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Plot to Bring Back Benazir

Benazir BhuttoAfter recovering from the celebrations across the country where majority of Pakistanis celebrated the reinstatement of Justice Iftikhar Mohammed Chaudhry as the Chief Justice of Pakistan. Its time to look towards the future of Pakistan, one thing we all hope should transpire from this landmark decision is the courage for other legal departments to stand up and lead the way forward towards serving justice to the people of Pakistan, which has eluded Pakistan for over 60 years. We pray and hope to see a change in the fundamental workings of our court system moving away from bribery and actually creating room for a fair and just society.

Political future at the moment presents a very bleak picture when we see a circus surrounding the romance between Musharraf and Benazir Bhutto which has now become an open secret that they have full intentions of becoming bed fellows for five years. The secret was revealed in an investigative report conducted by The Guardian showing that talks have been underway between both the leaders for over three years since 2004. There is an imminent power sharing deal between the two but whatever the deal, both are cunning individuals capable of lying through their teeth even stabbing each other in the back just to protect their precious seat.
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Mr. President, Please Shut Up!!!

These are the very words that would come to ones mind if any of you were unfortunate enough to watch General Pervaiz Musharraf address the opening ceremony of Dawn News TV. It was a classy event and Hameed Haroon sat helplessly (and fuming) on the side watching the President ramble aimlessly on and on about his achievements as the supreme commander of Pakistan

True to his style, Musharraf was extempore in delivering his speech, he was able to touch a number of topics which were naturally dear to his heart specially in the recent few weeks. Media naturally came first where he accused them of doing a large part of sensationalization and bias reporting. Musharraf was bitter at the fact that his opponents got more airtime while ‘his’ side of the argument was being downplayed.

Continuing with his speech he unabashedly started to claim himself to be a ‘righteous man by design’ and could do ‘no wrong and only right’ in his leadership of Pakistan. To say the least these statements came as a surprise to anyone watching the live coverage, a leader trying to prove state that he can do no wrong, contrary to Islamic belief where only The Almighty can do no wrong. Granted, even if we were not to take this statement out of context, it continues to be a surprise that this leader now has to claim his righteousness in his speeches rather then relying on his actions to speak for themselves. Musharraf seems to act quite similar to a lazy employee who after a lazy day at the office tries to suck up to his boss in an attempt to convince him that the he has been grueling his ass doing his job, which is far from complete. The evidence should prove the facts and no verbal exchange needed to provide the proof.

Musharraf also goes on to defend his assassination of Sardar Bugti by sharing a few stories when he recently visited the Dera Bugti Tribe and according to him a number of people approached him thanking him virtually in tears to have removed / assassinated the tribal leader Bugti from their lives. These stories might be true and relevant but in context of his agenda to prove himself as the righteous, it did little to help his image but in fact discredited it more to show how narrow minded his logical thinking had become to have falsely attained a sense of accomplishment when a few hired peasants come sucking up to him in the middle of the dessert.

Talking about hired men, Musharraf had yet another point to prove. He was full-off-himself when he claimed that thousands of Pakistanis come clambering to hear him speak, quite evidently defending his rent-a-crowd rally in Islamabad on May 12th, but what should have been a simple statement turned out to be ‘the blooper of the night’ when he went on to say that 90% of these crowd members are poor and they were provided transport so that could hear ‘him’ speak. (I can be corrected on the exact words of this statement?) WOW rent-a-crowd arrangements for Musharraf, I knew it…..

This side of Musharraf is quite contrary to the one we have seen in the past where Mr. Musharraf would look into the eye of any journalist and challenge him to ask any question and be instantly served with an in-you-face response by Musharraf quite evidently speaking from the heart. A lot has changed over the years, this leader that we now see is more like a frail dictator hanging on to his seat for his dear life. His poker face is now easily deceived by his eyes, as they say the eyes reveal the person inside and since a few months they spell the words ‘failure’ and ‘greed’ quite evidently. His false notion that the country will crumble without him is also leading him down the wrong decisions. He has openly said that he can trust no one to lead Pakistan in the future and hence he continues to remain on the seat of power. What a fool !!!, it is this same feeling of Godliness that has history littered with many crumbling dynasties of Kings and Presidents in the past practically not one has lived to tell the tale, I wonder how long Musharraf plans to hold on.

