Post 9/11 Blues

Post 9/11 Blues

Riz MC has conjured up this hilarious music video. Due to its controversial content the artist claims that its not being allowed to be aired on the US channels? Is that so? Then lets make sure everyone hears about it through the power of the Internet. Watch the video and sing along its funny and very catchy. Thumbs up!

“Everybody do the post 9/11 dance
Look scared and shake ya ass while the bombs go blast
Everybody shake your post 9/11 thong
So the dossier was wrong Jack some oil drop a bomb
Sing a song sing a-long
Bush and Blair in a tree K-I-L-L-I-N-G
Shave your beard if youre brown and you best salute the crown
Or theyll do you like Brazillians and shoot your ass down”

Credit: The Olive Ream



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