Pakistan ‘Should sue Hair’ – Imran Khan

Imran Khan

In an exclusive interview with Stick Cricket, Imran Khan has made some interesting observations of which the loudest statment was “Unless Darrell Hair can supply concrete proof of ball-tampering, then I think the Pakistan management should seriously consider suing him,”

“When a ball is 55 overs old, it is absolutely impossible to tell if a scratch on the ball has been made by a player’s nail, or from the pitch – which is scuffed up by the fourth day – or from hitting an advertising board. Hair needs to present concrete proof that a Pakistan player has wilfully damaged the ball. Pakistan have been unhappy with Hair’s umpiring before: it’s his manner, as if he wants to stamp his authority on the game. These kind of umpires do so much damage to the game. If he thought the ball had been tampered with, Hair should have given Inzamam a warning – instead of immediately jumping in and suggesting that ball tampering had occurred.

“Inzamam made a big mistake: he should have taken a stand on the spot when the ball was changed. Not coming out after tea was the wrong kind of protest. The captain’s job is to focus on winning the game. The manner of the protest has lost Pakistan valuable time in a game they looked like winning. Inzamam should have called in the team management as soon as Hair decided to change the match ball. Apart from anything else, changing the ball disadvantaged Pakistan – the new ball didn’t swing.”

“If Inzamam had decided not to come out after tea as a protest – why then did he eventually come out with the team? Everything looked chaotic. There were all sorts of PCB officials in the dressing room. Every team gets the ball to swing after 50 overs. By Hair’s logic, England shouldn’t have won the Ashes last summer – they only beat Australia thanks to reverse swing. – SPIN magazine/



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4 responses to “Pakistan ‘Should sue Hair’ – Imran Khan”

  1. nocturnal Avatar

    Mark Marqusee on Martin Crowe’s lecture at Lord’s.

    and abt recent Cricket crisis,,,1855355,00.html

  2. Phil Avatar

    I so agree with you and Imran Khan. An area where Imran can shine is Sports Politics! Not, Politics. Thanks for sharing this with us. And commenting on mine too …

  3. Nigar M. Khan Avatar

    I think Imran Khan is 100% right. It was a sad day for Pakistan cricket.

  4. mqmuys Avatar

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