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Standing up for your Country

Guest Blog by Samad Khurram
Published in The News on 11th July 2008

Continuous air strikes on Pakistani territory and repeated intrusions of Pakistani airspace by US-led coalition forces in stark violation of international norms and customs have troubled Pakistanis across the country. These are very similar to US interventions in the political sphere of our country, where elected leaders are constantly bombarded by the Negropontes and Bouchers of this world. A combination of US geopolitical interests in the region and incompetent leaders unable to say “no” to a global superpower, have seriously undermined Pakistan’s physical and political sovereignty.

It is disgraceful for Pakistanis to have their most important decisions being made in Washington and not Islamabad. Pakistanis, for instance, are vehemently opposed to the unconstitutional actions of Nov 3 by Pervez Musharraf and have rejected him and his King’s Party in the Feb 18 election. A recent poll by the International Republican Institute suggested that 81 percent of Pakistanis want Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry reinstated. Already the compromised political process is unable to function properly and the elected leaders are still unable to fulfil their pre-election promises. When the US constantly praises Musharraf, issues statements calling him a constitutional president, or when the Bouchers and Negropontes try and influence every political decision in this country, it becomes obvious to people just who is pulling the strings in their homeland.

Direct US actions have led to the deaths of many innocent Pakistanis, of the country’s constitution, of rule of law and of the political process in Pakistan.

A few days before an academic excellence award was to be awarded to me by Roots School International, about 30 Pakistanis, including 14 soldiers, were killed by US-led coalition air strikes in Mohmand Agency. Had this “accident” been committed by Pakistani forces we would have been eternally damned. The government remained muted, hardly any appropriate level of protest was lodged.

I had no objections to an award from my high school whose administration and teachers I have the utmost regard for – or at least had until the Americans’ actions of June 18. However, the presence as chief guest of the American ambassador (who is basically the Bush administration’s representative in Pakistan) presented a rare opportunity to me for making known my concerns as a patriotic Pakistani. It was in the US, more specifically at Harvard, where I had learned to voice my dissent peacefully and non-violently, to stand up for what I believed in and to speak for those who could not have their voices heard, and I thought of putting some of these very values to good use.

After thinking of all the possibilities and consequences, I decided to attend to the ceremony and refuse the award politely in order to record my protest and make it known to the world that Pakistanis will not let their sovereignty be compromised. Osman Bhai, my ever trusted mentor and oracle, helped with his priceless advice and we worked out a 20-second speech. Any shorter might not have made an impact and a longer one may have resulted in security removing me from the hall.

And so I did just that.

After delivering the short speech–“I am refusing this award in protest of repeated US air strikes resulting in the deaths of many innocent Pakistanis and US tacit support for an unconstitutional president, who has destroyed Pakistan’s judiciary; my conscience will not forgive me for accepting this award”–I walked back to my seat, relieved that I had used my right to dissent, as guaranteed to me under the Constitution of Pakistan.

Due credit must also be given to Ms Patterson, who acknowledged my protest immediately and informed the audience how proud she was of students like myself. Her calm and political maturity at the day was admirable.

The same could not be said about the school administration. Many of their actions on that day were despicable and unfitting of those who educate the future of Pakistan. The administration of Roots should be thankful to my parents who have prevented me from disclosing what my brother and I had to go through–else the many articles on this protest would have also condemned many of their actions. Instead of being proud of a patriotic student from their school who spoke for the dignity of human life, rule of law and democracy, the school administration dared me to leave Harvard if I were so anti-American.

This led to many inaccurate news items claiming I had refused a Harvard scholarship. I contacted all the major newspapers to make clarifications on this misreporting but very few have made the appropriate corrections.

The scholarship I am receiving at Harvard University is funded through gifts of former alums, many of them Pakistanis such as the late Benazir Bhutto, and not by the Bush administration or the US military. Harvard itself has been very proactive in advocating for the rule of law for Pakistan, and recently it awarded the prestigious “Medal of Freedom” to the Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry. The administration has been supportive of my activism and even permitted me to take a semester off so that I could be part of the historic lawyers’ movement. There are protests around the campus all the time: against the Iraq war, the Chinese crackdown in Tibet and for the restoration of Pakistan’s judiciary, among a host of other issues. Surprisingly, my old school administration has dared me to leave a university that stands for principles and is in no way connected to the US bombings of Pakistani territory or of the American government’s support for Musharraf!

