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MQM MP’s Resigned because they were Cowards & Buzdil

The resignation story is NOT about Karachi or any of the flowery arrested target killers or the Rangers operation in Karachi – the story is about how “Coward & Buzdil” MQM MNA’s MPA’s & Senators did not defend Altaf Hussain Bhai in the Assembly floor on 10th of August as Ch Nisar criticized him for issuing Anti-Pakistan statement during his late night speech from London a few days earlier

So for the record its not about Karachi – its not about Muhajir cause – or anything else – its about MQM parliamentarians should defend what Telephone-wala Bhai says & then retracts on a daily basis

So much for a party being lead by a telephone …. and the people of Karachi hostage to his mood swings … MQM, quite honestly, would be better off without the telephone

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