Just to win peace for myself, my wife and my children

The borders of Pakistan remain under constant pressure from the offensive generated by the American War on Terror, it is this plague amongst other problems that continue to weaken Pakistan on a daily basis. Its ironic that the war is thousands of miles away from the coast of America yet they assume the offensive to walk into any country waging their agenda ransacking the country to ruins and in this case it happens o be Pakistan. This war sadly creeps deeper into our borders by the minute and the elusive Taliban’s who have been on the receiving end of this war on terror started within the caves of Afghanistan and been pushed into the lands of Pakhtunistan.

Sporadic reports emerge from the region about the ongoing offensive and it mostly revolves around prescribed press releases as issued by the American Militia. To hear the stories from the people on the ground who are actually suffering gives a peak into the impact of this war, it seems that it no longer is an offensive to root out the terrorists but instead more to terrorize the inhabitants more as to show who is the boss.

I was alerted to one such discussion on the Care2 forum initiated by a resident of the Tribal Areas in Pakistan a 41 year old man named Muhammed Khurshid, a father of four has one simple yet powerful wish Just to win peace for myself, my wife and my children. Since the past two days he has been trying to urge for peace in his neighborhood more so as his own desperate attempt to bring Peace for himself, his wife and four children, simply his own paradise on earth. He has made a couple of posts on the forum at the time of this article and expect more to come, I share his debate here to better understand the problem while at the same time promote his plea for peace and tranquility in the region, if not for the people of Pakistan but at least for his small family caught up in the midst of this battle

To peace lovers,

Today I have been initiating this thread with tears in my eyes because we are really in trouble. Terrorists have been killing us, but now the United States has also given indication that there will bombs and more destructions in tribal areas situated on Pak-Afghan border. At this critical hour you people should play a role in saving us. Now we have been compelled to spend the whole night sleepless.

We should play a role in stopping this unnecessary war. War is not a solution to the problem. I think this is not our destiny to be fighting for the whole life and then our children will be fighting. The real peace lovers should come forward and play a role in saving this world from further destruction. The continued stress has been affecting mentally and bodily.

Today a newspaper in its report stated that unmanned United States drones armed with missiles have stepped up patrols over villages along the Pak-Afghan border, hunting for Taliban and Al Qaeda militants and fraying nerves below.

Pashtun villagers living on the frontier call them ‘buzzers’, and the aircraft have increasingly taken to the skies, causing sleepless nights and occasionally raining down death.

“We’re sick of these drones, they’re driving us crazy,” said Sher Shah, a government official in South Waziristan’s Wana. “They fly so low at night we can’t sleep!”

The Predators, capable of carrying two anti-tank Hellfire missiles, can remain aloft for up 24 hours — providing the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) with a wealth of intelligence beamed live from its hi-tech cameras. They have struck several times in northwest Pakistan this year, killing dozens of suspected militants..

Sometimes villagers can spot the drones — a tiny speck in the sky — and even fire at them with rifles. At other times the drones are too high to see, but you know they’re there from the distinctive and incessant buzz given off by their rear-mounted propeller engines

The buzzing often gets louder at night as the drones patrol at lower altitudes in the darkness, villagers say.

Residents of Bajaur, another militant-plagued region on the Afghan border, said drones flew overhead all night on Thursday.

“The sky is not safe, the earth is not safe, where should we go?” asked Jabbar Shah, a resident of Inayat Kalay village, about 10 kilometres from the border. “We don’t know when they will strike and who they will hit. It’s very worrying,” he said.

The Tribal Areas became a sanctuary for Al Qaeda and Taliban militants fleeing from Afghanistan after US-led forces ousted the Taliban in 2001. Al Qaeda chief Osama Bin Laden is also believed to be hiding on the mountainous border.

Growing frustration: According to analysts, the Predator activity — which Pakistan does not officially allow — is a sign of growing US frustration with Pakistan’s inability to tackle the militants.s.

Some US politicians, including presidential candidate Barack Obama, have even suggested that the United States should attack Al Qaeda inside Pakistan without Pakistani approval.

Pakistan, which has been trying to negotiate peace with the militants, has ruled out allowing foreign troops on its soil.

For the time being, at least, it looks as if the United States will rely on its drones, and people on the border will continue living in fear.

Malik Khairdin, a tribal elder in Wana, said he had stopped letting too many cars park outside his house or allowing guests to stay because that might be spotted by the drones. “We fear we might be hit on suspicion of being Al Qaeda,” Reuters quoted him as saying.

Protests: On Friday, tribesmen staged a protest by convening a jirga against the unusual increase in drone flights over South Waziristan and its adjoining areas, Online reported.

