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A Daughter’s Touching Plea – Release MV Albedo and its Crew from Somalian pirates

Nareman Jawaid, the daughter of the capt of MV Albedo appeals for help in the release of her father who has been a captive for over 11 months ➝ LINK

Shocking Attack on a Pakistani in a Hospital in Bahrain

This is an email I received from Bahrain sharing a shocking detail of Human Rights abuses against Pakistanis in these riots. I personally cannot verify the contents but talking to a number of Pakistanis based in Bahrain all attest that such incident did occur and this incident is being widely reported. What is actually happening is that there are a lot of Pakistanis in Bahrain and even a large number in the police, so when the local arabs want to vent their anger they search and identify Pakistani and then go crazy, a smilier incident occurred a few days back and this is what happened

I am a Bahraini medical staff member in Salmaniya please i want my story of what happened in Salmaniya to be told to people.

Being a human being it is my duty to let the people know the reality of what happened in Salmaniya on Saturday night and early part of Sunday 13th March 2011 in Salmaniya emergency.

I was present there in emergency, I am narrating to you the incident about the Pakistani labor workers who came to emergency, the arrival of Pakistanis beaten to death was hailed as a moral victory for narrow minded medical staff of SMC including some doctors and nurses which were chanting victory slogans as they had achieved a victory and against our king these poor labor guys were taken out of ambulances as animals with hands coughed and with oozing blood from their body were kicked and verbally abused as they had come to a prison not a hospital where patients are slaughtered.
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