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Asad Umar’s New Year Prayer for 2013: Aik Naya Pakistan

Asad UmarI pray that 2013 Is the year in which Pakistan’s journey begins towards being a country :

  1. Which has a just society where law applies to everyone regardless of wealth or position
  2. Which has equality of opportunity and the differences between rich and poor are minimized
  3. Which provides security to all its citizens and is at peace within and with its neighbors
  4. Which is a sovereign state in the true sense of the word and uses that sovereignty responsibly and without allowing harm to be caused to anyone else
  5. Whose citizens have regained their self confidence and restored their pride in who they are are and their heritage and take responsibility for their affairs instead of looking towards external powers to solve their problems
  6. Where the views and beliefs of all citizens are tolerated by all others and where hatred and intolerance find no home
  7. Which Is increasingly prosperous and is able to meet the dreams and aspirations of all its citizens
  8. Where Nasir Jamshed and Junaid khan live up to their early promise and blossom into world class cricketers (sorry my prayers had to have something about cricket!)

May allah bless all of you and your families and 2013 be a happy, peaceful, happy and prosperous new year for you.

Asad Umar 

[PICTURES] #Justice4ShahzebKhan protest at Karachi Press Club

Hundreds of students, youth, women, activists, members of family got together today in front of Karachi Press Club and marched for “In memory of Shahzeb Khan” and asked for Justice.

The crowd was passionate, angry, motivated and fully determined to fight for their rights and get justice for Shahzeb Khan. They demanded that the murderers of Shahzeb Khan must be punished so that other sons of Pakistan are not killed brutally like this. It was good to see good number of people turning out to protest representing all sections of the society keeping in mind that Pakistan vs India was also going on at that time.

Shahzeb’s father Mr. Aurengzeb gave 7 days ultimatum to the govternment to arrest the murderers otherwise another protest will be organized next Sunday and future course of action will be announced. The movement has just started it will go on till we get justice and bring rule of law in Pakistan.

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PTI Leaders condole the family of Shahzeb Khan who was murdered by Feudal – Shahrukh Jatoi

Shahzeb Khan ProtestA large delegation of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf & ISF visited Shahzeb Khan’s family for condolences – His father shared a very heart touching narration of the tragic incident which truly moved us all.  It truly was a very simple argument, started by one of the servants of Shahrukh Jatoi who harassed Shahzeb’s sister, it unfortunately which resulted in the brutal murder of Shahzeb Khan by a Feudal’s son Shahrukh Jatoi (lived in the apartment across their Shahzeb’s flat)

Express Tribune – Murdered in cold blood: For Sindh’s feudals, Karachi lives come cheap  Shahzeb Khan didn’t even get time to change the clothes he wore to his sister’s valima. He was in his dark grey dress shirt and trousers when four 9mm bullets pierced through his car – a gleaming blue Swift which was an early birthday gift from his parents, and entered his body, eventually killing this popular 20 year old.

The car which had somersaulted after the shooting near Mubarak Masjid in Karachi’s upmarket Defence area on Tuesday morning, now stands silent opposite the Darakhshan Police Station, a sad reminder of what the spoilt young sons of feudal landlords can do if they or their friends are challenged.

After the condolences the delegation proceeded to Greenwich University to participate in a candle light vigil by the students and friends of In memory of Shahzeb Khan

The media seems to be playing down this incident, make your voice heard, make Shahzeb the beacon of light for justice for the hundred of thousands nameless people killed by Urban and Rural feudals of Karachi & Pakistan – today it was the son of a DSP Aurangzeb Khan – tomorrow it could easily be one of us, leaving behind a father and mother mourning the loss of a gun totting feudal on rampage killing over a mere dispute

Join the Protest on Sunday at the Karachi Press Club at 3pm – Peaceful protest ‘Justice for Shahzeb Khan’

Shaheen Sehbai analyzes Tahir Qadri’s Show of Strength

Shaheen SehbaiA very good critical analysis by Shaheen Sehbai about Tahir Qadri’s show yesterday – naturally I prefer the quoting the concluding remarks

“Qualified support has also come from Imran Khan who said much of what Dr Qadri said was similar to the PTI agenda.