Leadership I feel will come as a natural course of development, without doubt there are hundreds and thousands of capable leaders in Pakistan amongst the 160 million population, provided the right opportunity may will rise to the occasion of which many will be uncorrupted and truly patriotic to Pakistan, I honestly don’t believe this to be a Utopian dream but more of a reality, the virgin leaders are simply shrugged away in favor of the corrupt elite and even Musharraf did not live up to his promise back in 1998 when he told the nation that ‘I will bring a new breed of good and clean leaders into the forefront’. Sadly Musharraf could not fulfill that promise since any new leadership would become an imminent threat to his Presidential seat, quite simply he never worked to create the alternate leadership, and continued to nourish the old corrupt leadership to attain his own personal goals. It is because of this unfulfilled promise that we now look again nervously at a third term by either one of the corrupt leaders in the form of Benazir or Nawaz Sharif waiting in the aisle ready to pounce on any opportunity that may present itself.

Mr. President its time to Shut Up and move on, you have already been disgraced enough, count your eggs now and make a quick exit to still be able walk away with your head held up high. Its far better to walk off then be pushed off, though the time had come a long time ago and greed held you down but as they say better late then never, so a sincere advise from a fellow country man RUN.

But until then Mr. President, Please Shut Up, avoiding those extempore speeches trying to stick to the draft handed to you on the dais, it most definitely helps to keep that mouth in check from making any more blunders.

Benazir, Eyeing a Return

Interpol BB NoticeCan you for a moment imagine a situation where our next Prime Minister of Pakistan becomes Benazir Bhutto a person who was found utterly corrupt not once but on both times she was in office, to now plan for a return to lead us for yet another stint as the Prime Minster of Pakistan. Have we no other person in Pakistan to be willing to take this job, and have to resort to being represented by a leader who is corrupt beyond doubt, she may have managed to dismiss all her corruption charges by bribing her way out of them, but the people of Pakistan will not forget and feel that the Red Notice issued by Interpol was spot on.

It will be a sad day for Pakistan to see this corrupt leader back into our midst. We can be sure that this year, Musharraf has been reeling and dealing with Benazir Bhutto and Nawaz Sharif in an attempt to conjure up a plan which allows him to retain the Presidential seat in exchange for the seat of the Prime Minister. It has been rumored that of both the corrupt leaders Benazir was the favored of the two which would guarantee Musharraf an extended stay in power.

Today there are reports that the NAB Special Operations Division Head Hasan Nasim Afzal (GEO.tv video)whose agency had been directly responsible for the ongoing investigation of the numerous corruption cases against Bhutto and Zardari has been transferred to another location. This critical move which will favor Benazir comes at a very critical juncture and can be seen with suspicion since Islamabad is already abuzz with the ongoing Supreme Judicial Council hearing to decide the fate of the Chief Justice of Pakistan. It could very well be the start of the preparations which seem to lead to an eventual acquittal from all outstanding charges literally white washing everything hence lubricating a free entry into the country and maybe heading for a third term at the office.

The people of Pakistan have tried this leadership twice and each time she was kicked out primarily on charges of corruption literally across the board (link), and her husband Asif Zardari was right in the middle of the mess, popularly known as Mr 10% also had an even more extensive corruption list on his dossier.

To refresh those good ‘ol days, I quote a few lines from Ardeshir Cowasjee’s article written six years back Feb 2001

When Benazir was dismissed for the first time in 1990 President Ghulam Ishaq Khan filed six references against her alleging corruption and misconduct. None of these were decided during Nawaz’s first tenure (1990-93). So, when Benazir came back for her second round she naturally had herself acquitted on all charges. The country lost; the people lost.

In her second round, Benazir and her husband discovered a new source of income – inspection companies. Six cover companies were named and used: Capricorn Trading, Dargal Associated, Mariston Securities, Mariston Business, Nassam Incorporated, Bomer Finance. On September 8, 1997, the Swiss Federal Office for Police Matters, Berne, informed our government that sufficient evidence had been found to justify their writing to four banks informing them to block the accounts of “accused persons Bhutto Benazir, ex-prime minister, Zardari Asif Ali, husband of Madame Bhutto, Bhutto Nusrat Begum.”

When Benazir was thrown out in 1996 for the second time, charged with corruption and malpractices, and Nawaz came in for his second bout with the nation one thing he did do was to manage in 1999 to have a high court convict both Benazir and Asif. Asif is in prison whilst Benazir has embarked on a world lecture tour, posing to be as pure as the proverbial driven snow. Both have appealed to the Supreme Court against their conviction and this appeal is to be heard at the end of this month.