Very well! The day the school’s students leave their institution in protest over Musharraf’s actions of Nov 3, I too shall leave Harvard. The frailty and naivete of such suggestions hardly deserves a rejoinder. Clearly, some people need to be explained the difference between private and public institutions.

I am really overwhelmed and thankful to the thousands of Pakistanis who have written to me and called me to show their support. The words of appreciation mean a lot to me and I am afraid I may not be able to reply to everyone. My sincerest gratitude also to all those who have offered scholarships to me in the event my scholarship is revoked. I don’t see that happening since such protests are very common in the US and never get the same hype that has been given to mine in Pakistan.

Furthermore, many people have asked me whether this was under the influence of any political person or party. I do not have any political affiliations and no one else influences my decisions. However, that being said, it would be wrong not to mention the commendable stance taken by Honourable Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry and the 60 other judges who stood up for principles and refused to sell their souls to the president. My inspiration comes from the lawyers who have been committed for the independence of the judiciary and rule of law and have given great role models for our generation to look up to. Without their principled struggle I do not think I could have taken this stand.

With this I would like to request an end to the media frenzy and not to contact me for future interviews and television appearances on this protest. I do believe I have had my voice heard adequately and more limelight on my person will overshadow other more important issues that require coverage, such as the restoration of Pakistan’s judiciary.

The writer is a student at Harvard University and an active member of Student Action Committees of the USA and Islamabad. Email: samadkhurram@ gmail.com


  • Obi Wan Kenobi |

    Yeah scholarship funded by crooks like Benazir and he is proud to take that … hahahaha

  • Freedom |

    Good post, Samad Zindabad.

    Impeach the evil bastard, for destroying Pakistan and hiding in army house. SOB will meet his destiny soon.

  • Ammar Faheem |

    Does’nt it just show that may be Harvard, by so warmly giving you a semester off, has actualy planted you here in Pakistan? Your comments against the attack were admirable and very inspirational indeed Samad, a ray of hope many of us needed! But you, like our media, need to learn not to put our dirty laundry on public display – that is if it is dirty!

    I was deeply hurt that you took up the issue of the President and the judiciary, thus maligning your effort as political and misdirected.

    But this is just my *peaceful* point of view. I have used my right to dissent here.

  • hassan Rizvi |

    Ammar doesn’t your letter show you have ‘actually’ been planted by our pro-American President,…or…his agencies… or… by the Americans.Shame on; you what jaundiced thinking you show.You are certainly out of touch with the reality of the new Pakistan .

  • Tahseen Alam Khan |

    We are badly Infected with the VIRUS of INFERIORity Complex this is the time to stand up for the Country or we may be doomed for ever. People like SAMAD are the true Pakistanis who should be respected for being Vocal Pakistanis with no fear of America. Pakistan is not for SALE To the Forigeners. We want to live Honorably and we can survive if we become ONE NATION. Let us become PAKISTANIS FIRST before anything. Allah May Bless Pakistan & Give us Courage to Stand Up for our Country Amin.

  • Tahseen Alam Khan |


  • anas |

    Very nice to see a clarification of your stance here. There were many reports in media and a myriad blog posts explaining the pros and cons of your attitude at the ceremony. I find few things worthy of comments in your post.

    1) Harvard supporting the rule of law in Pakistan is actually none of their business. They should rather concentrate on protesting against their own President who is busy conquering different countries. Do you know the role of establishment in the US politics? If you understand that you’ll appreciate Pakistan’s too.

    2) A scholarship which shares Benazir’s money (whose party is currently failing to condemn US attacks) should not be accepted by you, according to your “principles.”

    3) Unconstitutional President? The Parliament elected him; it doesn’t matter whether you like him or not. That shows some lack of negligence, information and cognition.

    4) You’re supporting the principles of Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry who supported the emergency rule in 1999 and voted in favor of referendum in Supreme Court in 2002. Now where were the principles then? Do they come and go? If so, they can go again, anytime!

    5) Pardon me, but I think your activism should rather be considered SLACKTIVISM

    6) And finally, as you said, this chapter should be closed now. Enough of it, time to move ahead. Whatever you did was your choice and you were free to do it, and you need not explain it to the masses. Those who support it will continue to do so, and those who don’t should not be forced to support it in any way. Right?

