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Is Islamabad Really Dead?

I was in Islamabad for two days to visit the US Embassy for a visa so that I can go to the US to continue my training at UPENN in Microscopic Endodontics.

The visit was OK as the Gods of the INS Authorities found me "qualified for a visa", but I dearly missed the hustle bustle of my beloved city Karachi. Islamabad to me was a dead city, people appeared to be in bed around 9 or 10pm with no one around on the streets, I did get to go to dinner late night (8-9pm considered late in Islo terms) came back by 10 and the streets were dead.

Islamabadi’s continued to say that its only fun if you have "contacts to parties on the weekend", but then you mean to testify that apart from weekend parties the city is technically dead. Karachi on the other hand wakes up at 10 to continue to 1 am thats my life, one does not always need party tickets to enjoy the night in Karachi, a drive around town is entertaining enough – I LOVE YOU KARACHI

Prove me wrong Islamabadi’s !!!!!


  • G3nu1n3 |

    I bet some one from New york would have quite similar ideas about karachi too. 🙂

    Well not defending Islamabad here but its more peacefull, ist it.

    Give the city a break Doc. its not that old, not even half a century.

  • Teeth Maestro |

    😉 I had almost 90% anticipated a response from you to defend your city – I’ll let your city off the hook for now…..

    until next time you guys better shape up 😉

  • Shirazi |

    Now here is what I think is to defend Islamabad (read (G 3). People are busy blogging after 8 PM? Ask G 3. Dint you meet him? Sad if you did not.

  • G3nu1n3 |

    TM I will also let you off the hook now coz i was mad at you for not letting me know u were here .. (shirazi read this) maybe i could find some time off blogging to meet you.


  • Shirazi |

    G 3, have I already invited you to meet me when in Lahore. No? You also have my standing invitation. And please make it possible to meet whenever you happen to come to Lahore. (After all we have our real lives as well.)

    Me: I will. I will.

  • Teeth Maestro |

    G3 I really now feel guilty for not having buzzed you on my Islo trip – sorry – I echo the same request all over, invitation is open to you all folks down here in Karachi.

    Next time around i will make it a point to get in touch with you all on any trip out north

  • Shirazi |

    Thanks TM. Wha about G 3? Let us make it possible to get togather when ever possible. It will be fun.

  • Shobz |

    well islamabad can be the opening city for snoozefest 2005. however its a great place to relax.

  • IxLoO!@N |

    ixloo x nt a dead city!!!!!!!!!!!!! n i dunno abt wch Ixloo u r tawkin abt????????? Ixloo is flld wd lyf til da Fajr Prayr n aftr dt da ofice lyf strts!!!!!!!!!! so itx NOT a dead citi!!!!!!!!!