Its important to refresh our minds of their rampant corruption that we were all a witness to during her two tenures as the Prime Minister of Pakistan. Simply having the massive list against her name should seriously worry us about allowing her to take the office for the third time, which we all know would be no different then the previous occurrences. I’d like to talk to a person who believes she has turned a new leaf and will go corruption free, I on one hand have serious doubts about allowing her to run my country.

Have we not a single person amongst the 160 million people, that we have to see the likes of Benazir Bhutto again, also to call a leader the person who has been handed an extensive charge sheet for every time she stepped into office, have we not a single soul that can salvage Pakistan from this impending doom, Have we no one !!!!

Govt Bans Kamran Khan’s GEO.tv Show

Kamran Khan CensoredToday at 11:05pm the regularly scheduled show titled “Aaj Kamran Khan Key Sath which is hosted by the outspoken Kamran Khan was stopped from airing, people witnessing the live feed noticed a sudden block lasting for ten minutes after which the show was replaced by some other programming for the allotted time.

There is no doubt that this blatant censorship is quite contrary to the open attitude as being portrayed by the Emperor Pervaiz Musharraf. Geo.tv reports
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Letter to CJ from Naeem Bokhari

I would like to share a very interesting letter I just received on email, written by Supreme Court Advocate Naeem Bohkari addressed to the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court Mr. Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry. It is a definite ‘must read’ for all Pakistanis

Start quote
Justice Iftikhar Muhammad ChaudhryMr. Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry
Chief Justice
Supreme Court of Pakistan

My Lord:

I write this letter as an Officer of the Supreme Court of Pakistan; as an Advocate enrolled in the apex Court since 1984 and in the High Courts since 1972; as an Attorney who has paid more income tax from his earnings in the legal profession than many of my friends, colleagues and seniors elevated to the Bench; and as a stake-holder in the dispensation of justice, intimately and vitally interested in the functioning of the Supreme Court.

Many judges who adorn the Bench in the Supreme Court and the High Court know me over decades, as a person endowed by nature with a pleasant disposition and acceptance of human failings. Towards the courts, my approach has always been of consistent and continuous display of respect and humility. I bow out of conviction, not compulsion. I use the words “My Lords”, because I want to, not because I have to. As an Attorney, I look up to the Court and want to see it on a high pedestal of dignity, compassion and justice, tempered with mercy.

I have seen my Supreme Court headed by Chief Justice Hamood-ur-Rahman, Chief Justice Muhammad Yaqub Ali, Chief Justice S. Anwar-ul-Haq, Chief Justice Mohammad Haleem and how the Court functioned under them in the 1970s/1980s.

I witnessed the proceedings for the ouster of Chief Justice Sajjad Ali Shah, became aware that the then Prime Minister of Pakistan, Muhammad Nawaz Sharif, had ‘worked’ on some judges of the Supreme Court and saw the physical assault on the Court.

I was appalled at the manner in which Chief Justice Irshad Hasan Khan led the Supreme Court and pained at the insinuations against Justice Sheikh Riaz Ahmad, when he was the Chief Justice.

I was horrified by the establishment of a Bench of five judges constituted by Chief Justice Nazim Hussain Siddiqui to determine whether reduction in the retirement age for judges was constitutional or not. This was clearly designed to block your appointment. I was against the idea of Mr. Amirul Mulk Mengal being made the Chief Justice before you. Within the limits of my influence (which I readily admit to be very limited), I was totally for you to become the Chief Justice. Justice Javed Buttar is aware of my position, as is the Attorney General of Pakistan. The accelerated issue of the notification appointing you the Chief Justice put Justice Siddiqui’s move to rest.

I believed that you were vigorous, capable of lifting up the Supreme Court, creating an espirit-de-corps among your brother judges, restoring the dignity and grandeur of the apex Court, particularly considering the long tenure before you.

Alas this has not come about.

I am not perturbed by your insistence on protocol (despite my belief that the Chief Justice would rise in the eyes of everybody if he walked from his residence to the Supreme Court and hooters, police escort, flags is just fluff, not the substance of an office).