    7) As for some of the comments above: A comment by Freedom says “Impeach the evil bastard..” and this was allowed to go ahead on this famous blog of TM. Well, if someone calls his mother a b*tch, I’m sure he’ll be ready to slap him.

    8) Someone else says that you’re a true Pakistani. Sure you may be. But that should not mean the other kids who didn’t follow suit are not true Pakistanis.

    Democracy allows accommodation of all points of view; so some tolerance here and there would be appreciated.

    Good Luck

  • Ammar Faheem |

    A very fitting reply indeed Anas. These people, in their anguish and their band-wagoner attitude have forgotten the very principles of democracy, freedom of speech and thought and basic etiquettes.

    This famous TM blog should have some censors in place! You people really need to understand what ‘Standing up’ for your country really means!

    Good Luck!

  • Gio Samad |


    MUSH FANs are hopeless. For them its MUSH FIRST not PAKISTAN FIRST.

  • SAWJ |

    As for the unconstitutional President, the Supreme Court bench formed by reinstated CJ Iftikhar Chauhdry gave a verdict on 28th September 2007, allowing General Pervez Musharraf to contest the presidential elections in uniform. When the 9 member bench announced 6-3 that Musharraf could contest the elections, what authority do you have over them to call the president unconstitutional? These are the same “principled” judges that you want restored.

    And the video of your refusal shows that it was anything but polite sir.

    Your inspiration comes from the lawyers, the leader of whom, Mr. Aitzaz Ahsan, a very “principled” and “patriotic” man, spent the latter half of the 90s decade defending Zardari and BB in corruption cases, and in 2008, he revealed that most of those cases against the couple were justified. Very patriotic, indeed!

  • Altaf |

    Samad was probably shitting in his nappies when Sharif & BB were robbing the country blind. Most of the criticism of Mush & the present setup is valid but please put it in perspective. Read up on some history before campaigning on behalf of Nawaz Sharif & Zardari.

  • Gio Samad |

    Gio Samad again,

    Gio Samad again,

    Gio Samad again.

    This statement does not mean that we are defending Nawaz or Zardari. We are just supporting Samads stand.

    We don’t worship Samad or Aitezaz Ahsan or Iftikhar Chaudhry. We are just supporting them for some of their actions. While MUSH fans worship MUSH and support his tyranny at any cost.

    Long live those who stand against the tyrants.

  • For Truth |

    Let us put somethings into proper perspective.

    This SAWJ character, a renowned expert in juvenile mudslinging is a big fan of the one of the biggest retards in the history of Pakistan – Ahmed Quraishi.

    Firstly, he put up the story of Samad Khurram on his blog:


    But the moment he woke up and realized that half of the protest was against the Devil, he changed colors! The SWAJA howa character at one place posts about the great Hazrat Ali (RA) and Hazrat Imam Hussain (RA) and then posts about the Kaafir-e-Azam, Musharraf in the same breath! What a cheap hypocrite!

    But its okay. Once you have a look at his picture, you wont feel mad but actually care for him. Its great that such retards who have no other form of communication in life are able to live normally. Imagine he comments on EVERYONE who comments on his blog! Khawar kahin ka!


  • Ammar Faheem |

    @ For Truth:

    Scared of disclosing your name and identity? This is exactly what your movement is about! You are on US payrolls, knowingly or unknowingly!

    Look at how you malign normal people who just blog in their free time, like SAWJ!

    All the comments that have followed spit hatred and from nowhere smell of unity or truth or even talking about justice! Are your comments just? Is your abusive language justified?

    You do this to anyone who disagree’s to your PAID point of views and opinion!

    Learn to respect others opinion before opening your foul mouths!

  • SAWJ |

    Your personal attack at me shows your desperation Mr. “For Truth”.

    “Renowned expert in juvenile mudslinging…” – ROTFLMAO. Good one! How old do you think I am?

    Apart from what you mention, I even sent an email to Samad, praising his act. There now, I’m out in the open. I thought at first that his protest was against America but when I learned of his “political” motivation and some of his deeds, I was thoroughly disappointed. Would it be wrong to say that he protested against the only man standing in America’s way to Paki nukes, AQ Khan, destroying Pak-China and Pak-Iran relations?

