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Galloway Belts the Bias Media on Israel

Please do check out this interview of George Galloway to Sky News, its simply brilliant, in my opinion he has literally belted the bias media for its unethical reporting standards on Israel. Let me say no more just watch this 9 min video and you would throughly enjoy it.

Do also check out George Galloway’s Senate hearing a year back when he took care of the Senate Committee – Galloway Fires Punches


  • Phil |

    I want to see this video badly! I dont have a good connection and hence Youtube does not do good for me… Is there any way of providing me with the link to this video, doc?

  • Phil |

    I think it would be interesting to see Galloway on Larry King Live. Or Bill O’Rielly vs George Galloway. Galloway is a strong head, I admire him for that!

  • olive ream |

    It is damn shame that out of all the political voices in the world, we have only Galloway who speaks the truth.

    What a pathetic state of affairs we are currently in.

    Galloway was remarkable in this interview, his senate hearings and even his speech recently to the crowd and the Anti-war/Lebanon rally in London.