TEDIndia: Business of Sexual Slavery must stop – Sunita Krishnan

I share with you a very moving speech delivered by Sunitha Krishnan at TEDIndia in Mysore, Bangalore this November. Sunita speech was probably the most moving talk of the three days session at the Infosys campus. Sunita Krishan herself was a victim of sexual slavery but has now dedicated her life to rescuing women and children from sex slavery, a multimilion-dollar global market. In this courageous talk, she tells three powerful stories, as well as her own, and calls for a more humane approach to helping these young victims rebuild their lives.

Each year, some two million women and children, many younger than 10 years old, are bought and sold around the globe. Impassioned by the silence surrounding the sex-trafficking epidemic, Sunitha Krishnan co-founded Prajwala, or “eternal flame,” a group in Hyderabad that rescues women from brothels and educates their children to prevent second-generation prostitution. Prajwala runs 17 schools throughout Hyderabad for 5,000 children and has rescued more than 2,500 women from prostitution, 1,500 of whom Krishnan personally liberated. At its Asha Niketan center, Prajwala helps young victims prepare for a self-sufficient future.

Krishnan has sparked India’s anti-trafficking movement by coordinating government, corporations and NGOs. She forged NGO-corporate partnerships with companies like Amul India, Taj Group of Hotels and Heritage Hospitals to find jobs for rehabilitated women. In collaboration with UN agencies and other NGOs, she established printing and furniture shops that have rehabilitated some 300 survivors. Krishnan works closely with the government to define anti-trafficking policy, and her recommendations for rehabilitating sex victims have been passed into state legislation.






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  1. Mohsin Shah Avatar

    An amazing talk by an amazing woman, those interested can follow a question answer session with her at this link http://j.mp/8gACzw

  2. dr jawwad khan Avatar
    dr jawwad khan

    some one rightly said that india is a true rape kingdom.

    india has a worst record of human right violation than any country in the world…but no body talks about that.

  3. Jamshaid Avatar

    Great work keep it up.
    see my blog alsooooo.


  4. Observer Avatar

    Courageous woman! Keep on the good work!

  5. Firdous Avatar

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  6. farrah shah Avatar
    farrah shah

    God may give Sunitha strength to deal with so much pain and sufference of others.it is not easy.

    …….and the animals who commit such barbaric acts of criminality actually must be removed from the society……put into prison…..they are threat to their own children.

    I connot comprehend in the story of Sunitha there were at least seven men who did sex with under five year old…….it is alot of sick men in the society.

    There should be more consultation and counselling available for men or boys when they are growing up ,so that they adopt a normal attitude towards sex.


    There is no limit to the barbic acts , humans can go to,drunk parents beat their own child to death?????

    There must be harshest punishments for such animals .


  7. Concerned Humanitari Avatar
    Concerned Humanitari

    This kind of brutality can only happen in India….We are a sick society…..

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