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#PakCricket Appears on Twitter Trending

PakCricket as the 8th trending topic on twitterThe #PakCricket twitter rally started late Saturday night an attempt to rally behind the Pakistan Cricket Team when it was due to face the Sri Lankan Cricket team on Sunday in the Twenty20 cricket World Cup at Lords in London.

Simply having the team featuring in the Twenty20 Final was a godsend morale boost for a nation desperately on the look out for good news as it has been a long time have they been able to look beyond the haze of bomb blasts and terroristic attacks.

The digital sphere decided to rally behind a twitter keyword “#PakCricket” aiming to build momentum of patriotism. We finally achieved our goal at 4:30pm Pakistan time when the #PakCricket appeared on the sidebar of the home page of Twitter.com. Since the first time it was spotted it has already climbed to #8 position. Appearing on Twitter trending topic means that one of the most ten talked about topics amongst the millions of conversations on twitter.com is about Pakistan Cricket.

Our aim is now to keep climbing up and shoot for the number one slot, offsetting Fathers Day or even Iran Elections would be tough but its a small challenge which we on the digital sphere are ready to take on. Credit for this e-rally goes to practically every person on twitter using the term #PakCricket – shout out to each and every Pakistani twitter dotting the digital sphere

For those just tuning in here is what you can also do to help along

  1. Signup to twitter.com using your chosen username and email address
  2. Upload any picture on your profile but at the moment we would appreciate if you can use this flag of Pakistan for until the cricket match is over [it would be nice if you can leave it one forever]
  3. Once you sign up all you have to do is type supporting messages for the Pakistan Cricket Team in the limited 140 characters, but in ever message please insert the keyword including the hashtag ‘#PakCricket

Posted by on June 21, 2009.

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