Tribal leader Malik Nur Zada informed the jirga that the tribesmen were greatly disturbed by the spy planes due to the noise.

Addressing the jirga, Political Agent Fazal Rabbi Khan assured the tribesmen that their problems would soon be sorted out, adding that several developmental projects were progressing in the area. agencies

He later continues his story writing

Believe me we have been living in a very difficult situation. We are not not aware who are Taliban or terrorists? What are their aim? We are just seeing that they are killing innocent people. They have blown schools. They have been destroying the hospitals.

Now we have received the news that the United States is planning an big attack on tribal areas on July 20. This was stated by high-ranking retired Pakistani intelligence officer. The idea of erecting the signs for the American pilots is interesting, but how it can be meterialised. At the moment the whole area is under the control of Taliban. I cannot explain how much difficulties I have been facing in keeping communination with you.

Actually the state is involved in creation of terrorists. Rulers of Pakistan have been breeding terrorism just to create justification for war-mongers like to Bush to begin another war.

I want to tell you that lives of millions of people are in danger. I think the peace lovers can play a role in saving the world from further deaths and destruction. I am just sending you SOS. Please find some ways for ending this mad war. We should ask the rulers why they have been killing the people. If they want occupation of resources then we are ready to hand over them all resources without shedding blood.

My wife, my children, people of whole tribal areas and whole world needing your attention. Your attention may change the situation for us.

Rulers have prepared the ground for killing us. It is tragic that we are being killed without committing any crime. Those who are committing crimes are safe. In case the US attacks the tribal areas only innocent people will be killed.

A US general visited Pakistan. According to reports, amidst growing fears of a unilateral American action against ‘terrorist sanctuaries’ in tribal areas, US Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Admiral Mike Mullen made an unscheduled visit to Islamabad on Saturday and met top military leadership of the country to persuade it to “act decisively” against Taliban and Al Qaeda militants suspected of mounting cross-border attacks in Afghanistan.

Sources said that the United States was “deeply frustrated” with Pakistan’s lack of ability or willingness, or both, to move decisively to end the rising infiltration by the Taliban militants into Afghanistan.

Recent reports in the Washington Post and New York Times claimed that the US administration was considering using direct military force to stop the infiltration and it may use commando forces, besides direct missile attacks, on militants’ targets.

“Admiral Mullen was here on a day’s visit and has already left,” US embassy spokesperson Kay Mayfield told Dawn, but would not say anything about his meetings.

During his brief stay, Admiral Mullen met the Chief of Army Staff, Gen Ashfaq Parvez Kayani, and Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee, Gen Tariq Majeed, and discussed with them the latest situation in Afghanistan and joint efforts to deal with the challenge posed by terrorists in Fata.

Pakistan army spokesman Maj-Gen Athar Abbas would neither confirm nor deny the meeting, saying no meeting between Admiral Mullen and the Chief of the Army Staff was scheduled.

The sources said that Mullen conveyed to Pakistan military leaders the US government’s growing frustration over Pakistan’s ‘inaction’ against Taliban militants in tribal areas.

Admiral Mullen reiterated Washinton’s stance that these safe havens of the militants should be eliminated, emphasising that Pakistan’s peace deals with terrorists were not achieving the desired results of isolating them and were rather aggravating the problem.

The sources quoted Mullen as complaining that militants were moving across the border with greater liberty now than during the previous government. This was Mullen’s fourth visit to Islamabad this year. But, contrary to his previous visits, this visit was kept in low profile and no official announcement was made.

The United States, in a clear shift in its military strategy in Afghanistan, has stopped sharing information with Pakistan regarding action against terrorists in tribal areas.

During the meeting, Gen Kayani is reported to have protested at recent attacks in Angoor Adda and Mohmand Agency in which Pakistani troops were killed and injured.

The army chief recalled Pakistan’s sacrifices in the war on terror and pledged that Pakistan’s resolve against terrorism remained firm. The Chief of the Army Staff, the sources said, asked the US admiral to share actionable intelligence against terrorists with the Pakistan army.

Earlier this week, Mullen had told reporters in Kabul that Pakistan’s government needed to crack down on Taliban and Al Qaeda militants in Fata.

His drastic plea for help comes from this post where he genuinely appeals for the world to wake up and realize that guns alone will not solve the problem and needs more amicable solution contrary to the guns blazing mentality employed the George W. Bush

You can presume that George W. Bush is heading the rulers of world, who are bent upon to destroy this world. I have already stated that innocent people are being killed either by terrorists or security personnel deployed by the Pakistani government.

