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Jassar Farms – Aiming to crossbreed Pakistani cows to increase their Milk Yield

In another amazing investment in patient capital Acumen Fund has identified and invested in Jassar Farms (Pvt) Ltd a corporate dairy farming business focused on dairy and breed improvement of poor livestock farmers aiming to increase milk productivity. At present 7-8 Pakistani bulls produce the same equivalent milk that one high yield producing cow can produce in one year. Imagine the impact of a Pakistani farmer having access to this breed of high milk yield producing bull to double or quadruple his basic income and its impact of the increase income on his daily life.

To obtain these higher yield mild producing cows is an unaffordable and an impossible task for local farmers in Pakistan as importing of these high-quality semen doses are too high. Jassar Farms hopes to achieve breed improvement through artificial insemination using world-class, quality bull semen initially imported from around the world and to produce a new crop of high yield bulls right here in Pakistan.
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Clean drinking water at Rs 1.5/ltr in Lahore by Pharmagen

I share with you a short introduction about Pharmagen Health Limited a project supported by Acumen Fund which believes in investing in entrepreneurs who are working to help the poor; they believe that social enterprises which offer people the dignity of choice are the solution to poverty vs the needless impact of handing out charity . These in turn provide critical goods and services to the poor in a completely sustainable manner. The short introduction of Acumen

Pharmagen Health a community water systems company which has set up water purification plants across dense low-income communities around Lahore. It provides safe, clean drinking water to low-income communities through a Reverse Osmosis and UV filtration process. Pharmagen currently has five water filtration plants; two RO plants with capacities of 3,000 liters per hour (LPH) and 10,000 LPH respectively; and three ultra-violet (UV) treatment plants.
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