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Silence of the Lambs

Silence of the Lambs
By Samad Khurram

pakistan-policeBack in 2002, I was returning from Friday prayers when I saw an unusual gathering of singing and quasi-dancing Mullahs. Unusual because I had always assumed Mullahs to be against all types of Kuffar (Art). The amused crowd were listening to chants of “Taliban aa gayay, Taliban aa gayay”. I smirked. As if! Pakistan is a nuclear country with the seventh largest army. We’re safe.

The Mullahs’ songs have been answered – the Taliban indeed are coming. And with them the cowards are bringing a lifestyle that destroys everything Pakistan and Islam.
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Standing up for your Country

Guest Blog by Samad Khurram
Published in The News on 11th July 2008

Continuous air strikes on Pakistani territory and repeated intrusions of Pakistani airspace by US-led coalition forces in stark violation of international norms and customs have troubled Pakistanis across the country. These are very similar to US interventions in the political sphere of our country, where elected leaders are constantly bombarded by the Negropontes and Bouchers of this world. A combination of US geopolitical interests in the region and incompetent leaders unable to say “no” to a global superpower, have seriously undermined Pakistan’s physical and political sovereignty.

It is disgraceful for Pakistanis to have their most important decisions being made in Washington and not Islamabad. Pakistanis, for instance, are vehemently opposed to the unconstitutional actions of Nov 3 by Pervez Musharraf and have rejected him and his King’s Party in the Feb 18 election. A recent poll by the International Republican Institute suggested that 81 percent of Pakistanis want Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry reinstated. Already the compromised political process is unable to function properly and the elected leaders are still unable to fulfil their pre-election promises. When the US constantly praises Musharraf, issues statements calling him a constitutional president, or when the Bouchers and Negropontes try and influence every political decision in this country, it becomes obvious to people just who is pulling the strings in their homeland.
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STORY OF A SOLDIER: Samad Khurram!

Guest Post by Syed Ali Abbas Zaidi

Reference is the news item, published in the daily news, titled “Pak student refuses to receive award from US envoy“, dated 19th June, 2008 – The News

In this world of hypocrisy, it takes guts to stand up for your beliefs. No one has the courage to challenge the mighty. The nation has become numb. After all that we have suffered, all the chaos that we witnessed, we have become masters of “moving on”. Nothing seems more important than our own selves. The venomous passion and the scintillating love that 60 years ago, infected us and made us believe that we could get what we want, has faded. Love has died. We wear masks and pretend our conscience is dead. But in fact it isn’t, it yearns to be noticed. It yearns to find a voice

Samad Khurram, a friend, who showed us that it isn’t difficult to notice our conscience, stood up for his beliefs and refused to take an award from the American ambassador. I, being his friend, know what circumstances he is in, studying at Harvard and battling none other then the “usual” society pressures that we, the aspiring youth of this nation face. He just stood there with grace and spoke his heart out at the ceremony. He not only refused to accept the award, but also refused to shake hands with the ambassador because he believes what every Pakistani believes in, but the rest of us don’t have what it takes to take off the mask and be real!

Salutations to the soldier. One just hopes the rest of the “army” learns from it and doesn’t bow before the mighty, when it comes to principles and national prestige.
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