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STORY OF A SOLDIER: Samad Khurram!

Guest Post by Syed Ali Abbas Zaidi

Reference is the news item, published in the daily news, titled “Pak student refuses to receive award from US envoy“, dated 19th June, 2008 – The News

In this world of hypocrisy, it takes guts to stand up for your beliefs. No one has the courage to challenge the mighty. The nation has become numb. After all that we have suffered, all the chaos that we witnessed, we have become masters of “moving on”. Nothing seems more important than our own selves. The venomous passion and the scintillating love that 60 years ago, infected us and made us believe that we could get what we want, has faded. Love has died. We wear masks and pretend our conscience is dead. But in fact it isn’t, it yearns to be noticed. It yearns to find a voice

Samad Khurram, a friend, who showed us that it isn’t difficult to notice our conscience, stood up for his beliefs and refused to take an award from the American ambassador. I, being his friend, know what circumstances he is in, studying at Harvard and battling none other then the “usual” society pressures that we, the aspiring youth of this nation face. He just stood there with grace and spoke his heart out at the ceremony. He not only refused to accept the award, but also refused to shake hands with the ambassador because he believes what every Pakistani believes in, but the rest of us don’t have what it takes to take off the mask and be real!

Salutations to the soldier. One just hopes the rest of the “army” learns from it and doesn’t bow before the mighty, when it comes to principles and national prestige.
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Student refuses award from US Ambassador

Samad Khurram, an active member of SAC and an undergrad at Harvard Business School refuses an award from the US Ambassador to Pakistan, Anne Patterson in protest of US policies regarding the support of an illegal President Musharraf and the Mehmand Agency attack.

As the video shows that Samad Khurram is called on stage to receive the award and simply walks past the US Ambassador in defiance and to the podium where in his 30 second speech, he simply hits out on the American Government for supporting this illegal military ruler and severely condemns the recent American attack within the borders of Pakistan. It reminds me of the photograph from China when a lone man stood in front of a tank. The United States is also a similar juggernaut all muscles and no brains. They are not used to seeing people who can stand up with dignity and protest boldly and publicly.

What really make us proud that our leaders stumble over their feet trying to please the American leaders and an unknown student has the courage to defy this hegemony and chooses to stand up for his country
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Is Dr. A Q Khan a thief?

Guest Post by Zubair Ahmed

Dr A Q KhanAfter reading Mr. Shakir Husain’s “Our Heroes” published in The News on 11th June 2008, I immediately dismissed one of my own hypotheses that said: ‘only’ senior military officers, given a chance to speak on high technology; reveal an uncanny ability to churn out opinionated nonsense.

Mr. Shakir fears “Essentially by recognizing Dr Khan as a hero, we want our children to emulate a thief”.

He goes repeatedly shooting at Dr. Khan with his caustic hollow points “stealing”, “smuggling ring”, “master of logistics (read smuggling)”, and eventually “thief”. I won’t replay a bigoted slandering tone in the following lines and will reserve my personal opinions on Mr. Shakir’s hero recipe; instead I shall put forward some facts and questions in an effort to remove the selective ignorance about, and grudges against Dr. A Q Khan, that people like Mr. Shakir so dogmatically carry.

“Dr Khan is not a scientist, rather an engineer – a fact he has never clarified anywhere.”
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Pakistan Hood’winked

Maj Gen Jay W HoodIt was back in April when Moin Ansari of the Rupee News Blog trumped us with the news that the Commandant of Guantanamo Bay Prison, Maj Gen Jay W. Hood had been sent to Pakistan. It does not take a genius to figure out that Guantanamo Bay was a major goof-up by the American forces, there were reports of desecration of the Holy Quran, Human Rights Violation and reports of blatant prisoner abuse. Apparently General Hood is lauded for his efforts at Gitmo, I wonder if this is the level of treatment that deserved a standing ovation in Washington I fear for the worst when he comes to Pakistan and tries to excersise his control over us.

An article written by Ishtiaq Baig on April 16th 2008 expressed similar sentiments

It is sad for Pakistan that America has nominated such a controversial person as its defence representative, one whose uniform is stained with the blood of Muslims. Under international law, Pakistan has the right to refuse the appointment of such a controversial person. Now that the new democratic government has come into office, perhaps Islamabad should request Washington to review its decision and in fact should tell it that it will not accept General Hood. We may not have been able to stop General Hood from desecrating the Holy Quran but we can at least stop him from coming to our country.

While Moin Ansari also reacted with some truly heart felt emotional words

It is disgusting to hear that General Jay Hood, the monster of Gitmo would be in the US Embassy in Islamabad. Was he the proposed person to take charge of the Nuclear Command of Pakistan? Will he monitor the renditions and transfer of prisoners. Whose idea was it ot put a lightning rod in the diplomatic enclave with “ah bail mujhe maar” (Bull come and hit me). Was it necessary to put General Hood in a sensitive areas. Does Hood no tknow how much people hate what went on in Gitmo? This was the worst blunder the new government made. It has since been rectified and the General’s appointment in Paksitan has been rejected

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