    And yes I visit Ahmed Quraishi’s website. He’s the only guy who hasn’t changed his colors and still supports the same man as he did before. Unlike those who used to lick PPP’s ass and now that they have refused to restore the judges, have turned on them.

  • Altaf |

    Gio Samad: Nobody is suggesting you worship Nawaz Sharif, but the one sided criticism of Musharraf & Co. by you & most of the PML-N & PPP apologetics here exposes exactly where you stand.

    I am no fan of Musharraf & do not support his policies on the War on Terror, Lal Masjid etc. etc. However, please put the shortcomings of Musharraf in perspective with the history of Sharif & BB as well as their declared party policies (which not to much suprise hardly offer anything different).

    You can say all you want that you are not supporting Zardari or Sharif & are just fighting for what you think is right. The facts are quite to the contrary. Sadly all this activism, however good intentioned, will not lead to any revolution that will put up honest men from humble backgrounds into power (because whether you accept it or not this movement does not have the support needed for revolutions)- It will most definitely lead to either Sharif or Zardari back into unchecked power – both wholesale plunderers of our nations wealth.

  • Gio Samad |


    Are you high?

    Why do you take opposition to Musharraf as a support of Zardari or Nawaz?

  • For Truth |

    Rule of Law does not mean Musharraf or Nawaz or Zardari.

    Rule of Law means everyone is brought to justice including Musharraf for his actions of 3rd Nov.

    Something SWAJAY’s little head can not fathom. Of course too much to ask for him.

    I pray sincerely that SWAJAY’s family is arrested by the intelligence agencies, the same way as thousands of people in Pakistan have gone missing due to Musharraf.

    But he posts Hazrat Ali (RA)’s works and Musharraf’s tyranny on the same page ! Such disrespect for Hazrat Ali (RA) I have never seen.

    Would Hazrat Ali (RA) be meeting the head of the Zionists and taking instructions from Israel the same as Mush does?

    Shame on you SWAJAY! At least keep Mush and Hazrat Ali aside.

    But then I had one look at your picture and realized you’re beyond repair. LOL

  • Altaf |

    Gio Samad: Yes I am high if that means keeping my feet on the ground & not getting carried away by the hype created by the media around the lawyers movement.

    Sadly in Pakistan we have 3 options -actually 2 because Musharraf is almost history. Sharif & Zardari – There is no 3rd option. Both of these individuals have to offer the same economic & foreign policies to the people as Musharraf PLUS they are more than twice as incompetent & corrupt as he was.

    You are living in a fools paradise if you believe anyone else other than these two gentlemen will benefit once Musharraf is finally gone & your sanity will be in doubt if you believe that they are going to bring about any meaningful changes to the lives of ordinary Pakistanis.

  • SAWJ |

    @For Truth:

    I’m really sorry that your family was arrested by the intelligence agencies. While you pray that mine gets arrested, I sincerely pray to Allah that you are able to find yours.

    You criticize me for posting about Hazrat Ali (A.S.) and Musharraf on the same page, while you have used their names in the same sentence! Not once but twice.

    Then again, I never compared Hazrat Ali (A.S.) to Musharraf. Hazrat Ali (A.S.) is above and beyond what Musharraf can ever be.

    You call my head little, while it’s actually yours that keeps mixing up things set wide apart.

    Furthermore, you can trash me all you want. It’s clear from your comments that I’ve crossed you pretty bad somewhere and you are hell-bent on exacting revenge just like Nawaz Sharif. 🙂

    I won’t reply to any of your off-topic comments anymore as I neither have the time for it nor are they at the “superior than yours” level of intelligence my little head can fathom.

  • Sons Of Pakistan |

    Salam ho Samad tum ko,

    Abhee hamaree qaum kai andar ‘rerh kee hadee’ maujood hai. Shukar hai Allah ka.

    Bikey hoe Generals aur siasat daan tum sai kuch nahee seekh sakengay. Unkaa ooper wala chamber Ghulamee kai jaraseemon sai bhara hai. Intizar hai kiseee Khonee-Inqilab kaa jo in Haram Zadon ko Parliament house kai samney latkaa dey aur Qaum kee lootee hoee daulat wapis Qaum ko lota dey.

