telephone

MQM Resignations in the Parliament – Mistake by MQM

In other news MQM to resign from National Assemblies – To be honest, thats a stupid move, all my differences with them, I think its an idiotic decision, my honest opinion is the problem lies elsewhere (read London)

Many in Karachi feel, Karachi is getting better (sans a few horrific incidents) but general direction of establishing peace in Karachi is on the right track and many militants are being rooted out – that said the entire Pakistan knows that MQM has harboured militants who established a Bhatta-Bori culture for the past 26+ years – this Bhatta-Bori menace sadly hijacked the “Muhajir” rally cry to turn it into a militant party (at least in the eyes of all Pakistanis)

Solution simply lies in the parhay likhay leadership (if any left) to allow the Karachi cleanup progress to its full culmination, the party itself will stand to gain as the ruthless, lawless elements who had destroyed MQM will get cleansed out, its about time many fall into this trap and Karachi returns to a life back into the romantic city called the city of lights.

I request all Karachiites to stand aside and let the Karachi cleanup operation continue, for the future of this city, it has to be done, some (read, very few) may be in the wrong place at the wrong time, but sadly, TOO many – thousands of innocent Karachiites – have succumbed / Killed to these Bori-Bhatta mafias sadly being killed for being in the wrong place, at the wrong time

MQM – Aman Committee – ANP – Talibans – and anyone else harbouring militants need to be expunged from Karachi entirely – no if’s and but’s please, no humaray karkun – anyone and everyone should be swiped