Given a choice and given his lack of parliamentary experience, Imran would be the ideal politician to opt for the presidential system, directly elected by the people, if that idea has to materialise any time, sooner or later. It may be his best shot to get into power, with some real room to operate and change things. It may also suit the establishment to get someone on the top slot who is honest, means business and could be persuaded to carry out his national and social agenda in return for cooperation on security policies and defence issues.”
The News: Dr Qadri has a plan and it may workshared on Facebook by Awab Alvi

Imran Khan listed in TIME: People Who Mattered in 2012

Imran KhanImran Khan has been listed in TIME: People Who Mattered in 2012 at #20

He has emerged from obscurity this past year as a new dominant player in the country’s turbulent democracy, challenging the unpopular government of President Asif Ali Zardari while capitalizing on widespread frustrations over corruption, governance and U.S. drone attacks”
TIME: Imran Khan | People Who Mattered in 2012 | TIME.com
shared on Facebook by Awab Alvi

Do not vote for parties with militant wings, Imran Khan advises Karachi

Imran KhanThe people of Karachi should decide not to vote for any party that has a militant wing, said Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) chief Imran Khan on Wednesday.

“We have said it again and again that Karachi is being destroyed, The people of Karachi should decide not to vote for a party that has a militant wing,” said Imran Khan
LINK: Do not vote for parties with militant wings, PTI chief advises Karachi
shared on Facebook by Awab Alvi

Nawaz Sharif Copying PTI

Nawaz Sharif is copying the Tehreek-i-Insaf’s ideas about building a progressive Pakistan as a welfare state, just like he is copying President Asif Ali Zardari’s corruption methods. Turning to other PTI opponents, he said that if Altaf Hussain really believed that the people of Pakistan were with the Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM), he would have no objection to the fresh delimitation of electoral constituencies. Hussain’s objections showed “there is definitely some problem”, he said. He also said Jamiat Ulema-i-Islam chief Fazlur Rehman had been running an “Islam shop” but it was time to close the shop.
TRIBUNE LINK: South Punjab tour: Nawaz Sharif copying PTI’s ideas, says Imran Khan
shared on Facebook by Awab Alvi

Next Elections the Battle in Punjab is between PTI vs PML & not PPP

PML has been chest thumping a logic that if you vote for PTI you actually help elect PPP into power – a major fallacy being played up in the desperate greed to be in power

The results of By-Election clearly conclude that PPP+PML-Q alliance will be nowhere in the next general elections and its now more of battle between PTI vs PML-N or PTI vs all status quo parties, since PML must also be included into the status quo cluster proudly claims credit for having Zardari Disaster rule Pakistan for FIVE years

NA-162 (Chica Watni):

  • In Election 2008: PPP get 68,000 votes, No PML-Q candidate.
  • In By Election 2012: PPP+PML-Q joint candidate got 20,000 votes only.

PP-26 (Jehlum):

  • In Election 2008: PPP candidate+PML-Q candidate got 27,500 votes.
  • In By Election 2012: PPP+PML-Q joint candidate got 15,000 votes only.

PP-92 (Gujranwala):

  • In Election 2008: PPP candidate+PML-Q candidate got 30,000 votes
  • In By Election 2012: PPP+PML-Q joint candidate got 16,000 votes only.

PP-122 (Sialkot):

  • In Election 2008: PPP candidate+PML-Q candidate got 20,000 votes
  • In By Election 2012: PPP+PML-Q joint candidate got 4097 votes only.

PP-133 (Narowal):

  • In Election 2008: PPP candidate+PML-Q candidate got 44,000 votes
  • In By Election 2012: PPP+PML-Q joint candidate got 22,500 votes only

The bottom-line is PPP is down in Punjab, and the election battle in the upcoming battle is PTI vs PML-N and then its peoples choice to decide if Pakistan needs to change from all these rulers who have destroyed Pakistan to such a horrid situation – shared on Facebook via Awab Alvi