  • shahzad |

    What sovereignty does Samad Khurram and his fellow ‘ghairatmand’ Pakis keep harping about? All this brave soldier crap is just that…a lot of crap! How about these ‘ghairatmands’ protest in a fitting manner against the killing of Pakistani troops and civilians by the Taliban/Al-Qaeda which now controls/rules most of our tribal areas and recently threatened Peshawar itself! Or is it that killing in the name of Islam – regardless of who one kills – is allowed in the minds of these ‘ghairatmands’? The fact of the matter is that the State of Pakistan and hence its much vaunted sovereignty has ceased to exist in FATA, Swat and other parts of the NWFP. American and NATO troops are in Afghanistan under a UN mandate since 2001. Why is it that only recently they have had to take action on their own by taking out terrorist targets in what was once Pakistani territory but is now controlled by the Taliban/Al-Qaeda with the help of murdering thugs like Baitullah Mehsud and Fazlullah? Only when NATO realised that the Pakistani state does not have either the will or the capacity to take on the terrorists on its side of the border have they been forced to retaliate. That innocent Pakistani foot soldiers have been killed is regretable and should be protested against. But can we also howl when the Taliban kill our soldiers in a most brutal manner…17 just recently. 22 people had their throats slit like animals by these same ‘mujahids’ and not a peep out of the likes of Samad Khurram and the rest of the ‘ghairatmant’ bridgade! We must face facts about all who are trying to take over out territory for whatever reason…NATO because it has no other choice but to come in and destroy terrorist training camps and the Taliba/Al-Qaeda because they feel Pakistan is now ripe for the picking since most of us seem to have been totally brainwashed into believing that this is only an American war with no consequences for us. This war must be fought by all of us in whatever way we can by defeating the forces of Taliban/Al-Qaeda who want to return us to the tribal law of 7th century Arabia. And the only way we can accomplish that now is for the Pakistan Army and NATO to lauch joint operations in FATA and blast these ‘jihadis’ to their 72 virgins in Paradise! Good luck to us all!

  • SAWJ |

    Aptly but too forcefully put Shahzad. America is going to use the Taliban as an excuse to attack Pakistan to create it’s dominance in the region to curb China.

    Ever wonder why the Taliban attacks in Afghanistan and Pakistan time perfectly with US statements and news of attacking Pakistan?

  • Sons Of Pakistan |

    Shahzad or Sojey hoey,

    You guys sound like disciples of *Enlightened Moderation*. Well your prophet *MUSH* is doomed. He will soon be migrating to a country near you.

    Did US need Taliban as a reason to attack Iraq? Your reasoning is absurd.

    MUSH fooled the nation and made us believe that his policies will save Pakistan and Pakistanis. Well, to this date the sword still hangs on our heads.

    It seems that he (MUSH) was the one, who was given the PROJECT OF STONE AGE. And it seems like he has been doing his job very well.

  • For Truth |

    Mush is also close friends with head of the World Zionist Movement, Jack Rosen.

    After Musharraf destroyed Pakistan’s courts, Jack Rosen visited him and thanked him:

    Please read Israeli Newspaper Haaretz:


    SWAJAY sharam ker. Yahoodiyon kay agent or Hazrat Ali (RA) ki posts aik hi page per ker raha hai

  • imtiaz |

    Dear All, Aslam-o-elikum,

    I have been reading all these comments above and have found many interesting statments.

    Well to my understanding whatever Samad have done that is really a appreciable step as he stood for the country for Pakistani nation and our identity in front of US embassy. But after reading some critical analysis and watching ARY One program off the record with Kashif Abbasi http://www.pakpoint.com/2008/07/04/samad-khurram-in-off-the-record-with-kashif-by-ary-one-world/ I disagree to Samad where he admitted that we should go for illegal things to restore judiciary in Pakistan. He said that some time we have to go for tough (illegal) decisions for the larger interest of the country (see video 10:30-11:30th minute). A statement similar to Musharraf statement. If one ask from Musharraf he will say whatever he did he made tough decisions for the larger interest of Pakistan.

    Well we salute Honorables Chief Justice of Pakistan and other 60 judges and we want their restoration with dignity not by illegal means as suggested by Mr. Samad.