This is my firm belief that George W. Bush can also play a positive role at this juncture. He can control the terrorism if he desires so. Actually they do not want an end to war, which is the only source of income for them.

I cannot explain the cries of mothers, sisters, wives and daughters, whose dear ones are being killed daily in this mad war. Why we are killing each others? Are now we human beings?

We are making this world for us as hell. The killing and destruction will certainly have affects on the United States and whole world.

This is my belief that we can stop this mad war. We can stop both the terrorists and rulers from killing the innocent people. At least we can ask them why they have been fighting. If they want to fight then we will provide playground to them to play their war game. At least I do not want to fight. If I am not fighting then why the people are fighting with me.

Please come forward and stop the killing of innocent people. At least children and women have committed no crimes. They may be spared.

Dear friends, wake up and play a role. For God sack, please we are really in trouble. Please spread the message of peoce in the whole world.



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7 responses to “Just to win peace for myself, my wife and my children”

  1. Riaz Haq Avatar

    I am deeply touched by this blogger’s sincere plea for peace and security. Unfortunately, I don’t see a quick end to this war of the drones….high-tech drones in the skies and the human drones on the ground…both remotely controlled by determined rivals. In fact, I’m afraid this battle of the drones will only intensify and become far more destructive, unless the people of Pakistan and Afghanistan realize this is a battle they must fight to rid themselves of the terrorists who have found safe haven amongst our own. These terrorists insist on imposing their version of militant Islam upon all of the people of the region. These Taliban/Al-Qaida militants are not just fighting the United States and NATO, they are killing innocents Pakistani and Afghan civilians in large numbers and shamelessly justifying their atrocities as part of “Jihad”. These terrorists are doing far more damage to Islam and Muslims than any “infidels” they claim to be fighting to “defend Islam”. Pakistani and Afghan people need to see the reality and unite to defeat these abominable militants.

  2. Freedom Avatar

    This was created by musharraf, unless this SOB is removed from our country, I fear Pakistan will remain in state of war, within her own borders. Satan musharraf has opened gates of hell in Pakistan, like bush did in Iraq. These wars will not end till these two evil bastards are removed. I believe Pakistan is in great danger like the author points out, as this war seeds will last decades and Pakistan’s Map might be reduced once again by its own army.


  3. Freedom Avatar

    @ Riaz

    I truly believe there are no Taliban in Pakistan. these days you hear of term “Pakistani Taliban” frequently, these terms are coined by propaganda machine of American War Machine HQ, Pentagon.

    Yes thats right, there are no Taliban in Pakistan, like there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. It was a trick/hoax to occupy Iraq and steal her oil. Yes, there are militants, there are fighters in Pakistan, but no Taliban. Taliban is a term used by USA/Enemy to describe resistance against US army and her occupation. In Iraq, Iraqis are fighting American army, Americans call these Iraqis, Taliban. The whole of NWFP/Baluchistan and border areas are Taliban as per Americans, because they are resisting to evil plans of the western enemy. Soon enough whole Pakistan will be defined as Taliban by Americans. There is strong resistance to American land and aerial occupation of our North, like there is resistance in Afghan/Iraqi theaters and Pakistan army is rented for few dollars and cheap weapons by our enemy to occupy its own country. What has musharraf done to this country in few years….Even our biggest enemy India could not have done in decades. musharraf successfully divided and destroyed Pakistan, through politics, economics, and military. Today Pakistan is a broken and failed country. I curse, musharraf & army for destruction of Pakistan.

  4. OneKarachite Avatar

    Sorry for posting something not relevant to this topic but I would like to praise Shahaz-Sharif’s move to visit Baluchistan.

    I am not a big fan of Shareef bros but we should praise the good efforts of people even if we don’t like them.

    May Allah unite the hearts and souls of Baluchistan, Sindh, Punjab, NWFP, Ameen.

  5. Faisal Khan Avatar

    Bomb them! Finish them all. This ‘SOB’ that you want to get rid of and then have what? A unitesticale government that fires a rocket and then says lets sit down and negotiate peace.

    Wake up and smell (fill-in-the-blank) the Talibans/Mullahs are coming and I for one say – bomb the sh*t out of them.

    No remorse. No regrets.

  6. Obi Wan Kenobi Avatar
    Obi Wan Kenobi

    Teeth, where have you been ? Once was a tine you posted 4 times against Mush and now one post a week ? Can’t write against democratic government failure ? Haha. I hope you realize that you made a big mistake going against Mush. You played your part to perfection bring Ganja and Mr 10% again to this nation. On the personal note, I hope every thing is fine with you and no personal reason is blocking you to blog.