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  • TED Blog: Fellows Friday with Awab Alvi

    An interview of mine published on TEDBlog on Friday November 5th 2010, just sharing it here for reference.  This interview also included a new interactive feature for TEDFellows facebook page where a question was put up for discussion, the question asked from this interview was “Why do you think there’s a lack of media coverage…

  • Asher Hasan’s message of peace from Pakistan at TEDIndia

    Asher Hasan, CEO of Naya Jeevan who was a TEDIndia Fellow at the TEDIndia conference held in Mysore, Bangalore this November. Asher brilliantly articulated the message of peace from Pakistan within the short 5 minute TED talk, truly Asher did the entire Pakistani delegation proud that afternoon in Mysore.

  • TEDIndia: Business of Sexual Slavery must stop – Sunita Krishnan

    I share with you a very moving speech delivered by Sunitha Krishnan at TEDIndia in Mysore, Bangalore this November. Sunita speech was probably the most moving talk of the three days session at the Infosys campus. Sunita Krishan herself was a victim of sexual slavery but has now dedicated her life to rescuing women and…

  • Indian bloggers welcome the Pakistani delegation to TEDIndia

    Indian technology blogger TechGirl welcomes the Pakistani delegation to TEDIndia. This can possibly be a great opportunity to spread the message of friendship across the digital divide. Here’s to TechGirl, may this meetup in November be the start of a long lasting friendship between the two nations

  • TEDIndia Fellowship YES

    It was only in June that TED.com had announced the opportunity to apply for the prestigious TEDIndia fellowship. The selection to this TED Fellows group was limited to bringing together some brilliant future leaders from this region together. I must say that had it not been due to Faisal Chohan, a TED Fellow himself, we…