    Democracy teach us the compromise the ability to listen other’s point of view, the passion and much more qualities. Look at the life of Nelson Mandeela and other leaders . Such emotional/aggressive personal like Samad who are incapable to listens others point of view are not worth praising in long term. Although if we look for a short time we really appriciate his action.

    I am not sure but getting convinced day by day that he is a US planted person in Pakistan and have hidden agenda to spread anarchy in Pakistan that is why he is in Pakistan without caring his semesters. Anyhow I would pray from Allah that

    1. Help Pakistan and Let us become united like a great nation.

    2. Restore Justice in Pakistan.

    3. Give us fair and honest rulers.

    Pakistani nation is now waked up and we now want rule of law in Pakistan

  • anas |

    All those shouting for rule of law must first look at themselves. Whenever they (including myself) get stopped by a policeman on the road, we try to parry him with something or the other. These are little things and they do count in the rule of law.

    There was something interesting above that Musharraf has fooled the nation. True, he fooled the nation by taking foreign reserves from 700 million to 16 billion, and the democratic government for which we all fought so hard is doing it justice by trying to take it back to 700 million and stock exchange back to 3000 points, as it was in 1999.

    Musharraf fooled us, because in those 8 years we weren’t needed to go to Saudi Arabia asking for free oil, but the new government is doing it.

    Now leave that aside, everyone should accept here that Iftikhar Chaudhry is a PCO judge (1999) and supported Musharraf twice (in 2000, 2002) decisions. So expecting the rule of law from him is a fallacy. Why he said NO to the dictator was because HE HIMSELF was the target this time. Love it or not, it’s a fact.

    All my comments are off-topic, because that has been the trend above.

  • JoeBlo |

    The only accomplishment of MUSH (or Paki Karzai) is that he exported CHEAP MUSLIM Blood and showed that money as the foreign currency reserves.

    This was evident from the extra GRANTS that MQM got and spent a part on the bridges built in Karachi, 40% of that money went back to London to feed the Kala Peer.

    Even the dumbest Pakistani can sell Pakistani assets for 25% of the price and claim that he has earned FOREIGN CURRENCY RESERVES for Pakistan.

    You guys can keep smooching this pooch, but he soon will be migrating to a country near you.

  • Tahseen Alam Khan |

    Time has come that we should prove Our National Integrity which is badly damged by our rulers. Pakistanis should now show their firm stance as a Nation. Time is running up and we should start reading between the lines otherwise it will be too late. We may miss the train of the league of Nation. ALLAH may Bless PAKISTAN AMIN.

  • Ryzwan |

    I saw Samad’s program in full.

    Samad said it very well which I am putting in points for people who will have it hard to follow otherwise:

    – Dogar Court is an illegal court

    – Whenever we see an illegal activity going on in the streets our objective is to prevent it from happening (Samad gave the example of thieves in your neighbors house)

    – Hence there is a moral responsibility on all of us to stop the illegal Dogar Court

    In a state the responsibility goes to the state agencies. However if the state agencies are not capable of preventing it then it goes to the people. This is exactly what Samad has said and I fully support him on this.

  • Imtiaz |

    Dear Ryzwan see video 10:30-11:30th min part. When Kashif Abbasi argued that two wrongs can not make one right.

  • shahzad |

    SAWJ and Sons of Pakistan…
    The Americans have no desire to attack Pakistan…not if we are able to clean up the islamist/jehadi mess in FATA on our own. If not then they will have no choice but to extend the UN mandated Afghan mission into territory which was formerly controlled by Pakistan..and now has been handed over to the Taliban/Al-Qaeda. The danger to our country is not from the Americans but from all those bearded jehadi lunatics who insist we all follow their perverted version of Islam…a version that seems to be only made up of killing, stoning and be-heading and ofcourse to stamp out the biggest threat to islam…women!
    and Sons of Pakistan….Mush already lives in the country I live in…

  • Ryzwan |

    Stopping illegal activity, such as robbers stealing from your neighbors or the functioning of a Dogar Court is not a wrong Imtiaz.

  • Sons Of Pakistan |


    Sorry, don't say 'we'. You sound of a different religion where as I and most Pakistanis are Muslims and followers of Muhammad (S.A.W.W).

    We have already seen you mocking 72 virgins. So take your religion to someone else-foolish enough to believe you and your prophet(MUSH-arraf).