I am mildly amused at your desire to be presented a guard of honour in Peshawar. I am titillated by the appropriation of aMercedes-Benz car or is it cars, the use of the Government of the Punjab’s airplane to offer Fateha in Multan, to Sheikhupura for Fateha on a Government of the Punjab helicopter, to Hyderabad on a Government of the Sind’s plane for attending a High Court function, the huge amount spent in refurbishing the chamber and residence of the Chief Justice, the reservation for yourself of a wing in Supreme Court Judges guest house in Lahore, the permanent occupation by the Supreme Court of the official residence of the Chief Justice of Sind, who per force lives in the basement of his father’s house. As his class fellow in the Government College, Lahore, I can vouch that living in the basement will do him no harm.

I am not perturbed that Dr. Arsalaan (your son) secured 16/100 in the English paper for the Civil Services Examination, that there is a case against him in some court in Baluchistan, that from the Health Department in Baluchistan he has shifted to the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA), that he has obtained training in the Police Academy, that he reportedly drives a BMW 7-Series car, that there is a complaint against him with the National Accountability Bureau (NAB).

My grievances and protests are different.

I am perturbed that the Supreme Court should issue a clarificatory statement on his behalf. I am perturbed that Justice (Retd.) Wajihuddin Ahmed should be constrained to advise you on television that “people who live in glass houses should not throw stones at others”. I am perturbed that the Chief Justice should summon Mir Shakil-ur-Rahman to his chambers on Dr. Arsalaan’s account.

I am appalled that you announce decisions in Court, while in the written judgment an opposite conclusion is recorded.

In the Petition for leave to appeal filed by Dr. Sher Afghan Niazi, Federal Minister for Parliamentary Affairs (in which Respondent’s Counsels were Mr. Khalid Anwar and Mr. Qadir Saeed), you refused to grant leave in open Court and yet in the written order, leave was granted to Dr. Sher Afghan Niazi.

On 15-2-2007, Mr. Fakhruddin G. Ebrahim complained that in open Court you had accepted his appeal but dismissed the same in the judgement, subsequently recorded.

If Mr. Khalid Anwar, a former Minister of Law and Parliamentary Affairs, and Mr Fakrhuddin, Senior Counsel, are treated in this manner, the fate of lesser known lawyers would certainly be far worse.

My grievances also concern the manner in which the last and highest court of appeal is dispensing justice, under your leadership.

My Lord, the dignity of lawyers is consistently being violated by you. We are treated harshly, rudely, brusquely and nastily. We are not heard. We are not allowed to present our case. There is little scope for advocacy. The words used in the Bar Room for Court No. 1 are “the slaughter house”. We are cowed down by aggression from the Bench, led by you. All we receive from you is arrogance, aggression and belligerence. You also throw away the file, while contemptuously announcing: “This is dismissed”.

Yet this aggression is not for everyone. When Mr. Sharifuddin Pirzada appears, your Lordship’s demeanour and appearance is not just sugar and honey. You are obsequious to the point of meekness. So apart from violating our dignity, which the Constitution commands to be inviolable, we suffer discrimination in your Court.

I am not raising the issue of verbal onslaughts and threats to Police Officers and other Civil Servants, who have the misfortune to be summoned, degraded and reminded that “This is the Supreme Court”.

The way in which My Lord conducts proceedings is not conducive to the process of justice. In fact, it obstructs due process and constitutes contempt of the Supreme Court itself.

I am pained at the wide publicity to cases taken up by My Lord in the Supreme Court under the banner of Fundamental Rights. The proceedings before the Supreme Court can conveniently and easily be referred to the District and Sessions Judges. I am further pained by the media coverage of the Supreme Court on the recovery of a female. In the bar room, this is referred to as a “Media Circus”.

My Lord, this communication may anger you and you are in any case prone to get angry in a flash, but do reflect upon it. Perhaps you are not cognizant of what your brother judges feel and say about you.

My Lord, before a rebellion arises among your brother judges (as in the case of Mr. Justice Sajjad Ali Shah), before the Bar stands up collectively and before the entire matter is placed before the Supreme Judicial Council, there may be time to change and make amends.

I hope you have the wisdom and courage to make these amends and restore serenity, calm, compassion, patience and justice tempered with mercy to my Supreme Court.

My Lord, we all live in the womb of time and are judged, both by the present and by history. The judgement about you, being rendered in the present, is adverse in the extreme.

Yours faithfully,

Supreme Court of
Islamabad, Pakistan

End quote

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