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Press Conference at KPC against the Vandalism @ Arts Council [4:30pm] | Shanaakht

shanaakht festival

Press Conference at Karachi Press Club

Vandalism @ ArtsCouncil
Karachi Press Club, 4:30pm – TODAY (Mon 13 April 09)


You need to do ALL of the following:

  1. Come to the Press Conference at Karachi Press Club (KPC) at 4:30 pm, sit in the audience and watch the panel reading out the Statement (petition) and explaining: what is wrong with attacking a public space, to journalists and the public.
  2. Sign petition, and ask people to sign petition: Inquiry into Vandalism at Arts Council Khi 08Apr’09
  3. Join, and ask poeple to Join the googlegroup CultureSOS

  • Sohail

    Hey , Dr. Awab do u eat PPP/mosquito repellent for breakfast , dineer and lunch . Be sensible. I am not a supporter of PPP (read brainless Jiyala). But , the photo in question crossed the boundary of appropriateness . Come on who wants to see a photo of a grown respected woman sitting in some ones lap.

    If it had been nawaz sharif sitting in Zias lap or shujaat sitting in mushies lap I wouldn’t have a problem or even if benazir was waving with zia holding a ppp flag , I wouldn’t have a problem with it but this photo is inappropriate and should have been removed.

    This Photo in any way does not represent our culture.

  • amra ali

    how far can freedom of expression be stretched? do we need to locate relevnt models that are effective in present day intolerant political scenario of pakistan?

  • Adnan

    The point is not freedom of expression, the point here is vandalism. It just goes on to show the savage, feudal roots of PPP. I'm sure MQM would have responded in much the same way had Altaf been lampooned. The criminal party that it is.

    There is a civil way to express disagreement, a way to escalate a matter, and to get objectionable material removed. Vandalism is not the answer, and its shocking that some of the commenters seem to think it is.