    And if you are so much fed up of the Tribals, go to WANA yourself and fight them. Don't be a keyboard Crusader, go yourself and fight them.

    I am tired of brain-washed Kaley Angrez like you. If you are so fed up of these Talibans, go yourself and fight them. Why waste time posting your hate messages on these blogs.

  • imtiaz |

    Dear Ryzwan I agree to you. But the way described by Mr. samad is not appropriate.

    Why we should do/repeate the same things what Musharraf did ?

  • shahzad |

    Sons of Pakistan…and should that not be ‘son’ – singular – or are you a whole bunch of like minded zombies…your response is typical of a true run of the mill talib..completely intolerant of the others point of view…a perfect tiny example of the decline of islamic culture since it is now the likes of you who claim to be the sole representatives of this faith. as for my religion…thats none of your business or anyone elses for that matter just like yours is none of mine. and don’t presuppose what im doing about fighting the rabid taliban gangs…you have no way of knowing. and the bit about the kaley angrez is old hat…does anyone still use that term? feel free to ignore any future posts from me..this converstaion is over i guess. you’re welcome to your 72 virgins…it’s just that i’d rather have my women in this life and on this planet! that is if the taliban don’t take over my entire country and put all women in horrible blue burkas! cheers!

  • Ryzwan |


    Samad is a small kid. This is probably his first time doing an interview. You can’t expect him to be perfect.

    Please stop hating on our NATIONAL HERO who has made us live with dignity again.

  • imtiaz |

    Dear Ryzwan

    Samad is not a kid. Read his e-mails he is very emotional man. I am sorry to say he is not our national hero. Just this one action (although this action should be much appreciated) can not make him a national hero. Just look at the lives of any of our national hero.

    Actually with too many depressions and bad news around we have become emotional and and so now we make decision very quickly and emotionally. Look at the example of cricketers some time we give them flowers and some time stones and we have no consistent yard stick to judge people around.

    I 100% disagree that samad is a kid and he is a national hero both are absolutely wrong statments. The other thing i want to clarify we do not hate him as he have really done a great job.

  • Ryzwan |


    Aren’t you the same guy Samad removed from his friends list for spamming him?

    I figured from your broken English. Haha!

  • imtiaz |

    I am not a spammer and does not like any spammer. So please do not deviate from the original topic. Broken English? Well I am not sitting here for an English Exams at teeth maestro. I am proud that my URDU is much better than my English.

    Samad is not our National Hero nor Mr. Musharraf it is Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah and Allama Muhammad Iqbal who are our national heroes. Samad is not a national savior nor he have done something extra ordinary for the country. He is not a kid as suggested by you he is over 18 and is responsible enough for his public interviews.

    I doubt that Mr. Samad is a USA agent in Pakistan . He is a hypocrite. He just want to spread anarchy in Pakistan.

    Well a free advise to you Please do not Judge People from their broken English but from their original thoughts. If you want to judge my English only being very personal to me then I bet I can get more score than you in the TOFEL or any other International Exams.

  • saeed |

    All the above discussion is very interesting and changing its topics and discussion style

    Are we a United Nation?

    Well I would agree to some of the views mentioned above that with just one single act of refusing an ward by Mr. Samad we can not declare him as our National Hero.

    Are our heroes so cheap? Do we have forgotten the memories of the creation of Pakistan?

    Well I salute Mr. Samad for his actions but still there is a long way to go to become a national hero.

  • Ryzwan |

    Mr. Tariq,

    You are one of those who will even call Quaid-e-Azam an american agent. For God’s sake he protest AGAINST American Ambassador and you are calling him an American agent.

    Furthermore, a typo is different from grammatically invalid sentence structure, such as the one by a spammer in Leicester University xD

    Samad may or may not be a hero as yet but what he did that day was heroic. He is on a much higher level of patriotism than all of us combined so before we criticize him we should think what we have done for our country.

    I know what Imtiaz did: he passed Matric English in his fourth try!

    And Tariq, he got appointed the president of Idiots for Life society.

  • Teeth Maestro |


    This discussion has been peppered with trolls where people make one comment and change their nickname to carry of a discussion endlessly. Please refrain from comment trolls – I have taken the liberty of deleting the comments which I deemed as troll.