Hunger knows No Friend but its Feeder

While a minority, born with a silver spoon living in their palatial havelis, luxurious farm houses and bungalows, can talk about the problems being faced by the country such as fake degrees, terrorism, the presidency and target killings on their dinner tables, with generators on standby and water tankers at their disposal, there are millions in this ‘land of the pure’ who survive on one meal per day and it is nearly impossible for them to make both ends meet no matter how hard they try.

They are the deprived class, peasants or the masses that are being continuously exploited by the waderas, chaudrys and seths to work on their farms, factories or houses for ages, that too on meager or no salaries at all.

A recent study sponsored by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation titled ‘The state of food security in Pakistan’ and carried out by the Sustainable Development Policy Institute (SDPI) in collaboration with World Food Programme narrates that Pakistan is a country where 48 per cent of the population is under extreme food insecurity and these figures have doubled between 2003-2009 along with a 14 per cent drop in the food secure districts.

Furthermore it hints that soon people belonging to the better off areas in terms of food security would also find it difficult to afford food, reason being the gradual decline in their purchasing power. According to the study Khyber Pakhtunkhwa tops the charts with the highest percentage of people in the poor food consumption category, followed by Balochistan and Fata.

Poverty is a fact. And with the lapse of each year, poverty figures continue to haunt further. But Pakistanis don’t deserve to live in hunger and staggering inequity.

The situation is so bad that parents have started to ponder on the lines of either educating or feeding their children. Some have even left their children at the disposal of madrassas so that they could at least have two meals a day without even caring that there are chances that their children might be brainwashed. All this would only lead to a generation which can’t synchronize with the society around it and recent cases of parents poisoning or selling their own children are alarming signs that something needs to be done. Can any sane person, after all this desperation, gauge where we are headed?

With millions being denied the right to food we can’t expect intellect or intellectuals to flourish but we can close our eyes and be sure of harvesting a crop of fanatics who will not only be attracted towards outlawed outfits whose aim is to destabilize Pakistan, but also be up in arms to lynch, arson and ransack whatever comes in their pursuit to eliminate the disparity and inequity around them.



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5 responses to “Hunger knows No Friend but its Feeder”

  1. Junaid Avatar

    A lot of us are not born with a silver spoon in our mouth, but we'd sure die with one there.

  2. Rumaisa Mohani Avatar

    Those in power or are being "prepared" to be in power dont have the slightest idea of this hunger and miserable condition of the masses. They hardly know the common language of their "subjects". This will never change until the poor class uplifts itself by acquiring some education or skills hence earning their own bread.

  3. Nazia Avatar

    Hunger is consequential effect of population and over population among poor.

    Each poor generates 8 to 12 kids in his/her life and their kids also follow same pattern of survival as their confined approach never let them to think beyond this range of multiplying their number and hunger in straight manner.

    Hunger as dominating factor in growth rate of such majority keep them in less physical and mental capabilites and this way give weak generation to any nation.

    Such people are vulnerable to all kind of misshapen, affected first around their way of living through natural calamity or any kind of man made disasters.

    So such kind of fragile groups of living can decelerate human development instead of rising the living standard of population in any country.

  4. surkha Avatar


    why more children in poor then you filthy riches ,no education and only one entertainment .When they get back home after having 16 hours hard work .the do only one thing after taking so called diner and sleeping children they start there factory to make more children .

    poor women told her malken (asi ty diny {day time} chulla tey ratin {night }……

    Feel little shame and help them other wise these uneducated and unhealthy people will snatch each and every thing from you people.

    There kids are hungry and your dogs are alive on imported food worth millions of dollars..

    PS.Till 2007 the consumption of ATTA was 20 million tons and now reduced to 18 million tons.

    what a country they are increasing population and reducing food.

    1. Nazia Avatar


      you are unaware of efforts of Paksitan family planning and private NGOS.They are available to all major and small cities of Pakistan providing free service, free treatment medicines all are in range of these people.Some serious people who adopted such procedures have surely raise their standard of life other than their friends and families their percentage is very low.

      Poor produce these unwanted kids as their work force .these kids after survival in harsh conditions for 8 to 10 years, become source of income for parents either from beggary or lower cadre jobs.

      Having enjoyment through cheap and available sources is quite different approach as compare to raising family members.I have seen many women in maid and farmer's circle that they love to produce more babies, few for some kind of security and some think as pride as more numbers of male kids give them superiority complex among their community.

      If you visit to some slums and low settled areas, here rate of abortion is also higher as compare to rich side.

      So majority raise their family as will of Allah and for some kind of sense of security

      Mullahism and govt supporting/ backing those mullahs who always spoke against family planning is another serious reason of mushroom growth of human beings in Muslim countries.From this but they get their followers which were further turned into jihadis of east and now they are acting like human bombs for other people living close tho them.

      Why I feel shame as I have tried to help lot of ladies in this way and but later on it was disclosed that these ladies used family planning techniques for some kind of prostitution business in domestic level.So out of frying pan into fire.I thought it is better to forgive giving them guidelines and help.You can try and show us your talent in this field.

      Illiterates are most difficult breed to handle in this earth.It is easy to train pets and these animals would give you more response of association whether you would feed them or not.but here poor after filling their stomach could be in position to attack or even kill you for some kind of greed and and unwanted desires.

      You know nothing about them so giving me lectures on such social issues.

      Your figure as consumption of flour is also wrong and clearly shows that you are unaware of ground realities.