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Hunger knows No Friend but its Feeder

While a minority, born with a silver spoon living in their palatial havelis, luxurious farm houses and bungalows, can talk about the problems being faced by the country such as fake degrees, terrorism, the presidency and target killings on their dinner tables, with generators on standby and water tankers at their disposal, there are millions in this ‘land of the pure’ who survive on one meal per day and it is nearly impossible for them to make both ends meet no matter how hard they try.

They are the deprived class, peasants or the masses that are being continuously exploited by the waderas, chaudrys and seths to work on their farms, factories or houses for ages, that too on meager or no salaries at all.

A recent study sponsored by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation titled ‘The state of food security in Pakistan’ and carried out by the Sustainable Development Policy Institute (SDPI) in collaboration with World Food Programme narrates that Pakistan is a country where 48 per cent of the population is under extreme food insecurity and these figures have doubled between 2003-2009 along with a 14 per cent drop in the food secure districts.
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Pakistans Future woes maybe linked to exponential birthrate – 550 Million by 2060

Pakistan woes linked to birth ratesA report by the Foreign Policy Magazine shows an interesting trend to the global birth trends in the world The study purports that economic stability contributes to a lower population growth and conversely instability and poverty catapults the birth rate to exponential proportions. As a country transitions from poverty to affluence, birthrates plunge—from six or eight children per woman to just about two

Predictions are that if Pakistan were to continue at the prevalent unemployment, endemic poverty, and flailing schools it is quite simply impossible to combat when every year adds more and more people. Suggesting that low birthrates aren’t a consequence of national wealth; rather, they’re needed to create it.

Foreign Policy: Low birthrates aren’t the result of economic growth and political stability; they’re a prerequisite

The estimates are that by the middle of this century Pakistan would have catapulted from 170 million to over 550 million people by 2060. I just wonder if merely solving the birthrate problem will this alone alleviate the ills of our country, but on the other hand its without doubt that the exponential rise in our population will definitely place undue strain on an already frail economy which sadly has no prospects of getting any better. With this in mind maybe my criticism of those TOUCH condom ads that were abundantly aired during the Twenty20 World Cup might be truly be unwarranted

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Victims of Feudalism on Hungerstrike – 18-days [and counting]

Posted via the Peoples Resistance Network

press-release-aDay and night for the past eighteen days, anywhere from a dozen to two dozen farmers from a village in Sanghar have been gathered outside the Karachi Press Club, protesting the violent excesses of a neighboring feudal who has been eyeing their land–his name is Varyaam Faqeer, an ex-MPA (PML-F) and khaleefa of the infamous Pir Pagara.

According to the protesters, they had been living, without incident, on the same plot of land for the past many decades. Though it was once the property of the Sindh Irrigation Department, it had lain unpopulated and unused. Roughly 60 years ago, these villagers moved in, occupied it, and built on the land (their goth, Mohammad Issa Khaskheli, now stands at about thirty to forty houses). They have a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the irrigation authorities, indicating that the department has no objection to their living there. Their ID cards name this village as their address; moreover, they have a school, electricity, a mosque, a graveyard, etc. (all of this was verified by the local DCO in a report I have seen with my own eyes). In other words, they argue that their residence has been effectively formalized.
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The IMF Trap

Guest post by A.H.Kalwar of Pakistion Blog

Russia is the largest borrower from the International Monetary Fund (IMF). The initial objective and promises by IMF were to quickly bail Russia out of an economic crises, and throw it back on track. Today Russia’s debts to the IMF are so big that the only way to ensure repayment is to keep borrowing more. This summer alone $4.5bn have been borrowed entirely for minimum repayment of previous IMF loans.

A brief look at institution’s like the World Bank and IMF rings loud bells. The constant failures of such institutions have elevated poverty, widened the wealth gap, while corporate profits sore. The joint economic comity of the U.S. congress admitted that there is a mire 40% success rate of the World Bank. Even that is an exaggeration.
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Suicide Note

Guest Post by Asim Khan

Part 1: The Introduction

I am an outsider
A view from inside
I will kill
And my own
Two angels
All that existed
For me and them
To return
To perfection;
As the sun rises tomorrow!


As life walks past,
Upon this golden bridge,
Symbols of our past
In distance, of unity and strength
From promise of slogans
Of “roti, kapra and makan”
To dazzling boards enshrined
Of our failures and mistakes,
Words golden and enticing
Of change and of progression
In hurry and in quarters,
This wave of humanity
In conflict or in peace,
In meanderings of their mind
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Blog Action Day 2008: POVERTY

In barely 40 odd days the blogger community throughout the world will rally together in one voice attempting to redirect the world’s attention towards an all important issue of poverty. Pakistan is undoubtedly has a huge issue of poverty and we must take this opportunity to bring forth our issues in a bugway. I would suggest that on the 15th October bloggers across Pakistan must pin point important issues related to poverty and share their experience trying to highlight this issue locally.

Once you are committed to the effort register your blog/website on BlogActionDay.org and then remember to make a post on 15th October.

Blog Action Day 2008 Poverty from Blog Action Day on Vimeo
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