Stunning Video Choreography

A music video produced by the band OK Go for their track Here it goes Again. Its truly some amazing choreography to pull this stunt out and simply watching the video makes me wanna run and buy a couple of treadmills and try this at home, most likely I would fall flat on my face but damn its exhilarating to watch them do it with such ease.

Band: OK Go
Track: Here it Goes Again
Album: Oh No



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3 responses to “Stunning Video Choreography”

  1. Adnan Siddiqi Avatar

    Mey sab samjhta houn doctor.Its your marketing style.People will try it at home.In the mean time you will comeup with you clinic advertisement “30% off at Alvi Dental Hospital” 😀

  2. Teeth Maestro Avatar

    Adnan – If you help me produce a TVC commercial that’s truly this brilliant and on dentistry, then I’ll bombard this site with 30% off all over, until then we will have to stick with Ok Go and the likes to produce these LOLZ 🙂