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Jassar Farms – Aiming to crossbreed Pakistani cows to increase their Milk Yield

In another amazing investment in patient capital Acumen Fund has identified and invested in Jassar Farms (Pvt) Ltd a corporate dairy farming business focused on dairy and breed improvement of poor livestock farmers aiming to increase milk productivity. At present 7-8 Pakistani bulls produce the same equivalent milk that one high yield producing cow can produce in one year. Imagine the impact of a Pakistani farmer having access to this breed of high milk yield producing bull to double or quadruple his basic income and its impact of the increase income on his daily life.

To obtain these higher yield mild producing cows is an unaffordable and an impossible task for local farmers in Pakistan as importing of these high-quality semen doses are too high. Jassar Farms hopes to achieve breed improvement through artificial insemination using world-class, quality bull semen initially imported from around the world and to produce a new crop of high yield bulls right here in Pakistan.

Shahzad Iqbal of Jassar Farms (Pvt) Ltd is establishing with the financial support of Acumen Fund a world class local semen production facility to produce top-of-the-line semen for the poor dairy farmers of Pakistan. The end product is priced keeping the poor farmers’ affordability range in mind. Jassar Farms aims to produce affordable, high-quality bull semen doses that could help more than 250,000 farmers double their milk yields. The first calf named ‘Savior’ — resulting from Jassar’s insemination efforts was born in early 2010.


  • Nadir El-Edroos |

    Are we sure its safe? Given that genetically modified foods and meats have been around for quite a while, but still lack wide acceptance despite riding food shortages

  • Omar Bilal Akhtar |

    Haha…dude…I don't think we should be milking BULLS. They're either really happy or…really frustrated right now.

  • Aly B - DiscoMaulvi |

    Hmmmm…. of all things to be excited about… you pick Bull Semen!! 🙂

    @Nadir This is not genetically modifying the bulls. it is creating a cross-breed. Currently we are importing cows and this will actually do a lot of good by creating a better breed.

    What you should be afraid of is the countless hormone injections most farmers are using to literally milk their cows dry. This hormone use is not good and passes on to the milk. In addition, the packaged milk on the market is poison (full of urea, melamine, and all other chemicals). IN addition, often "synthetic milk" is sold to these companies that meets their "standards".

    I have recently switched to fresh milk delivered to my house. The farm uses minimal anti-biotics, no hormones, and natural medication. The milk is priced the same as the open market and I know that there is no watering down like the open market milk.



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  • Zeeshan |

    I wonder if the people at Jassar farms even know what "genetically-modified" means. Once you start altering God's creation, you might as well try being God.

    • Teeth Maestro |

      Without divulging and critiquing any religious beliefs – I wonder if you know the difference between Genetically Modified and Cross Breeding

      GM – This is where the genes from one species can be introduced into an entirely different species through human intervention, a more recent phenomenon, under heavy debate
      Cross Breeding – process of developing a plant or animal based on selecting desirable characteristics of the parent. For example, saving seed for replanting from plants within a crop that have shown to be particularly robust; or breeding a white dog with a black patch over its eye via two parents that have the same trait. – this has been on going for 100's of years

  • El Hadji Beye |

    Here is an example of when development can go wrong…these practices of genetically modifying animals and crops create unnatural species, thus creating new diseases (because our bodies do not know how to process this man-engineered foods!).

    Food should be created naturally without pesticides, GMO, hormones and any other engineered method to create new species or hybrid bio-products.

    This is a technology that developing countries should not adopt! Many new diseases and conditions in Western countries come from this newly "engineered food" that are vastly consumed in the West!


    • Teeth Maestro |

      I think you need to understand its not genetically modified as in altering the gene pool, this is called cross breeding, been in practice for ages horses have been cross bred etc etc.

    • mahafakir |

      Where did you get the idea that he is talking about cross breeding. It would be cross breeding if he were breeding cows with camels and so on. I doubt he'd get that much milk if he cross bred cows and camels. May be he is genes scientist and can improve upon the genes to improve milk yields. Still he'd need cows to produce milk. Not bulls. Bulls will not produce any milk. They will only produce pee. 

    • Arshad khan |

      Good information. I suspect such and agree that diseases are caused by all this hormonized, inorganic, genetically engineered and etc etc. However to give it a religious touch there is a prophet saying not exactly about diseases and sufferings in end times and I think this atleast may be partially the cause.

  • amir |

    I Hope these idiots don't make people sick with there genious brains!!!

    • mahafakir |

      They will only make people sick if they dilute the milk with dirty water to increase quantity of milk produced by their cows which is generally done in those parts,

  • raheel akhtar |

    i am i livestock/dairyfarmer in sargodha distt i have experimented wit A.I with a simple desi cow crossing it with Teamaster a fressian bull the results were excellent .i got a heffer which is a cow now producing 20 kg milk you have initiated the required programe for Pakistan provided it is not all talk and resticted to a certian area people have to be made to understand that cow is the answer not buff and that too crossbred . please contact if you feel so i have a lot to discuss

    • mahafakir |

      I believe you are bragging. You'll make a living with one cow. I doubt your cow in Pakistan will produce 20 Kg of milk. I believe you mean 20 pounds of milk. Your cow is probably producing 20 pounds of milk and probably it is cold season at this time. If It was hot like it is in those regions she'd not produce 10 pounds daily. Any way congratulations. You have a nice cow. Only sell milk. Milk diluted with water. That is what they do in those parts. 

    • nasr |

      Raheel a/a this is nasr choudhary ,i want to buy some jersey hifers
      would you plz tell me where i can find and what will be the price range

    • zafar iqbal |

      dear raheel,glad to know about you.I am interested to develop small scale dairy form near lahore ,for this, getting information by net ,I need your advic.What type of cow & bafullo should I purchase in begining and shall start with five numbers. Can you accomodate me at your form for basic training,I will eat only three chapati per day

  • maziz |

    well done Shahzad Iqbal and team.why don't you educate farmers of sindh?

  • mahafakir |

    I believe the author is confused. The bulls do not produce milk. They produce semen that produce cows that give milk. How 7-8 bulls produce milk that one cow of the authors vision produces. Does he mean that one cow of his vision would produce milk now produced by  8 to ten times the milk  the present cows produce. I've news for him. Hard news. Pakistan is a very hot country. In Hot countries the cows do not produce the amount of milk they would produce in colder countries. They have already taken high milk yield cows from  U.S. to India and Pakistan. The milk yield of these cows dropped appreciably. He is wasting the capital My advice to him is to distribute money to poor people across the world to help them fulfill their dreams of owning a milk producing cow..