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Karachi University Seminar about the Military Operation in Bajaur, Waziristan, Kurram Agency & Swat

On 25th October, Saturday an event was organized in Karachi University organized by Karachi University Teachers Society, (KUTs) in collaboration of Peoples Resistance (PR).

The main speakers were, Mr. Kak Kahil a Peshawar based AJ TV Journalist and Mr. Wali Haider who has just recently returned from the Bajaur region. Both speakers spoke at length about the situation in the region and following their speeches were later peppered with some very interesting questions by the students about Imperialistic war in tribal & the settled areas of Pakistan, both speakers extensively criticized Taliban’s activities while also took the Pakistan Army to task for playing second fiddle to the NATO and US agenda which are leading towards a collapse of the sovereignty of Pakistan. The News reported on the event as follows
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The News reports on PR Seminar with Hamid Mir

Most militants fighting to avenge military actions’
Published in The News: Monday, September 29, 2008

When Corps Commander Ali Jan Orakzai had deployed troops for the first time in Mohmand Agency in 2003, he gave an impression that the military intended to build schools, hospitals and roads there but he rather launched an operation against the militants that ultimately created further problems for civilians, as a result separatist tendency increased there. And this was the beginning of the conflict there.

Senior journalist Hamid Mir said this while speaking at a seminar “Military action in Fata, reality, myths and implications”, held at Justice Cornelius Library of the newly built National Law University, Clifton, on Sunday.

“The concept of Pakistan has almost ended there as the insurgency is taking shape of separatism,” he added.

According to him, there exist around 10-15 militant groups, which are not Taliban and they are not well organized. “They lack command structure and sometimes they also fight with each other. They are insurgents and separatists,” he claimed.
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Just to win peace for myself, my wife and my children

The borders of Pakistan remain under constant pressure from the offensive generated by the American War on Terror, it is this plague amongst other problems that continue to weaken Pakistan on a daily basis. Its ironic that the war is thousands of miles away from the coast of America yet they assume the offensive to walk into any country waging their agenda ransacking the country to ruins and in this case it happens o be Pakistan. This war sadly creeps deeper into our borders by the minute and the elusive Taliban’s who have been on the receiving end of this war on terror started within the caves of Afghanistan and been pushed into the lands of Pakhtunistan.

Sporadic reports emerge from the region about the ongoing offensive and it mostly revolves around prescribed press releases as issued by the American Militia. To hear the stories from the people on the ground who are actually suffering gives a peak into the impact of this war, it seems that it no longer is an offensive to root out the terrorists but instead more to terrorize the inhabitants more as to show who is the boss.

I was alerted to one such discussion on the Care2 forum initiated by a resident of the Tribal Areas in Pakistan a 41 year old man named Muhammed Khurshid, a father of four has one simple yet powerful wish Just to win peace for myself, my wife and my children. Since the past two days he has been trying to urge for peace in his neighborhood more so as his own desperate attempt to bring Peace for himself, his wife and four children, simply his own paradise on earth. He has made a couple of posts on the forum at the time of this article and expect more to come, I share his debate here to better understand the problem while at the same time promote his plea for peace and tranquility in the region, if not for the people of Pakistan but at least for his small family caught up in the midst of this battle
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