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Pakistani Blogger: KO

Pakistani Bloggers Khalid Omar. a blogger from Karachi has dominated the Pakistan Blogging scene since June of 2003. His blog ko.offroadpakistan.com which if I am not mistaken can be credited to being the first blog to place Pakistan on the Blogosphere map. I have been following him since September ’03 when I stumbled across his Worldcall 4-month review post which sparked some serious discussion amongst the people of Karachi and Lahore and has inspired upwards of 100 comments (My first ever comment is #6 on this post made in Sept ’03). His popularity on the blogging scene is tremendous and almost every new comer surely visits the blog ‘to pay hommage’. His posts are truly well worded and thought provoking.

Sadly I have not met the legendary KO despite being located in the same city, I am sure one fine day we might indeed bump into each other and then I might be able to marvel at the blogging giant 😉 It is my habit to give credit where it is due and I give KO full credit to having inspired me into the world of blogging. Ones first steps are usually shaky and I too recall having the same jittery feeling while making my first comment in the blogging world, I recall, my world changing comment, one September night in 2003 where I did finally sum up the courage to make my first comment on the KO-worldcall review. But that first step did truely then start the tirade of comments by Teeth Maestro to the blogging world.

Exploring KO further he is a genuine off-road vehicle fanatic, a person who takes those 4×4’s out into the rugged terrain and gives it a proper drive, unlike us who drive on the streets of Karachi and think that one massive speed-breaker is enough to test the Prado/Land Cruiser.

We all have a close eye on you – Keep up the good work KO


  • shobz |

    ummm would it also help to write something positive about my blog too. 😀 ps. could u move up blog up to the top of the list. 😀

  • Desiree Danel |

    Hey. I came across this accidently as I was looking for KO’s blogger website. Everything you say about him is true. He’s an excellent writer and a great conversationalist. The only problem is that he mumbles so it’s usually easier to read his thoughts than to listen to them! And he gives his Jeep more than a fair workout on the Karachi streets (if you can call the pot-hole ladden dirt paths you have there streets). He made me cringe several times as we just barely missed hitting a pedestrian or taking out a donkey while swerving in and out of traffic at 70 m.p.h. (I don’t know what that is in kilometers).